Sunday, September 20, 2009

Moon sighting... ANP must go...

Why is it that in Peshawar it is always seen and not elsewhere?
Scientifically it has not been possible to view he moon on 19th September 2009 as per all technical experts. ANP played to the gallery. This is yet another example of their poor governance.
The other was when they had succumbed to The Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan at gunpoint and wanted that the so called Nizam e Adl of Fadlullah and Sufi Mohammed be implemented. They should have resigned for not being able to govern or The President should have sacked the ANP Govt. and imposed President's Rule. Instead of establishing their writ they had caved in.
Now again there are two mosques -The Mahabath Khan and Qasim Khan that always want to defy the Government Body. It is high time Government applied its writ or resign and hold new elections for a new able government. If not the President must impose President's Rule until new elections are held.
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Awan said...

But most of the districts have decided to go with the rest of Pakistan. These few mullas aligned to the Wahabi/Salafi cult only want to follow Saudi Arabia. Their allegiance is somewhere else.

Khatak said...

They go and see their wives who are named Chand and say they have seen it.

Pahkhtoonkhwa said...

There is no he moon or she moon. May be it is a typing mistake. Okay. Mr. Awan and Mr. Khatak and the one writing you must know we have our own systems. We are a different country basically. We are a different race. We are so different don;t you know? Try marrying one of our girls see what happens. To hell with you all. Pakhtoonistan zindabad. You will soon see a new country with Karachi as its capital.