Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Justice demands that a rule or a law or a principle applied without discrimination...

Apply law equally...
When no body can drive a taxi or open a shop or buy land in NWFP, then why do they drive and buy all over Pakistan?
You open up, we open up. When the Punjab Govt. wants registeration and so does Sindh Government what is the problem? Why are these people resisting? In the first place there is no need to go to far off places from where they will find difficult to return if nothing for logistical reasons.

If they are going temporarily then they should go to nearby places from where they can go back easily. Not travel to 1,200 miles and unable to return just settle there thus taxing the resources in your host area. Water, electricity, roads and sewage couild be a great problem. Theer is no harm in registering. You won't resist if you are sincere. Accepted it is quite an inconvenience but it is far better than having no help when there are schemes of rehabilitation.

Guests are welcome but not for ever. They have contributed to the problem by not helping the government fight the terrorirsts. They did have a soft corner for them. Look where you are landed now.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bad governance leads to such problems...

The problem was coming for an year why did they not plan it?
The way things were going for an year now,  it was quite expected that we had to act. And the way they were armed they were not going to go down tamely.  They had already terrorised the populations and subdued them by killings and murders and blowing up over 300 schools and police stations. Not to forecast events and take precautionary measures is the height of mismanagement and poor governance.

The State Government had to be dismissed for bad governance, Governor's rule promulgated, emergency declared and forces moved in quickly under cover of darkness and people secured well in advance. The mass movement was expected. Contingency plans demanded alternative residences to be created in advance. The way it was done smacks of apathy at the state of affairs in the affected areas. If we had a more imaginative administration there was no way this catastrophe would have taken place.

Instead of making contingency plans they were wasting their time in negotiating with the devil who was not at all representative of the people. Who do you make peace with? With shadows weilding sophisticated weapons defying all laws? Why was so much luxury afforded to the terrorists? On top of it the powerless Sufi Mohammed addresses people and declares every thing illegal, even our constitution. Precious time was lost which is the main cause of todays tragedy afflicting three million people.

Friday, May 22, 2009

PPP encashing tragedy...

Help people without politics...
Distribution of Benazir Cards is not the answer to their needs but a way of establishing a vote bank.
This is not the time to politicise a tragedy that is affecting thousands of people displaced due to the actions of the terrorists.

India gets it free...

Zardari's biggest blunder...
Pakistan should have negotiated directly with India not through US!
The president goes to US and teh first major news we get is "India gets Transit Rights". What the heck? If at all we should have given this concession to India from Islamabad. This via deal has repurcussions you cannot fathom at this moment of time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peshawar Jirga comes heavy against terrorism...

Thank you Peshawar!
It is a great day for Pakistan. Intellectuals in Peshawar held a jirga in which they give full support to the military operation against the terrorists. I do not want to give these terrorists any level of respect by calling them extermists or even militants. They are hard core terrorists. They have killed people, blown up schools, demolished police stations, blew children as suicide bombers, bombed mosques, wonder who is going to pay for all the loss and the eventual reconstruction?

At last we were hearing what we wanted to hear. They even went to the extent of advocating boycotting such persons naming Imran Khan and some others for supporting the terrorists by suggesting talks with them. We cannot talk to armed killers. They must lay down their arms, be tried, be duly punished by courts and then we will talk to them, not until then. It was so heartening the jirga gave no support to the terrorists and condemn them to the fullest. Bravo, well done.

There was some good news from Islamabad too when the Ulema Conference also condemned it in unequivocal terms. I am so glad the people like Jamath e Islami's Munawar Hasan and the like are side lined. If you are a law abiding people how could you support people who keep illegal weapons and fight the State, terrorise people and collect exorbitant taxes. Sorry we cannot show and sympathy or have soft corner for the terrorists.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Push hard and bring them to justice...

Don't buckle under pressure!
Terrorists must not raise their heads again and bring them to justice for blowing up 300 schools and killing and terrorising thousands...
Better late than never. The reaction to these terrorists must have been much earlier. They had gained such a strong foothold and people were terrorised. What is amazing is that their fuel was not stopped, their FM channels were not seized or even blocked. From where were they getting the money and weapons? This was the height of a weak government. Mr. Haider Khan Hoti must have resigned long ago. For a starter sack him.
Why do the religious parties support terrorists? They must be tried for aiding and abetting!
Isn't it nauseating when you hear guys like Munawar Hasan and other JI guys and Imran Khan opposing the action and supporting terrorists. Each time some action is taken they make a hue and cry. They have managed many times earlier to stop action and let the problem grow. Why do they do this? Why do they support such terrorists elements who are weilding the msot sophisticated weapons.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why don't these Pakhtoons stay at home? An analysis.

60,00,000 Pakhthoons do not live at home but elsewhere, what is the problem?
When a few people move out, it is not such a big problem. When no less than 60,00,000 people do not live in their homes it is a cause of concern. One has to examine why is it so?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Freedom of the Press in Pakistan...

Freedom of the Press!
Whether you like it or not, he is the guy who did it. I am no admirer of military men taking over power but lets be honest and call a spade a spade. No body gave this freedom of the press like he has. And it is a myth that any body tried or struggled for it. He gave it on a platter. This is one of his major achievements along with first time ever massive development in Baluchistan like the rest of the country.

And that very same media worked against him. The media did not show responsibility in handling their new found freedom. But still it is a scared media. Despite the freedom it is a scared media, scared of the landed class. That is the reason you do not see any campaign to rid the country of feudalism. They are scared of the armed people like the Taliban and somehow softens their crime. 
On this Press Freedom Day lets resolve to show more responsibility in journalism and daring too.