Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lobbying... Pakistan always got bad press Internationally...

The diplomats never did their job, just enjoyed postings and perks...

What a shame really. All Pakistan has gotten so far is bad press world wide. It is always in the news for all the wrong reasons. Except for a little while in the mid sixties, Pakistan has been shown in negative light whether it is drugs, terrorism or nuclear affair. I used to think Pakistan never lobbied. But now it seems it has spent a fotune on lobbying. But it seems it has put the money for the wrong reasons and at wrong places or in officals pockets.

Whether it is Europe, America or Middle East Pakistan is reported negatively. Do the Pakistan officials not know what they want and what to expect of PR companies lobbying. I was most surprised to note even the so called Press Attaches who have all the perks in the world just do not know what to do. One such character was Charag A. posted in Jeddah as a Press Attache who had said he had no work. While The Indian Consulate in the same city had 7 press attaches and all were too busy.

The result - positive reporting was done for India with excellent damage control and negative reporting was done for Pakistan with no idea of damage control or country promotion. When people at helm are as what they are, what else can you expect? Now they are spending State Funds that is people's money on projecting a positive image of The President Asif Ali Zardari not Pakistan.

The dimplomats posted all over the world just do not do the job they are supposed to do. They just enjoy their perks. One must most certainly consider the reports published in The News and reported in Geo on the lobbying scam. Link: http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=22972

And we blame others for our ills. All conspiracy theories propounders must think and set their own house in order.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The legend passes away...

You have made millions smile... may Allah have mercy on you...
No words to express grief for his untimely and early death. He was a legend in his lifetime. What energy my God. He is one of his kind in this world. Another Michael Jackson is highly unlikely. It saddens me when people talk of his problems instead of focusing on his achievements. Long live the king of Pop in the hearts of millions round the world. Amen.
Concerts in Michael Jackson's memory... Don't cancel them!
They must not cancel these 50 concerts but let it go on with imitators and who knows one will give us a near enough alternative. From the ashes will rise the Phoenix. From the proceeds his debts must be paid off and a huge monument built in London, L.A., New York and Washington and other cities where it is possible. Please do not cancel the concerts already sold in his name.
The show must go on in his name and memory. That will be a fitting tribute to this great guy Michael J. Jackson.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pakistan T20 Champion 2009

Wow! What a win despite all odds... Congratulations!
Congratulations to the whole muslim world. A beautiful moment in otherwise so troubled times. It brought a smile on the face of the 3 million internally displaced persons too. May we have many such moments.

When Pakistan had lost to England so tamely people wouldnt believe that we could make it. But I had hopes because we could not go down any further. I said like in 1992 when we qualified because West Indies lost to Australia something like this was going to happen again. My hopes have been fulfilled and position vindicated.

All credit goes to A. Qader who resigned on principle. He is a great man. Let's not forget his greatness. He resigned for the good of the country. Now it seems he was preparing the team for the next decade. In this moment of glory lets not forget him.

Karachi is exploding with joy. You go to any Chowringi (cross roads) it is going gaga over the win whether it is The Bahadurabad Chouringi or Clifton Boat Basin or Nazimabad or Sorabgod all the places are going crazy. You can't buy ice cream any more, it is exhausted. You can't finds sweets any more they are finished.
Indian TV pays tribute to Pakistan Cricket. Must watch.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cricket is evolving...

Dilshan's improvised stroke lofting the ball over his helmet and the wicket keeper's, for a four against West Indies.
See how T20 is changing cricket?
The beauty of T20 is all the sloggers have failed. While new risky strokes have been developed, those who are not making cricketing strokes are all failing. Great example of the already once legendry Afridi. He was just not connecting the other day. Even today while Jaisurya and Dilshan played brilliantly both fell to unorthodox strokes - the reverse sweep.

But T20 is having a wholesome or otherwise effect on The ODIs and Tests. In ODIs you are getting tall scores. Some of the daring of T20 is manifesting itself there. Tests are also being affected. You are seeing better scores, more lively batting and lesser draws. Now if that is good or bad I do not know.

The biggest benficiary seems to be India. Their bench strength has increased no ends. IPL is giving a lots of young boys in India to taste international cricket and rub shoulders with the greats of cricket like Gilchrist, Shane Warne and the like. Govt. ban on no more than 4 international players per team has worked for them.

Like it or not T20 has come to stay. The T20 that started in Karachi due to paucity of grounds caught up in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah, Riyadh, Yanbu and other towns have at least three leagues in excess of 150 teams. It is unfortunate there is no mechanism by which those boys can show off their talent internationally.

T20 is entertainment par excellence. I only hope it does not kill ultimate form of the game The Test. But if people like Tendulkar keep playing till they drop dead unlike Gilchrist, Lara and Hayden who left at peak, the chances are test will face challenging times.

Israr Sahab aap bhi?... Nahi Nahi...

Israr Sahab people follow you, you can't afford to be irresponsible and speak without proofs...

