Friday, July 31, 2009

You can't be a little bit pregnant...

Ye tho hona hi tha...
Why NRO and Zardari's oath is exempt? You can't be a little bit pregnant...
Had it not turned out to be like this it would have been very surprising. The judges had to strike back and they did. They have been on he receiving end for far too long. Good job Sir.

You should have come clean with no more mess to be cleaned up. Sir you should have also struck down the NRO. Now you are leaving a window for the beneficiaries of NRO to escape. You should have helped the parliamentarians. You know they are incapable of doing any thing on their own. They will make a committee and shelve it. They just do not want to take their responsibility seriously. They do not want to work. Apni thankhwah and perks halal nahi karna chahthe.

These exceptions don't make sense. Hope there is no vendetta involved. The man on the street is quite perplexed, they ask if The Supreme Court has become a political party or an extension of them or are in coalition with PPP and N League. This idea is heavy on their minds. I only hope it is not true.

NRO and Zardari's oath are exempt. If Dogar is illegal, he is illegal all the way. It is just like saying you are a little bit pregnant. You are or you are not. Sir come clean but without personal vendetta to let the judicial history be written in golden words.

I for one am not too impressed with this judgement. The Ex-President had himself said it was not as per the constitution. But the then CJ, dismissed and now restored was making it impossible for the government to function by his judicial activism then, he says. The CJ should show that activism now to bring law and order in the country.

Let this be a warning to the politicians that nature abhors vaccum. If you don't act, someone else will. You could easily have solved the PCO judges problem on your own. You didn't. SC had to do it. Similarly there are many issues of structural reforms particularly land reforms. If you don't do it, someone else will. Then don't blame decomocracy has been derailed an oft repeated refrain of the falied visionless politicians.

I think instead of whipping a dead horse it is about time to tie up your laces and get down to business of "good" governance and provide relief to the people of Pakistan.

Monday, July 27, 2009

There is a limit to hatred... Don't twist facts please.

Such hatred will only enhance his image in public eyes as it exposes your furstration....
I usually do not comment on these issues but this is too much. The language The Presidential spokesman Mr. Farhatullah Babar used is uncivilised. In sharp contrast I have never heard Musharraf loosing his shirt ever, however bad the circumstances have been. See the report against him in Dawn: . This is not how you write even if he is your enemy. Sorry it is not done.

While Musharraf was stating facts, deal with Benazir, (ask US) Mr. Babar was just spewing venom and without substantial proof. It seemed they were just trying to cover their own embarrasment. It was just a POV (point of view). Using words like disgrace in full public view etc. does not behove of a responsible person to be saying and Dawn had no business to be publishing it like that. The President's team must not forget that the trappings of power they are enjoying are all thanks to Musharraf. Had he not brought in that infamous and despicable NRO no body would be sitting in National and Provincial Assemblies. They would have been in their home countries Dubai or UK (pun intended).

If they think it is so much on their popularity or talent then repudiate the NRO unilaterally and say you do not want to avail NRO and face the courts. There must be a just a bit of little shame to accept the favours of NRO and also disgrace the guy who made it possible for them to return and get all they got. It was Pervez Musharraf's mistake to give freedom of expression to an immature bunch of vernacular pedestrian journalists, the moneyed politicians took full advantage of and just purchased them. This is the irony. Like Salman Thaseer once said, the journalists who could barely afford a mobike were riding Parados.

If their irresponsible behaviour continued the economy will go down and so will their Parados and Toyata FXs and Land Cruisers and Mitsubishis etc. Who do they owe their affluence to? Pervez Musharraf. How many jobs has he creted with this? Thousands. Like it or not. I challenge the journalistic fraternity to deny this. After Musharraf left you are already seeng the way the nation is swinging both politically and economically. If not for foreign aid could we survive? Not a single day the way things are. We are heading to the point when Pervez Musharraf had taken over from Nawaz Sharif.

According to Hamid Mir in his Capital Talk there is excess capacity of 4,000 MW. The outages are not due to any actions of the previous governments but utter mis-management for the last two years. We as a nation had lost focus. That single stupidity of Shaukat Aziz, another blunder of Musharraf, sending the judicial reference without due preparation brought his 67% approval rating tumbling down. Mistakes happen but that does not mean you demean a person like the way we are doing.

