Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Afia Siddiqui given 86 years...

The US judges should take suo moto action against some one who destroyed an entire country and killed over a million people and over 10,000 Americans on falsehood!
I am not here to discuss what Afia did or didn't. I know so little about it that it is not wise to comment on it. But I have faith in the US Justice System and I am sure in the end it will do justice and it usually does. However much the feelings may be inflamed in Pakistan and the rest of the world we must not come to conclusions without evidence. The administration and the justice system is there to protect the lives of Americans and give them security. Surely they are doing their job. I am not here to interfere with their duties nor to defend Afia Siddiqui.
My plea to the US justice department is entirely different. I am sure The Honorable Judges sitting on the benches know that the bulk of US population and the world was against the invasion of Iraq as there was no conclusive proof of weapons of mass destruction, yet Mr. George Bush egged on by Tony Blair, for their personal satisfaction and the satisfaction of a few invaded a country, brought it upon it knees and killed over a million people. Surely this crime is far greater than what ever Afia may or may not have done. She did not kill a million people yet she got 86 years. Again I am not pleading her case even on compassion!
One wonders how many years should George Bush get by the same Judges by the same token for killing over a million people and destroying a whole country, a civilisation, a culture, a heritage and every thing. He will have to be born a million times to get his full term. Oronically he is not even arrested nor any case brought against him.
I think the peace loving good folks of US must go to the courts and try the President who blundered heavily and caused misery to so many millions the world over. Are the judges and the people in the world listening? If yes, do something now!
See how it has been reported in the Western Press:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Corruption in cricket...

Tolerance of Corruption is high it is seeping in all walks of life...