I have heard you for years now. There are thousands who just take your word for granted. You are not an ordinary person but an acknowledged scholar and opinion leader. When you say anything, it acquires authority. Thus, you carry a huge responsibility on your shoulders.

The other day, I was listening to your talk on Indus TV. This time you surprised me no ends. If someone with lesser credentials said what you did, I wouldn't give it a thought. Because your views bear a stamp of authority, with utmost respect I must point out that you must refrain from saying anything that lacks credentials. In your interview, you offered all sorts of explanations why the Taliban adopted militancy.

The reality is that a crime does not change its definition, whatever shape, and form or circumstance it may manifest itself. How could you justify violence and murder? Do destruction and killing have anything to do with justice? The Talibans’ action led only to one conclusion that their purported call for “Nizam e Adl” (justice) was just a facade to establish their own hegemony. How could you justify blowing up schools that were built over a period of hundred years.

Now who is going to undo the damage? Who is going to rebuild? Sufi Mohammed, once interviewed on Waqt News -- the channel that gives much time and space to such people – said that his job was to blow up buildings and it was the government’s job to build them. Upon hearing it, one could only feel angry. In your Indus TV talk, Israr Sahib, you have somehow sided with such ignorant characters. I could not stop wondering, was it the same scholar that we have known for so long?

In these times of gloom, scholars like you are our last hope. Please don't disappoint us like that. The only thing against the military operation is that it was delayed by a full year and a half that gave enough time for the terrorists (you call them extremists, militants or Taliban to lessen to their crimes) to re-organise, re-group, re-arm and be as ruthless and deadly as possible. How else could you handle them if not with a military operation? Latoun kay bhooth batoun sey nahi man’tay. (Devils, who only understand force, will not listen to reasoning.)

Did you want another Lal Masjid like fiasco where armed thugs inside the Masjid/Madrassa complex were fighting the Pakistan Army? The Lal Masjid issue got out of hand because there was no timely and decisive action. The prolonged negotiations process only led to a sorry state of affairs. Any more delay in Swat would have only further emboldened the terrorists. The military operation may not be perfect particularly with respect to IDPs but what choice did we have? You must come out with guns blazing against lawlessness and terrorism and not give space to them at all. Israr Sahab, this is what the silent majority wants from you.

In conclusion of your interview, you aired some conspiracy theories. The reality is that those who use crutches cannot walk on their own legs. Similarly when one does not understand issues and fails to analyse any further, he or she attributes it to a conspiracy theory. The moment one alludes to a conspiracy theory, we must simply count him out because he has proved that he is unable to observe, think and analyse.

Sir, you said 9/11 was done by the Americans themselves and blamed on the Muslims. Do you have a proof for advancing such a claim? Two wrongs do not make a right. Now let us examine what you mean by “we” or “us”? Are you one with Osama Binladin? He does not even consider you as a Muslim. You are not in the reckoning at all. I wonder why we Muslims should find common cause with him. We are not part of him. He landed in Afghanistan after having been driven out of Saudi Arabia and then the Sudan. None of us knows what his arrangements were with the CIA when he fought the Soviets.

Here is someone who has no understanding of the issues. His only virtue is his wealth and arrogance compounded with his ignorance. He is not a state and he wants to solve problems. When all 52 Muslim countries put together cannot even design a screw, how this de-naturalised citizen of Saudi Arabia can to take on the sole superpower.

When quixotic ideas, such as Osama Binladin’s, are floated around, the results are as catastrophic as they have been. We lost Afghanistan and then Iraq. We solved none of our problems. On the contrary, we compounded them. Neither the Palestine, and nor the Kashmir issues were solved. These two problems are at the core of Muslim problems. His actions have hurt both causes. Can you deny it?

Who created Israel? Was it the Jews? Yes, partly. But who played the critical role in weakening the Muslim ummah? There is no denying that it was the Arabs themselves. During the Khilafat, the British offered Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey, the choicest areas of its empire for one little concession which was to let Jews settle in Palestine. The Sultan said "over my dead body". Similarly, the Sultan was unmoved when Rothschild offered him all the wealth in the world. Then the Jews and British set about dismantling the Sultanat e Osmania. They said "we will have you dead".

They sent T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia fame) to conspire and oust the Turks with the help of the Arab chieftains on the west and propped up Abdul Aziz from East to conquer the Arabian Peninsula. In the process, the British mandate helped Jews to settle in Palestine. It is also a fact that due to lack of education and sophistication, some Palestinians sold land to Jews; and even agreed to move to America but were actually dumped in South America (where their progeny still survive). Yes, some Palestinians were expelled by force. The Turks were defeated with the help of the local Arabs themselves, and as a result they got a cruel master - Israel.

