Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pakistan T20 Champion 2009

Wow! What a win despite all odds... Congratulations!
Congratulations to the whole muslim world. A beautiful moment in otherwise so troubled times. It brought a smile on the face of the 3 million internally displaced persons too. May we have many such moments.

When Pakistan had lost to England so tamely people wouldnt believe that we could make it. But I had hopes because we could not go down any further. I said like in 1992 when we qualified because West Indies lost to Australia something like this was going to happen again. My hopes have been fulfilled and position vindicated.

All credit goes to A. Qader who resigned on principle. He is a great man. Let's not forget his greatness. He resigned for the good of the country. Now it seems he was preparing the team for the next decade. In this moment of glory lets not forget him.

Karachi is exploding with joy. You go to any Chowringi (cross roads) it is going gaga over the win whether it is The Bahadurabad Chouringi or Clifton Boat Basin or Nazimabad or Sorabgod all the places are going crazy. You can't buy ice cream any more, it is exhausted. You can't finds sweets any more they are finished.
Indian TV pays tribute to Pakistan Cricket. Must watch.


Doug P. Baker said...

An amazing and very cool turn about!

Yousaf Baloch said...

No body imagined it. But we have done it Alhamdulillah. Hope we keep repeating the good performances again and again

Syed Mir said...

Great victory but that should not make us see Afridi playing for Pakistan performing or not. Although he did great in the semi final and final he should not be taken for granted rather he should not take his inclusion in the team as granted. He must earn a place in the team if he wants to play.

rk_anik said...

I like pakistan bcoz its muslim country, i hate India bcoz its hindu country. But i m bangladeshi.