Monday, August 25, 2014

Jalianwala Bagh re-visited under Shahbaz and Nawaz Sharif...

That was 1919 in Jalianwala bagh by a foreign occupier and this is our own people in Lahore in 2014...

(I assume you are aware of what is happening in Islamabad as of Aug. 25, 2014, now Afzal Khan one of the top government officer serving on the Election Commission has exposed the wrong doings in elections 2013. I am not writing on that. My heart bleeds when I think of the innocent people that were killed totally needlessly in Lahore in the midnight of June 17, 2014. That massacre of Lahore reminds us of Jalianwala Bagh). Current position is Ch. Nisar has made a survey and is said to have ordered a crackdown on the protesters of PAT (Dr. Quadri) and PTI (Imran Khan).

On April 13, 1919  a foreign power killed countless unarmed people under General Dyer in Amritsar. But in Lahore on June 17, 2014 it was not a foreign power but our own people placed in power with the help of a rigged election. How can you go in the mid of the night and open live fire on men, women and children whatever the excuse. Read this for a change: .

There it was Baisakhi Mela - religious festival of Sikhs and unarmed, men. women and children who were mercilessly killed and here in Lahore it was a Muslim religious gathering and again unarmed men, women and children were killed. Ah! What a tragedy by our own people liberated in 1947 - 17 killed and 95 seriously injured and we do not know how many will survive. Plus there are countless missing.

In any responsible government it was the government that would of itself take all necessary actions and saw to it that all those accused were arrested, tried and punished as soon as possible. But what happens? The government refuses to take action. Refuses to even register an FIR against the accused. Is this governance leave aloneIs good governance? They made this excuse and that.

My complain is with all political parties and the media that has not condemned this action enough and have not come out with full guns blazing against this horrible injustice with the people of Pakistan. What democracy and what derailment of democracy (a word they have learnt recently) are you talking about. If there is a least amount of any conscience left with whoever in power either do justice, give good governance or resign and go home. Now!

You don't need dharna's by Taher ul Quadri nor Imran Khan to do the basics right. People have been protesting for a long time. It is time for Nawaz to lead from the front and resign in the larger interests of the people and country even if it is not in his own.