Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clash of the titans... Zardari replies to Nawaz diatribes...

The fight has begun "Molvi Nawaz Shareef should learn to be a real tiger".
Zardari had shown lots of patience for three years. Today he burst out in response to what Nawaz Shareef blurted out in Kashmir. And he came on hard. Nawaz Shareef somehow does not forget to attack Musharraf whether the occasion warrants it or not. Wonder why did he make a deal and went away for so long. Today he made scathing attacks on Zardari.

Me no admirer of Zardari is now forced to acknowledge him as a more astute politician more in touch with the ground reality. He is hoisting his flags every where and moving forward. He has this capacity not to rub people on the wrong side quite the opposite of Mian Nawaz Shareef. From where he has acquired this aplomb I have no idea. Khuda jab Husn detha hai tho nazakath aa hi jaathi hai.

Zardari lashed him as a paper tiger. He went on to say if he has forgotten politics that he is welcome to consult him in private or public. It think Nawaz Shareef will put an end to his diatribes against him and Musharraf for good. He will if he is a true politician not if he is the product of the establishment of Zia ul Haq who tried to subdue and kill PPP for 11 years. Couldn't. http://www.dawn.com/2011/06/22/nawaz-trying-to-pit-govt-against-army-zardari.html http://www.thenews.com.pk/NewsDetail.aspx?ID=17404 http://www.samaa.tv/newsdetail.aspx?ID=33295

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Syed said...

He is getting better with time regardless of his Mr. 10% reputation. He is accused of corruption too. But no body comes out with specifics. In any case he seems to be lot better than Nawaz Shareef who knows nothing other than Musharraf. Wonder how does he sleep.