Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mr. Billor's children come to life with the sound of a gun...

When will Mr. Billor teach his children to respect the rule of law not a gun?
When a baby is born to a Muslim it is The Prophet's (PBH) tradition to say "Azan" call for prayer in the new born's ear. Mr. Billor says when a baby is born in their tribe they let him hear not "Azan" but the sound of shots from a gun. That is Mr. Billor. He can't help it. From the comfort of his home in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa he spews venom on Karachiites along with other ANP leaders.

Mr. Billor from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Mr. Shahi Syed the KPK, ANP leader of Sind always talk of using guns for all solutions and it seems they do. "Hathyar hamar zevar hai" weapons are his adornment says Shahi Syed while making a new born kid listen to the sound of guns is their creed says Mr. Billor the Federal Minister for Railways in a press conference. This is how they raise their young they claim. And earlier Mr. Shahi Syed had read out from a written statement that "a Pathan never forgets to take revenge even after 100".

This is not the first time the Pakhtoon leaders have spoken of racism and disrupting law and order by use of force. Their utterances have caused divisions among people otherwise living peacefully together. The killings never seem to cease. It has been going on for well over an year now. Do we have an end in sight? Doesn't seem so. When we think things are OK then we hear an MPA is shot dead, then we hear people from gangs, underworld and land mafia have killed so many here and there.

When we think the worse is over then we hear pillion rider rule is relaxed and we have Sher Shah people murder with gay abandon in broad day light. They are never caught and brought to justice. How long will this go on? The Pakhtoons come from very far. They do not go to nearby Islamabad or Lahore and Punjab where they have been successfully stopped from entering and settling. I am shocked to hear they claim "Karachi hamara hai - ANP" the chalking is every where. Yes hamara hai, thumhara hai, sab ka hai. Yes it is our but is not Pakistan for all? Kya Pakistan hamara nahi hai?

There has never been a problem with Pathans or Pakhtoons. They have lived ever so peacefully with other Pakistanis in Karachi. The problem is with the uneducated and short sighted ANP leadership sitting in Pakhtoonkhwa and fomenting hatred far away in Karachi. You must listen to Haji Adeel and co. My God, what ideas. They love their people to earn in Karachi, as they cannot provide employment back home due to the lawlessness mind set, but exhort them not to own it. They do not encourage them to mix with the population and build bridges but keep aloof so that they vote for ANP. Hence their contribution to peace and development is nil in Karachi.

If only these people had developed Pakhtoonkhwah the poor people from there would never have needed to leave home and travel as far as Karachi for a living. Now that they have, for God's sake let them live in peace and give peace to their neighbors.

My biggest anguish is when my children have to miss school or the school is closed ever so often because of the conditions of the city. So many children have had problems in the O level and A level exams too. The papers come from abroad and they do not change and there is no re-test. The KPK visitors to Karachi, now settling down don't seem to have this problem.