Friday, September 25, 2009

President Zardari in America...anti American wave at home!

Picture on the left is of May 2009. I could not get one latest as they were not seen together.
Asking for money without development plans!
Mr. Zardari's visit to US has raised some serious issues. His talk of $100 billion has been questioned and made fun of. Its allusion to Bret Stephens WSJ Editors article "Let's buy their Nukes" ( has been damaging. The media has been up in arms from genuinely concerned to advocates of conspiracy theories.

The anti US stand unfortunately it is not restricted to a few people like Shireen Mazari as reported by Washington Post, who under the shadow of Imran Khan of questionable intellect and vision plays to the gallery. Imran is the one who was also against The Operation in Swat targeting the terrorists who were blowing up schools and police stations and making people’s lives miserabl, on an absurd premise that Pakhthoons are in the army too (Dawn and various talk shows).

If a Pakhtoon is a terrorist, a thief or a dacoit and if the judge is a Pakhtoon too, will he not convict him? He can’t possibly leave him just because he is a Pakhtoon otherwise we won’t have peace. This is just to demonstrate the hollow and shallow thought process in Imran Khan's camp.

Reasons for anti American feelings lately…
I am not going into the Vietman saga when anti-American feelings started and its support to Israel in every which way. I am also not talking of the apathy US has shown to problems of Pakistan with India due to Kashmir. I am talking of very recent developments.

Pervez Musharraf gave
freedom of expression to the Media that was ill prepared to accept this responsibility and went overboard. Most anchors were sold out, as it now transpires and all worked against him and America. He was the victim of his own policy of openness. Dr. Shahid Masood unarguably the King of Conspiracy Theories along with the vernacular media set in motion a thought process that favored the terrorists one way or the other and pitched themselves and their audience against the official policy of Pakistan.

Dr. Shahid Masood simply confused people’s mind with his box office Bollywood formula type spicy episodes. He was also the propagator of The Conspiracy Theory that 9/11 was done by West itself to make a case for attack, in a way defending the accused. The media also appeased the so called religious parties which also never helped matters.

Seeing his supposed following,
other channels followed suit with similar ideas 24x7 for years now. The questionably educated Hamid Mir fell in line, so did Talat Hussain, Javed Choudhry etc. etc. not to talk of Waheed Hussain of Waqth News which is a full baked terrorist channel. There are so many like these, dime a dozen. It is not entertainment but the Daily Talk Shows that are the best revenue earner for channels. You will find very few unbiased and balanced journalists like Najam Sethi for instance.

When you read a newspaper or a magazine you take some pains. When you watch TV you make no efforts, strain nothing. The result is, with constant repeated bombardment, people started imbibing anti Pakistan State and anti American sentiments of the media.
They never aired people’s views but their own in the name of people’s views and wishes. If people’s wishes were to be ascertained some referendum had to take place, it never did.

It is all a hotchpotch at the moment. They all
hate America. It is fashionable to do so although politically not correct. You don’t find any balanced analysis by the media. And the guests that appear further aggravate matters. They mostly are least informed and bloated with preconceived notions and biases. The American case is lost in the media. There is no chance ordinarily. Is there something America can do? I think yes.

What can America do?
If at all America is to redeem it’s position it has to do something really big and let people know about it. It has to prove its sincerity with people living in Muslim Countries. I have a few ideas that are as follows:

1. Help Pakistan solve the Kashmir problem democratically without a war so that Pakistan and India co-exist together like good neighbors prospering in peace together. This will demonstrate that America wants to help people who are occupied against their wishes sending a positive signal in the entire Muslim World not just Pakistan.

2. Develop Afghanistan just as they developed Japan post WWII. Presently Afghanis have nothing to loose. Then they will. Don’t now abandon Afghanistan to its fate as US did post Russian occupation. Truly develop it before and after you get out. DO NOT ABANDON IT.

3. Apologize for killing 1.4 million Iraqis a number a 1000 Saddams could not have equaled. Just imagine the impact it will have.

4. US and "UK have destroyed Iraq. They must rebuild and restore it to the pre-invasion state if not better. It is the responsibility of US and UK.

5. US has used over 70 vetoes to help Israel and now it is high time that era of unconditional support to the aggressor and usurper must stop. Past policies have given a bad name to USA. And let the world know that this one sided policy has stopped for good. Now on, USA will side with the right and not a wrong. So the world will go with US, not against.

The unconditional support of Israel and giving no helping hand in solving the Kashmir problem is helping the terrorists.
And you have invaded Afghanistan, there was some justification. You invaded Iraq there was no justification. So you cannot be viewed as just people. Annul that image.