So who made Israel? The Arabs. Had they not conspired against themselves - the Muslims, today the scene would have been entirely different. The Arab regimes were always stooges and tools in the hands of the West. Even today the scenario has not changed. Isn’t it Hosni Mubarak who is blocking essential supplies to Gaza? Isn’t King Abdullah of Jordan playing partner to Israel? Didn’t Saddam attack Iran to destroy the Islamic Revolution? So does it help Binladin to go and do what they did? The right thing for the Arabs is to first free themselves from the yolk of these corrupt Arab regimes, develop themselves truly and then take on their enemies, America or whatever.

Your suggestion that 9/11 was an insider job is highly erroneous. People are lead to believe what you say and in the end we as Pakistanis and young Pakistanis who to West for studies etc. have to pay a very high price. They are questioned at the airports made to sit for hours on end etc. etc. Thank God the neocons are not in the White House but see what our younger generation had to endure. This figment of imagination has our next generations no ends.

On few other occasions again you went grossly wrong . You have time again said 91,000 Muslim force never laid down arms in history and that it was a matter of great shame for the Muslim World History that we did it. India had bloated up the number for obvious reasons. You swallowed it hook line and sinker without going into details. You should have at least read A.A.K.Naiazi's Betrayal of East Pakistan where he has given full details of fighting forces and civilians.

They were no more than 34,000 and for that huge area the numbers were pathetic. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to malign the army for political scenario then, had also bought the Indian figure. You talk of Allah and the Rasool MPBH you cannot tell anything without being 100% sure factually. It does not matter what you think. There is always a huge gap between fact, fiction and POV (point of view).

Then you started this prophecy of Mehdi Akhir Uzzama. Every thing came to a naught. Asrar Saheb you are a serious scholar and must stick to your speciality? I know you are medical doctor but you took on religion. If it is religion, so be it. Stick to it. Why dabble into areas you are not too familiar with? Least of all you must not get into justifying terrorism one way or the other. Aiding and abetting is as much a crime. They have killed people by thousands, blown up schools and police stations and what not? Do not side with them.


In all these years, international affairs have changed immensely. You have many means now of fighting the enemy. But do we do that? Do we even know what the new tools are?

You are supposedly an educated man why do you side with the shortsighted terrorists? We do not expect this from you Sir.

Rest later, time permitting.

We shall presently discuss that threadbare. Soon Inshallah. I shall continue. Keep watching this. It will get very interesting. I promise.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Even a donkey could see we did not send the best team...

Shoaib Akhtar, Asif, Yousuf, Imran Nazir and the best are not playing... What result could you have?
I really pity the great batsman captain Younis Khan. He is heading a team that can never be rated as the best in Pakistan. He should have gone with the best team that Pakistan can have although his captaincy skills are also yet to be honed.

It is distressing to see the kind of selection committee and The Cricket Board we have. They could never manage the big players. They destroyed the world's best fast bowler. What business did  The PCB have of not giving the Central Contract to Shoaib Akhtar from where all the problem started. It is sad that no body talks of the root cause of the problems. If The Management is the best selection is on pure merit there is no way Pakistan will loose.

Our batting was pathetic and so was bowling. Fielding - the less we talk about is better. They could neither field nor throw the ball to the stumps. All the shots were hitting the fence and while we were batting all the shots were landing with the England fielders. That was the difference in field placements too.

Now let's hope Pakistan beat Nederlands with a wide enough margin of 50-60 runs to make it to the super eight. 
We can only pray and wish for miracles to happen.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama in Middle East...

He is probably the best US President that the Muslim World can have... Make the best of him!
But please do not think he is going to do exactly what you want and definitely not want the zealots or the religious parties may wish. Remember he is not elected on your votes. 

He will do what is best for America and cannot much change the policies to our total liking. But he shows so much of understanding and is one the best educated head of State we do think he will make a positive impact on the thinking in the Western and the Muslim World. He already commands great love, affection and respect, for what he stands for and is doing.

We must now show understanding and make the best of his presence. Particularly with respect to Pakistan he and the administration ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF314o-ZtQ0 )are showing great support and all the time trying to help with more and more money. The way our media has gone beserk at the behest of religious parties by calling the fight against terrorists as some body else's war is very misleading and may drive our friends away from us.

Yes the Bush days were very bad but then look at the support our terrorists have supported little edcuated militant people of AlQaeda. Pakistan had to come in the line of fire and suffered. Now very sensibly let's get out of that vicious circle.

Taliban kidnaps school kids...

Desperation knows no bounds... Makes them cowards!
Unable to face the onslaught of the Pakistan Army, Taliban are now kidnapping school children. They have kidnapped scores of school kids and half a dozen teachers and are holding them to ransom. This is yet another in the list of their heinous crimes. 

I think they must not be flushed out as Rehman Malik says but they must be captured, tried and hanged on trees till they die. At any cost they must not be allowed to escape. Any body showing any soft corner for terrorists and criminals by words or deeds are equally culpable and must be dealt with sternly as per law. 

No supportive voices must be aired on electronic media lest it send a wrong signal to people and terrorists alike. Criticising the operation must be declared illegal.