Sunday, May 23, 2010

Karachi - identify problems, solutions can be found!

Karachi has taken an influx of 10,000 people a day for decades... but can it for ever? This is a subject I do not want to write about because I hate racism, regionalism and favouritism. We must like or dislike on merit not any other consideration. For me all are Muslims and hence no problem. But it hurts when I see so much of killing. They are all my brothers.

In chess they say observers game is at the top. Similarly when things seem too complicated lets move back a bit climb a hillock and take a distant, detached and a dispassionate look. Then we have to look closely as well so that we do not miss important details.
Karachi is experiencing an influx of people at the rate of a minimum 10,000 people a day for a few decades now, as they say. Can any city take this beating and allow for urbanisation of this magnitude? It just does not have the resources to feed them nor does it have housing, water, sewage and road network. When you tax a city well beyond its limits, problems are bound to occur.
Where are these people coming from? From areas that are most ackward for whatever reasons. And they come with their own mindset of backwardness and lawlessness. They have made their own areas - "no go areas" "Ilaqa Ghair". No body can go in their so no investment can come nor development take place. The result is joblessness. People have to move out naturally.
They do not go to nearby Lahore or Islamabad but over a thousand mile away to Karachi. When such large influx takes place in an area, a friction with locals is not out of the ordinary. It is not unexpected. One solution is to develop those areas from where there is an exodus of people so that influx elsewhere stops. Otherwise Karachi will burst at the seams which it seems to be the case now.
Employment opportunities must be created in other provinces so that people get jobs in their own provinces and there is neither exodus nor influx in any area.
I have been hearing on television all leaders of ANP openly blaming MQM for every thing. This should not happen. No names should be taken lest you create divisions among people who are otherwise living peacefully with each other. They are dependent on each other.
I have heard ANP leader Mr. Shahi Syed on YouTube speaking to a gathering of hundreds of thousands of Pakhtoons and openly giving hate speeches and exhorting people for violence. He is dividing people. Creating hatred. He is not yet arrested. Such people should not enjoy the leadership of the followers of the non-violent Badshah Khan (Pacha Khan). Watch and Listen:
He hurls abuses and exhorts people to hit their neighbors. See how venomous it is and look at the applause on demeaning the compatriots. Amazing. See how the lady is openly threatening of bloodshed. This is no way of co-existing in peace having come from so far.
Claims that weapons is their jewelery. No respect for law, that is Shahi Syed.
They say Punjab is for Punjabis, Sindh for Sindhis, Baluchistan for Baluchis, NWFP for Pakhtoons but Karachi is for all. May I ask if Pakistan is not for all? He openly attacks co-citizens on the basis of racism. You don't share the city where you have chosen to come and live from a far with so much hatred in your hearts. This video is just a small example. Aa you can see on the video they are all armed to the teeth.
I have chosen to write openly on this despicable subject as anchors, guests and callers get away without naming those who exhort people to violence by preaching hatred. Preach love, affection, fraternity and patriotism, not nepotism, regionalism, racism and hatred. It is high time we called a spade a spade. It is not enough to call them the land mafia or the drug mafia. All residents of Karachi whether they are Pashtu, Sindhi or Urdu speaking are all Pakistanis and no one has more rights over others. All have a right to a peaceful co-existence. We are all the very same people, little differences should not matter. They are natural. Allah made this world this way. Who are we to defy Allah.
Media should not allow any one to come on TV and openly accuse and blame others thereby inflaming passions. We are supposed to show restraint and not air divisive views. I give credit to MQM guys they are at least shy to show racism by not naming Pakhtoons and refer to them as land mafia and drug mafia etc. But I am sorry to note people of some in the ANP have no qualms about spreading hatred and don't even put a facade of fraternity on them.
We should first think ourselves as Muslims. We are the same Ummah of our beloved prophet Mohammed, may peace be on him. We are all one. We are all Pakistanis. Once we do that there are no differences. We all have problems and all want a better life. Let us rise above petty things and think like one big community. One of the two nations of "The Two Nation Theory". Let us not forget that otherwise we degenerate into small tribes to swallowed by enemy nations.
Karachi is bursting at the seams! Stop urbanisation. Develop villages. Think big. Have a big heart. Make forgiveness your creed.

Political spokesmen of the terrorists must be stopped...

Don't give media platform to the views of the terrorists...
Peace deal is made by other enemy countries not with our own home grown terrorists who are aided and abetted by the religious parties and some who are the political spokesmen of the terrorists on both print and electronic media.
Day in and day out 24x7 there is a constant bombarding of USA without understanding the genesis of problems. Every minute we are confusing young minds. We have created a siege mentality of our young minds. Blasts take place, in a minute 300 women are made widows, 3000 kids orphaned, every body is weeping but you will not find the religious scholars coming and condemning them. On the contrary they give excuses that America is in Afghanistan, hence. Go and kill the invaders next door. Why kill our own people? They have the same answer. Let America go. For sure yes. But why are you killing our own people? No answer.
The anchors, guests and callers all love the blame game and no one, absolutely no one puts his fingers on the real issues. All are playing to the gallery. All are being populist with utter disregard to national loss. Each one of the guys above has one way or the other supported terror which they call Jihad. It may be a Jihad in Afghanistan but fighting a Muslim State and its army is most certainly not Jihad. Will some one tell them what Jihad is? Rest later Inshallah.