Monday, May 11, 2009

Push hard and bring them to justice...

Don't buckle under pressure!
Terrorists must not raise their heads again and bring them to justice for blowing up 300 schools and killing and terrorising thousands...
Better late than never. The reaction to these terrorists must have been much earlier. They had gained such a strong foothold and people were terrorised. What is amazing is that their fuel was not stopped, their FM channels were not seized or even blocked. From where were they getting the money and weapons? This was the height of a weak government. Mr. Haider Khan Hoti must have resigned long ago. For a starter sack him.
Why do the religious parties support terrorists? They must be tried for aiding and abetting!
Isn't it nauseating when you hear guys like Munawar Hasan and other JI guys and Imran Khan opposing the action and supporting terrorists. Each time some action is taken they make a hue and cry. They have managed many times earlier to stop action and let the problem grow. Why do they do this? Why do they support such terrorists elements who are weilding the msot sophisticated weapons.

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Jameel Tharar said...

Don't stop until the job is fully done. All the terrorists must be either captured or killed. Not one should be allowed to slip out lest they make more problems later in some other area.