The President must note one thing that he is also not directly elected like Musharraf but by the MNAs and MPSs and where is his promise he gave in full open view when he had said "Our Presdent will voluntarily give back "52/8B" as he exactly said. He did not even know it was supposed to be "58/2B". Geo please replay this recording. Watch Zardari Special 1to8.

After becoming the President has he done anything he talked about? He has also talked of "victims of judiciary". He blames establishment for all ills. Listen to him of his awareness of governance. He talks of removing the condition of degree for himself. Dr. Shahid does not have the guts to give a rebuttal. He wanted to sue the judges. He is the biggest beneficiary of NRO. Now he bad mouths the person who gave him all this.

This government must look forward and not backwards like Nawaz Sharif is constantly doing. The president although not highly educated is not all that bad like Nawaz Sharif. More on this, subject time permitting.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nuclear Reactors and 126 Fighter Jets for India!

Failure of Pakistan Diplomacy...
If Pakistan buys a matchstick India blows its lungs out but Pakistan is mum over US weapons sales to India, why?

The American secretary of state Hillary Clinton waltzed her way into the hearts of Indian and American military-industrial complexes when she signed a series of agreements during her recent visit to India. Apart from 126 fighters worth $10 billion, India would also purchase two nuclear plants worth another $10 billion, plus dozens of millions worth space and other technologies. Such news should warm American hearts yearning for jobs.

No sooner had the ink dried on these documents that Obama’s war-enforcer Richard C. Holbrooke arrived in Pakistan, creating the usual “do-more” din. Also the usual accusations of this or that terrorists being in Pakistan started making their usual rounds; and of course, the endless discussion about how devotedly Pakistan and its military was rendering its assigned task. Pakistan has simply been relegated to the position that was assigned to areas that now constitute that country: the martial belt of the British Empire. Its assigned task is to supply cannon fodder as America and its allies fight their wars. The feudal lords who supplied the bodies were adequately rewarded for, and they carefully nurtured an environment where willing bodies remained in steady supply.

The latest Indo-American agreements mark end of a “balance” in the region, and marks that India is being treated in its own right and not in its regional context. The relegation of Pakistan was coming: Obama had promised to run an “Af-Pak” policy, where Afghanistan and Pakistan were seen as part of the same problem. Pakistan retains its relevance till the American drones eliminate all the fighters that Reagan had introduced into the area who are now the problem.

Unsurprisingly its seems that the Zardari setup has accepted such a designation because no protest has risen about being relegated to a nonentity, where the American refrain was that the U.S. and Pakistan were in for a “long-haul”. Perhaps Pakistan’s purpose to bear the cross and to crucify itself on the alter of American adventurism in Afghanistan.

Interestingly, in the days before Clinton’s visit, the entire Pakistan ruling establishment, and the even the former President Gen. (ret.) Musharraf, had declared that India was not the enemy but the Taliban were the only adversary that concerned the country. And of course, the chattering classes and the dollar-soaked NGOs did their part in this “India is not the enemy” chorus. Is it that the people of Pakistan have bought this lie? And what about the silence of the very vocal and often confrontational media? Why have the talk show hosts failed to gather the experts over this issue?

This is not the first time our leadership and our fourth estate have left us in the dark. We saw no official protest or public discussion when India violated its treaties and dammed rivers to deny us our share of the water.

Is the silence part of the $1.5 billion per year paycheck that the Zardari junta has negotiated for sacrificing its officers and jawans in the service of America?

Is Musharraf the only problem that confronts the nation? Pehaps so, because the former dictator’s future is closely tied to his illicit actions that include the most unjust piece of legislation – the National Reconciliation Ordinance that cleansed Zardari and his henchman’s crimes.

Surprisingly, the only protest over the India-American arms has come from China which is to be least affected by these developments? Why would India fight China? India perceives only Pakistan as its enemy due to the Kashmir dispute. After the Pakistani nuclear tests, India had lost its military advantage, and in a situation where both countries are nuclear-weapons capable, it is the supremacy in conventional weapons that will really matter. The United States has given that edge to India. This will only render Pakistan more dependent on American whims for its survival.

