Wednesday, November 28, 2007

End of an era! The Nation hopes that corruption does not make a come back with the politicians...

Musharraf makes history...
The guy did it. He did what he promised to the nation. Now all the demands of the opposition are fully met. Some are still not satisfied and they won't be, come what may or until they are asked to come and occupy the seat of power. Absurdity knows no bounds. It was history in the making. It is the first time a Military man has so smoothly given up power.

It is indeed remarkable to find a military man with so much of aplomb, vision and genius. You talk to other military men you will never find them so savvy, so well informed and may I say so brilliant. Our politicians were no match to him any way.

I saw his performance in Europe and America. It was par excellence. He did us proud. I have also seen the politicians on various occasions. One clearly sees the difference in class. He outclassed them in every department. The best part was he never played to the gallery. Except the fact that he was originally an army man, if you want to call it a blemish and came to power in unusual circumstances, again created by the politicians, you can't point a finger at him.

See how much good he has already done for the nation. From a bankrupt and failed state we now stand tall among the comity of nations with pride restored. Some problems do remain. Most important Kashmir and spread of Wahabism in the northern areas and hence terrorism. Hopefully the succeeding governments take the country forward and not backward

Can we hope that the politicians do not bring back corruption in high places they are so notorious for. Hopefully we no more have the Mr.10%s and then the Mr.100%s. Amen.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Poor shot selection in batting and poor captaincy...

Simple follies cost us the test...
This test will go down as a classic case of opportunities lost. The bowlers set it up for us but the batsmen and the captain let us down.
Why did he let Laxman settle down? When we had India on the mat at 93/5 we let them loose by poor captaincy. When Laxman and Dhoni were new at the crease Shoaib Akhtar should have been brought right back who could have dislodged Laxman who is known to be suspect to the rising delivery, before he got set. The Pakistan captain allowed him to settle down and helped India take an avoidable lead. That was the first turning point.
This is a test not a 20/20 Then our great batsman did not treat Test as a test but a 20/20. Salman Butt was out to a good ball from Zaheer. That is OK but Younus Khan had no business for that flamboyance and gifted his wicket. What was the hurry? Could he not have grafted in. Stay on the crease runs will follow. If the bowler gets you, it is ok but for God's sake don't give your wicket away.
Indian batsmen did not play a non-cricketing shot: Compare that to Indian batting. I did not see any of their batsmen going for un-necessary or risky strokes. They played for the situation. Hats off to Dravid who fell to the best ball of the test by Shoaib. He did not gift it away. Similarly Tendulkar took scores of ball and for ever to make 18 runs and crafted yet another exquisite 56 for himself and an innings to remember for his team. He took his own time 178 minutes and 110 ten balls. He accelerated only in the end. He also has all the strokes in the book but never tried any thing foolish. He was never in a hurry like a true test player.
Learn from mistakes please: If we bat like this don't be surprised we might loose the rest of the tests too. I hope and pray our players do not repeat the mistakes.
Shoaib Akhtar is great: Although the 6 wickets he got and so few runs he gave is yet no reflection of his class Shoaib today is the best fast bowler the world has. He has to be supported by a better fielding. When that happens and our batting clicks even to half potential no team in the world can beat us.