You have one good example of Kosovo. Advertise it. And until 9/11 USA had not invaded a singly Muslim Country. It had the best record unlike UK, France and Italy etc.
En cash it. Let the Muslim world know about it.

If genuine measures are not taken there is no hope. Right now US is only receiving help without giving any thing in return and asking Pakistan constantly to do more. People are now saying no more. In such things money is not a major motivating factor. It is just like getting all the concessions from the late Yaser Arafath and giving nothing in return. In Pakistan that won’t work.

Doling out some money for the War on Terror will never be counted in US favor. It probably just goes into some pockets in civilian regimes. Every one knows the real or given reputation of Mr. Zardari. His reputation of his percentage reaches the destination well before he does.

And the problem is, he is asking for money without any development plans. So the world is skeptical.

What can Pakistan do?
If he had had plans to do something for Pakistan he would have gone to them and said that they have a plan with land ceiling in place restricting land ownership so that more and more people have access to land and resources and hence self employed and now the requirement is water, fertilizer etc. and they need to build a thousand dams both large and small and canals across the country. For this the world would open their coffers. They could make Pakistan the Bread Basket of the world. But without land ceiling, dams and canals and the proposed infrastructure, this won't ever happen. This could trigger an economic boom with industries coming up and employment generated.

He could go and tell them he wants to develop Mykolachi a seaside area in Karachi for instance and make it something better than Disney Land, he wants say $ 500,000,000 to design and build to International Standards and build Hotels, Road, Rail Network and the infra structure for it. Above all provide Law and Order which is non-existent at the moment. Such projects will earn foreign exchange for Pakistan. We need money. The world would then fund such ventures with aid, loan and investment. Sadly no such plans are in place.

He could go and tell the world he has a plan to make Pakistan the Center of Learning and Education for the world and make it a top School and University destination. The world community would fund it. Show Vision, Ideas and a plan in place, don’t ask money for nothing. Don’t go to them without a thorough homework so that they respect you. These are just some ideas off the cuff. Rest shall elaborate later Inshallah.
Begging bowl does more harm than good!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Moon sighting... ANP must go...

Why is it that in Peshawar it is always seen and not elsewhere?
Scientifically it has not been possible to view he moon on 19th September 2009 as per all technical experts. ANP played to the gallery. This is yet another example of their poor governance.
The other was when they had succumbed to The Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan at gunpoint and wanted that the so called Nizam e Adl of Fadlullah and Sufi Mohammed be implemented. They should have resigned for not being able to govern or The President should have sacked the ANP Govt. and imposed President's Rule. Instead of establishing their writ they had caved in.
Now again there are two mosques -The Mahabath Khan and Qasim Khan that always want to defy the Government Body. It is high time Government applied its writ or resign and hold new elections for a new able government. If not the President must impose President's Rule until new elections are held.
See this with comments:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Any lessons from 9/11 please?

Time to solve problems...
On the fateful day I was in Toronto. The world was in a shock and before long we saw both the towers were in rubble. The tragedy was unprecedented indeed. On that day some saner voices were heard on radio. I remember hearing to a General of Canadian Army going on air and saying "flying cannot be safer than it is now, root cause of the problem must be addressed."

Before you could realize it changed to a crusade with a demand to nuke them and on War on Terror in barely a few hours. How did this all change and change so dramatically? It was as mind boggling as the tragedy itself. After eight long years did any thing change? No. Did it get better or worse? Worse. Afghanistan is on fire so is Iraq both neo-con misadventures.

So where have we gone wrong? It is time to think and reflect while not giving an inch or an iota to the perpetrators. We have had time to chill out. However big the tragedy God has His ways of giving solace and comfort. Time is the big healer. Has any thing healed. I would hope to think in the positive but I do not have evidence of it.

Hoping that some self healing has taken place I would venture to say a few things and give solutions without delving into other things. To be very brief I think it is about time we did the following:
1. Solved the Palestine Problem
2. Solved the Kashmir Problem
3. Developed Afghanistan before leaving the place
4. Re-built Iraq and tendered an apology for killing 1.2 million Iraqis
5. Ensured that Justice prevailed in general in all places.

Just the other day pogroms took place in a place called Pune in India and the issue was swept under the carpet. Now if the frustration erupts somewhere the media frenzy would be of Muslims militants did this and that. This must not happen and it wont if the world community does not ignore injustices to people.

It is the duty of the world to ensure such injustices are not done to minorities any where in the world. Something happened to Christians in Ojra in Pakistan the whole world stood up. Where are the authors of doom who projected Ojra in the world through Washington Post too, why are they quite on Pune that has seen violence by Hindus on Muslims and so many Muslims suffering.

Saner elements among Muslims observe yet do nothing and while they should make a noise. Those sentimental who cannot raise voice will resort to violence. Now we do not have to give them the chance. If we are pro-active then the violent elements get marginalized and they should.

