Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Immunity to president is for actions as president not for crimes of earlier times...

Immunity is for actions as President 
not for crimes of earlier times...
Can't the judges not understand such a simple thing. The immunity is provided for The Heads of Sates so that whatever actions they take in the best interests of the country should not be challenged. Now that is for actions as president.
It is not for crimes committed prior to becoming the president. Plus this time there was the dimension of NRO. I think Supreme Court should have been more forthright and more commanding. And they should not have given such a small sentence of a few seconds.

Now they are creating a situation for intervention. If army does any thing the politicians will start the blame game. They protect their interests not those of the people.

Chief Justice is active only in some areas and most certainly not in the area of  Judicial Reforms. He has done nothing for it. Cases unnecessarily take far too long. Why? Chief Justice should look into Judicial Reforms too. High time.