Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nawaz Sharif speech... Where are the policy statements Sir?

Where are your Structural Reforms & Policy statements?

Govt. sets policies and people do...
Why is every thing in future tense please? What is the accomplishment yet Sir? You have already increased inflation since your arrival and the beasts are not even afraid to continue killing with gay abandon. Is "dafaa khayali palau na pakayen" please. Where is the money for your grandiose plans? There are many lacunas in your speech and is conspicuous by the absence of important policy statements. Speech is well written and will definitely impress the un-informed. I wouldn't call it fooling the uneducated!
There is no mention of the root cause of all problems that is the zamindari and sardari system, in English we call it feudalism. There is no mention of it at all nor any mention of land reforms for this agrarian country. There is no mention of building a strong and honest merit based Civil Service that is the framework by which good governance is done. There is no mention of Judicial Reforms that are long over due.
In short there is no mention of any Structural Reforms. It is not the job of the Prime Minister to do projects. You set in motion a policy and people do it. Policy benefits accrue to millions of people not few. You give them the right environment and then regulate properly that is being a good Prime Minister. Create an environment Sir. We are a nation of brilliant people all we need is Law and Order and a Government that understands governance has a road map in all areas and knows how to kick start an economy not run it.
I am fairly disappointed by your speech although it was nice to hear you talk at least. But when you analyse  it seems to be just a hollow promise coz you don't have the basics right and the systems around it are not in place to support it. How will you sustain them? I hope and pray that you are able to do what you promise and prove me wrong. 
I do not want to go into specifics now suffice me to say you have not addressed the power issue rightly. No that is not the route. There are better and far cheaper solutions. The transport system idea is good but let it not be just on paper. To start with revive the circular railway in Karachi that will help all. You can later or simultaneously do the metro project. Yet you are thinking laterally and you won't find the right solutions until you think vertically. Specifics later inshallah.

You have solicited our ideas for Pakistan but you have not said where and how do we communicate with you? Allama Iqbal and Quad e Azam ka Pakistan - hope it comes about. Amen.
Allama Iqbal said: 
Masjid tho bana dee shab bhar mein eeman ki hararath walon ne, 
mun apna purani paapi hai barson mein namazi bun na saka.
Listen to the speech in case you have missed.