Lets give the impression of even handedness and fair play and let not those in power get away with murder.

I hope we have learnt some lessons for the peace and security of the world. I for one never condones any act of terrorism in any size form or shape. I am a firm believer and advocate that problems must be resolved on the desk with reasoning sans violence and early. Justice must be done and seen to be done and in time.
9/11/2009 9:22:54 PM

Land Mafia in Karachi

It is public property no body however mighty can sell or allot it to any body.
The MyKolachi land must be a national asset and a beautiful project must be made for public good. How can a few people be allotted such an important and expensive land which is a State Property? Is there some love of the City, State and the Country or not? In Europe and America however expensive the land when it is for Public Good no body can touch it. The cities plan it in such a way. Even forests within the city limits are not touched.

Beautiful parks can be made there or something like Orlando entertainment parks that will bring in money too. Top consultants of the world must be called to design that area to international standards. That increase the value of Pakistan and will be good for tourism. People instead of going to Dubai can come to Karachi. For God’s sake don’t miss this chance.

The third raters must not be allowed to make it an obnoxious concrete jungle blocking air that flows into Karachi from the sea. Allah save Karachi from unscrupulous elements and corruption. Amen. The land must not be allotted to any body who so ever he may be. It belongs to the people and it must stay that way.

Can any one sell land in the middle of Manhatten that is a beautiful park and provides lung space to the city? It is the most expensive land in the world. Similarly can you sell land around public places. The city of Karachi must be ordered to plan it to international standards to attract world tourism. The only thing Karachi lacks is the vision and law and order. Once the law and order is tackled then investment will simply pour into Karachi.

Save Karachi please.

It is wrong to say Bugti was murdered...

See how one word changes the meaning
The guy was not murdered but died in military action although he brought it upon himself. When people die as a result of military action it is not called murder.

The way media at the behest of some political forces is using this incident for political mileage is anti-patriotic. It is totally unjustified using that word. Our army does not murder people. Whoever uses such words must be prosecuted.

Hamid Mir, God knows what is his agenda calls it a "baqaeda murder" meaning a full fledged murder as if Musharraf has gone and killed him with a knife or a pistol. One wonders how he can say this and why the ex-President does not sue such anchors for misleading people and building a positive image of criminals.

Who ever fights The State of Pakistan is a traitor and a criminal and The State shall deal with them accordingly. I am amazed at the words used by Hamid Mir. I cannot place him in the category of journalists for sure.

Unable to digest development in Baluchistan for the first time against the wishes of the sardars they have started to stoke separtist feelings. I have interviewed many common working Baluchis who left Baluchistan as there were no chances of employment and have found them all to be in favour of Pakistan. They openly say that these sardars just cannot bear development of Baluchistan as they cannot continue to treat them as slaves for long. This is the crux of the matter. We love the people of Baluchistana and they are with us.

Sardars must join the common man and give up their usurped and British awarded lands for "ghaddari" and voluntarily give to the landless poor in Baluchisthan and join the mainstream. If they do not do this themselves we must introduce land ceiling and take over their excess land and distribute among poor.
These are beautiful pictures of old times. No where are the Sardars seen as Kings or Princes. One wonders how they claim to be princely states like that of Hyderabad, Mysore, Kashmir or even Gwalior, Junagadh etc. Balochistan figures no where as a Princely State. The claim of Sardars does not seem to hold ground historically. See earlier detailed post on this blog.
Some more pictures of the beautiful Balochistan.

Justice often confused with Good Governance...

Do not confuse Justice with Good Governance, Development, Prosperity and National Glory...
I have often found people even shallow and hollow guys like Imran Khan unable to understand the difference between Justice, Good Governance, Development. They confuse these issues. They imagine when justice comes so will development. The two things are not linked.Justice is about awarding the right to where it belongs.
Justice is to undo a wrong. That in itself will not bring about prosperity although it will help in the over all picture. If Development has to take place which is the forerunner to prosperity The Executive has to get into action. For that we need visionary politicians who have a desire to serve the people and contribute to the greatness of the country. While each are interlinked they are also independent in their own right.
Nizam e Adl, Nifaz e Shariat etc are good

words and sound nice to use as ladders to climb to power as that Fazlullah and Soofi Mohammed tried and were almost successful.
Thank God our political leadership acted and I give full marks to Zardari and the Pakistan Army and Air Force.For prosperity to be achieved we need good honest politicians who have the desire to serve the people, not fill their own pockets, we need dynamic and honest executive and then an effective Judiciary should some disputes arise. Justice on it own is no guarantee of good governance, prosperity and national glory. They have all to go together.