Friday, June 24, 2011

Kashmir problem and solution...

The bag is full of missed opportunities...

You can't abandon Kashmir now after so much loss of life. It is like admission of the fact that we were just not up to it, that we were on the wrong just because we did not pursue it as it should have been at the international level. Our Government, our diplomacy, our media management internationally totally failed us. We never had our priorities right.
We missed many chances of getting it. First opportunity was offered in 1962 when China had attacked India. Ayub Khan missed it. Second 1965 it was done without taking Kashmiris in confidence. They made a public issue in the world of "infiltration" and whatever little we won on the battlefield was lost on the table. Third was as late as 2001 when US needed us soon after 9/11. We should have bargained for help on Kashmir.
Earlier Kargil was not an opportunity but a debacle. Yet media mileage could have been got from it. Lemonade out of a lemon. We lost Siachen by just not being there (laziness) and India went and occupied it. It was aggression by India. We never made an issue in the world press of Indian aggression. It all adds up against us. We never act in time and love to blame someone else for our inaction and gross mistakes.
In the meanwhile we have got hundreds of thousands killed in Kashmir. We did not move the world. We did not tell effectively of India's State Terrorism. Instead India let the world know that we were doing "Cross Border Terrorism". We did not have the sense to counter that in the first place that it was not a border but just a line of control.
We did not tell the world why India has a million forces in a small place like Kashmir and not in UP or Bihar for instance. This is proof of the fact that all is not well there. People don't want you there. You are ruling against their will by force. We did not repeatedly tell the world and make an issue of it. Finally it is the public pressure internationally we create that matters. If we don't who is to blame.
Our diplomats and Press Attaches are of so low quality that all they want is their salaries and perks. Period. They just do not do their job. They want to enjoy foreign postings. In contrast, Indians in their embassies and consulates do their job. You see the results in the media of the world as well as in the media of most Muslim Countries.
For instance for 40 years Indians have had a total sway on Saudi Arabian and UAE media. All stories that matter are carried from an Indian point of view, not Pakistan's. Tell me when all (non-Muslims included) are reading it, hearing it, what perception does it create? Positive for India and negative for Pakistan. It hurts.
As if that was not bad enough we had this Mid-Eastern issue based terrorism in Pakistan. While the issue is Mid-Eastern, not a single Mid-Eastern country is afflicted by it as we are. Wo log tho saf nikal gaye aur hum phans gaye. Now that has put a huge spanner in the wheel we don't understand. It has impacted the Kashmir problem quite adversely.
We can't give up Kashmir because Pakistan was created on the basis of Muslim majority areas. Kashmir was and is a Muslim majority area. Giving it up is negating our own existence.
Secondly we have a responsibility towards the people of Kashmir who are divided. We have to unite them. They have suffered a lot and we have to alleviate their suffering. If we are selfish we will not.
Thirdly all rivers come from there, we cannot allow India to decide when and how much water we should get. Last but not the least, tourism. India is pocketing all the dollars and Euros while that money belongs to the Kashmiris.
We don't exploit the opportunity because at the appropriate forums and time our leadership does not say what it should. Democracy is much touted about. They went to war in Iraq apparently for democracy. Tell the world "Why not a democratic Solution" in Kashmir as Tony Blair once said. We did not catch it, build on it and cash it.
Now recently they slammed cruise missiles on Libya under the pretext that Gaddafi is killing the citizens. Why did we not go and make a big hue and cry that India is also killing similarly and for God's sake go and save them. Get a million army out of there. If India does not listen, use force.
If we the sovereign Pakistan does not raise this issue, why others will? We kept mum and missed yet another opportunity. This opportunity still exists. Make use of it even now and stop blaming others for our own woes.
Opportunities keep coming our way, we miss them all and love to blame others!

Show the faces of criminals please...

Why hide the faces of the criminals...
If he gets away by court for lack of hard evidence he will not even have the humiliation of being arrested so that it is deterrence for future budding criminals. It beats all logic not showing their faces. Show them. The whole world does it. Very recently remember that IMF Chief Strauss Kahn, every body knows his face now. I always wondered why don't they show faces. Show it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clash of the titans... Zardari replies to Nawaz diatribes...

The fight has begun "Molvi Nawaz Shareef should learn to be a real tiger".
Zardari had shown lots of patience for three years. Today he burst out in response to what Nawaz Shareef blurted out in Kashmir. And he came on hard. Nawaz Shareef somehow does not forget to attack Musharraf whether the occasion warrants it or not. Wonder why did he make a deal and went away for so long. Today he made scathing attacks on Zardari.

Me no admirer of Zardari is now forced to acknowledge him as a more astute politician more in touch with the ground reality. He is hoisting his flags every where and moving forward. He has this capacity not to rub people on the wrong side quite the opposite of Mian Nawaz Shareef. From where he has acquired this aplomb I have no idea. Khuda jab Husn detha hai tho nazakath aa hi jaathi hai.

Zardari lashed him as a paper tiger. He went on to say if he has forgotten politics that he is welcome to consult him in private or public. It think Nawaz Shareef will put an end to his diatribes against him and Musharraf for good. He will if he is a true politician not if he is the product of the establishment of Zia ul Haq who tried to subdue and kill PPP for 11 years. Couldn't.

Pakistan $200 billion can come back...

Now people cannot hide their ill-gotten wealth in Switzerland...
Pakistan can get its money back...
Some countries have got some of their wealth back. Statesman has reported that the Swiss Parliament has passed the “Return of Illicit Assets Act” (RIAA). "On October 1, the Swiss Parliament passed the historic “Return of Illicit Assets Act” (RIAA)-a significant law that will make it possible for many developing countries, like Pakistan to recover the billions of dollars shifted to the Alpine state by unscrupulous individuals and companies."
That is good news for Pakistan in particular. We have our $200 billion stashed away in Swiss Accounts money that was plundered from the Pakistan exchequer and deposited there. Now is the opportunity for Pakistan to punish the offenders and get back the money. This is a few times the debt Pakistan owes to the world. All our national debts would be cleared and money would be available for development.
Will someone do something please? Is any one who matters listening please? Read all: and comment on this blog.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lessons from PNS Mehran attack... move cantonments out of the cities...

Move cantonments out of town and rename Abbotabad...
150 years back when Karachi was a sleeping fishing village these cantonments were fine not any more... City has grown all around it... inconvenience for people and the army/navy and airforce all...

Now Karachi is a mega polis sprawling hundreds of square miles. The population is about 20 million. The need to move cantonments out of towns can hardly more emphasised. The cantonments are every where and large tracts are occupied. While it is inconvenient for the forces it is also most inconvenient for the people. They can very easily be moved at least 50 km away from the city North West of Karachi. Vast empty areas are available.

And these areas must not be made concrete jungles but developed into green belts, forests and parks as we see in the West right in the middle of the city. Some parts can be developed though for civilians but by the best town planner in the world invited to compete and bid. Lets make this city unique and one of the best in the world.

Army, Navy and Air Force would also be safe in a lot better place.
Will write in detail later Inshallah.