Peoples concerns:
126 US fighter jets for India and no body makes a noise...
more of Nuclear supplies and no body makes a noise...
Is every body sleeping or dead?
What is Pakistan media doing? Just going after Pervez Musharraf I guess?
Washington Post writes:
The other agreements announced Monday were of less import, essentially marking incremental steps toward realizing potentialmilitary and nuclear sales.
India agreed to accept congressionally mandated monitoring of the use of sensitive military equipment, which will allow U.S. companies to compete for the sale of
126 fighter jets worth about $10 billion. India also identified two sites for potential U.S.-made nuclear reactors, also worth $10 billion, though the Indian government must still pass a controversial law limiting liability for U.S. companies before they can compete.

Clinton and Krishna also signed a technology agreement that will permit the use of
U.S. parts on Indian satellite launch vehicles and established a $30 million fund for joint science and technology projects.

If Pakistan buys a stick India blows its lungs out and alerts the world and brings Pakistan a bad name as if something has gone wrong. Now India jacks up their budget each year X 25. No problem. India buy lethal military hardware, no problem. There is little concern any where. If the neighbors are live they will get worried.Except China no body has objected.

The first impact will be on Pakistan and its quite, as if nothing has happened. They are probably busy thinking how to catch Musharraf. Where are the national interests and priorities gone?

Media is dead on this issue while it is its responsibility to make the noise and pressure the government to act which otherwise is in deep slumber any ways when it comes to State matters. Is any body listening?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Making a mockery of justice is it?

Have you paid back in kind Sir?
Well now the circle is complete. Nawaz struggled for you and you paid back as the public perception goes. One can say you are not "ehsan faramosh"( you always return a favour). Amazing how the judgements are over turned by the top judges like top cops playing with law and order.

Sir you you had raised the bar for judges with your steel mill decision. You saved a big asset of the people of Pakistan. The world applauded. Your reputation went sky high when you stood up to the pressures of Shaukat Aziz Government. But now what have you done Sir? You were my hero. What have you done? Soiled your image in one shot? Let's hope not. One wonders what you will do with NRO.

You should have at least stepped aside for the sake of Pakistan Judiciary and to preserve your name in history and remained a symbol of justice and unity for Pakistan. I am very sad today for you. How could you let go a person who had imperilled the lives of a plane load of human beings also carrying The Chief of The Pakistan Army go scott free and a person who has no objective except revenge against a person who he had a feud with. He is holding the nation to ransom for his personal satisfaction.

Ab tho Pakistan ka waqqai "Khuda Hafiz". Now only God can take care of Pakistan.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stop conspiracy theories speak the truth now...
Dr. Shahid Masood and his Conspiracy Theories!
Dr. Saheb by adding the pickle of history you made it very interesting. You start very good but when you get down to brass tacks you loose track. Both the gentlemen you brought as guests were pedestrian, the were not prepared, had not done their home work hence took the easy route of blaming others for our failings. They loved to blame anything except ourselves and you concurred mostly. We must see how we are conducting our own affairs nationally and internationally.

The world has its own ways of doing things and views our affairs from their own security needs. There may be anomalies for sure. If you for ever lean on conspiracy theories you will never get to facts. If you want to feel victimized you will never get to the truth of the problem. The fact remains our international PR is pathetic and our media is abysmally unaware of international affairs and how the world is conducting its affairs in the global village.

Our diplomats posted world wide just enjoy their positions and perks and nothing else. Their contribution to image buildingof Pakistan is zero. They are not pro-actve nor re-active. They just let bad press pass by. As a matter of fact they should be stopping negative reporting of Pakistan. There are ways to do it. Before it sees the light of the day it must be stopped. It is their job to do it. That is why professionals are required in such jobs not political appointees.

Electronic media is of recent times. When news used to come on telexes you knew from news agencies what is going to appear the next day. Good Press Attaches were supposed to stop that publishing by strong PR the night before. Pakistan diplomats never did it. As a matter of fact when I told a press attache abroad, "you have a daunting task ahead of you" he replied "there is no work".

