Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama in Middle East...

He is probably the best US President that the Muslim World can have... Make the best of him!
But please do not think he is going to do exactly what you want and definitely not want the zealots or the religious parties may wish. Remember he is not elected on your votes. 

He will do what is best for America and cannot much change the policies to our total liking. But he shows so much of understanding and is one the best educated head of State we do think he will make a positive impact on the thinking in the Western and the Muslim World. He already commands great love, affection and respect, for what he stands for and is doing.

We must now show understanding and make the best of his presence. Particularly with respect to Pakistan he and the administration ( )are showing great support and all the time trying to help with more and more money. The way our media has gone beserk at the behest of religious parties by calling the fight against terrorists as some body else's war is very misleading and may drive our friends away from us.

Yes the Bush days were very bad but then look at the support our terrorists have supported little edcuated militant people of AlQaeda. Pakistan had to come in the line of fire and suffered. Now very sensibly let's get out of that vicious circle.


Saleem said...

He is a gift to The Muslim world. If we cannot appreciate such a good president I wonder what can ever please us. If we do not know how to make the best of his presence no body is to be blamed. I am sick and tired of listening to the foolish veiws of Islamists.

Haneef said...

You are so right. When I was in Saudi every Arab would think he will do exactly as per their wishes little realising that he has not been elected on their votes. The fact that he is reaching out so much to Muslims itself is highly commendable. We do not have tolerance to appreciate a difference of opinion and are expecting Obama and America to do the impossible.

Rana said...

True. LUckily the media anchors, some did, by and large did not go beserk. Hope sanity prevails on Urdu Medium self made journalists, usually unqualified. JI guys will never get out of their conspiracy theories.