And in the same city the Indian Consulate had housed seven Press Attaches fully trained belonging to their elite IFS (Indian Foreign Service) selected on an all India merit basis who were extremely busy promoting India and doing damage contro for killing Muslims in Inda or demolishing mosques. Our diplomats abroad do not do their job, our media castigates 24x7 our own guy just because he was a military man ignoring critical events relating to Pakistan worldwide. The present president who comes with a baggage of corruption cases is not touched at all. You did criticise him in this episode and did a good job.

But our anchor persons including you are constantly harping on conspiracy theories and are hell bent on confusing the audience that we are very good and very innocent, someone else is doing something to us. How long will this game go on Sir? Give our people some truth too. No body stopped a corrupt to the core guy from becoming the President. So much for our democracy. Having given the keys to the thief what are we talking about Sir?

Please for Heavens sake stop blaming others and set our house in order. When we are beaten by illegal weapons weilding Taliban and are not able to defeat them for over two months why should the world believe that we can protect the Nuclear Assets? We are not able to stop petty sardars from blowing up installations in Baluchistan why do you want the world to accept that we can do a good job of maintaining security and safeguarding The Nuclear Assets. This is a very serious issue.

Not only the West but we too must be most concerned. Every now and then we see soft corner for terrorists. Why are not terrorists condemned in no uncertain terms? Look at Imran Khan, Qazi Husain Ahmed, Munawar Hasan, Waheed Hussain of Waqth News (the terrorist channel) how they espouse the cause of terrorists. Any body other than the state toting a gun is a terrorist. We must recognise this. Law and order will never come if people have guns.

You are a guy who must walk on your own feet. Why do you want to take crutches? Conspracy theories are like crutches which you take when you are lame. Similarly when brain stops working and analysis fails they resort to conspiracy theories. But those who are well informed don't do that. Our media does not come out with guns blazing against the fact that these terrorists are in fact cowards who hide behind women and children as a result we had so many IDPs.

Please refrain from conspiracy theories and get down to real facts if you don't do that Allah is going to question you why did you mislead people?
These days he is doing better programs. But the programs he once did about 9/11 were full of conspiracy theories and awful. He muddled the young minds and also of elderly people. Saying that 9/11 they did it themselves without proof was absurdity of the highest order and Dr. Shaid Masood indulged in it. No Sir you should not do this.

I heard him blunder with respect to Qadeer Khan. It was totally unnecessary. Thank God Musharraf saved him otherwise we don’t know what Americans would have done of him. But his deeds must be exposed to save the nation. However big a hero he may be he cannot be above the law.

No body must be above the law. The whole world is quite on NRO. One wonders why? Where has the sense of justice gone? Or is it that Zardari and Nawaz have ganged up: I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Princely State Baluchistan - a myth or reality?

Was Baluchistan ever a sovereign state?
(After reading please post your comments below, please take pains to do that, shall be grateful)
Recently Nasim Zehra talked to students in Baluchistan, carried on TV and Najam Sethi spoke to Haer Bakhsh Marri in London. I was shocked to listen to constructed history to which neither Nasim Zehra nor Najam Sethi could counter convincingly. I was obliged to do some research whose findings are as follows:

Who is a Baloch Prince and where are they?
They (Baloch Princes) are
no where to be found in the list of Princely States like Hyderabad, Mysore, Gwalior or Kashmir etc. If they were catergorised as British India they would not be in Princely States category. You could be in either not in both. I have searched many books now. Baluchistan has always been included in the British India although a Muslim majority one. I fail to understand how this story of a princely state came about. Political Agencies were not Princely States. A full list is available at the end of this article.
Did they have their own Currency, Postal and Railway System?Princely States like Hyderabad for instance had 21 gun salute, had its own currency, own postal system, own railways besides all the other institutions of State like Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary with all pillars and institutions well defined and highly developed. Nizam enjoyed the title of HEH His Exalted Highness. Except Foreign Affairs The Nizam VII of Hyderabad controlled every thing. From the British It had a resident like viceroy. In contrast Baluchistan was run by petty Commissioners, not even Governors. Did Buluchistan have any thing close? No. Even in Kashmir, a princely state, there was Hari Singh a prince and in Mysore Maharaja of Mysore enjoyed similar privileges. See the list of commissioners given at the bottom who ruled Baluchistan.
Independence of India Act:Of the 400 or more Princely States only the big Princely States had an option to either join India or Pakistan or remain independent as per Independence of India Act. India just crushed all. Invaded Hyderabad against the wishes of its people and the ruler, with 27 Division from all sides having earlier blockaded a land land locked country illegally for an year. In Pakistan, the genuinely Princely States joined Pakistan and the rest of the area was automatically amalgamated with Pakistan and the Sardars fell in line. Pray tell me how Sardars can become princes?
Badly informed media is hurting Pakistan interests and dividing people...
Media is giving undue vent to their supposed grievances and giving an un-necessary platform to a secessionist idea. Media is playing to the gallery for small gains and at the expense of national interests. Petty sardars were not princes. There is no way British would allow 400 countries in The Sub-Continent. In the entire struggle for independence no where do you find mention of regions demanding independence. It was just the two nation theory that was the issue. There was not a mention of a region. It was not a struggle for Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan or Pakhtunisatan. It was purely Hindu and Muslim issue and hence the struggle. Any thing else is figment of imagination. Some even made comparison with Nepal it is just not true. This is not fact but fiction.
Bad policies, governance and the callous Punjabi domination...
Unfortunately it is just weak and poor governance and bad policies subsequently that have turned things sour and so sour. Punjab being the most populous State and rather callous in their approach occupied all military and government positions all over the country. And that was also one of the reasons of East Pakistan becoming Bangla Desh. Punjab indeed should have cared for the aspirations and sentiments of other provinces and restrained instead of riding rough shod over the rights of people of other provinces. Not only Baluchistan but all provinces resent Punjabi overwhelming presence and dominance in Government and armed forces.

Resentment against Punjabi domination should not be aimed at Pakistan...
But let not your resentment against Punjab be a resentment against the State of Pakistan. Pakistan belongs to you and me alike although all of us may be ethnically a little different from each other. But that is OK. Don't forget we are all Muslims and only on this basis we got independence from The Brits and nothing else. It was The Two Nation Theory that made Pakistan and gave us independence otherwise we would still be under British Rule.

How will you stop Osmosis? Bring back the Baloch Diaspora to Baluchistan...
But let us not forget that Baluchistan has more land and less people. The osmosis is going to take place. Liquid from higher pressure will move to areas of lesser pressure. That is natural. It has happened every where. You cannot stop it. You cannot fight it by guns. It is not good for the State and the people of Baluchistan. There are ways to ensure Baluchi population is protected. Give them eduction, protection in jobs and businesses. Have genuine development in Baluchistan so that The Baloch Diaspora comes back to Baluchistan, invests there and settles down in their own home. Nothing else is going to work. Do something for the people of Baluchistan not for Sardars who have exploited the Balochs no ends already.

Baluchistan is a virgin territory, can be turned into the most prosperous area in the region...
Baluchistan and hence the Balochs are blessed with immense natural resources. But all of it is deep under ground or high up. There is enormous water barely a few feet beneath that can turn the entire Baluchistan green. You can grow any crop imaginable. It will become the Banana basket to the world for example. All it needs is vision, investment and hard labor. It is all available. The State has to just give law and order by all means. The benefits will accrue to the common Baloch. The Sardars will also benefit. Industrialization will follow.

The Solar irradiation is so good that if properly exploited it can give power to the entire country and may even export it to Afghanistan, India and Iran. There will be no power crunch. I am not yet talking of the minerals and oil deep down. Lets keep it for future generations. Baluchistan will be the envy of the world. It will be an example for the world to follow.

Who has kept the Balochs behind? Let a Baloch be free and then see what he does...
The Sardars with their disdain for education and development have created this situation so that people do not go after them for their tyranny and expose their rule that has kept education and development away from the people of Baluchistan. People want development but Sardars don' want it.They want the status quo and backwardness. They want their own lordship to continue at any cost while they keep people uneducated and send their own children abroad for education and also live off this land in foreign countries. Media is committing a grave mistake. Nasim Zehra was even conceding "ziyadathi huwi" meaning deprivation has taken place. Not correct. "Kya ziyadathi huwi?" agar kuch huwi tho unke sardaron se. (deprivation if it all was meted out to Balochs by the sardars not the Government of Pakistan) she should have made that plain.

No more Sardar and no more slaves please... Limit ownership of land to let more people enjoy land not few...
No body in Pakistan is against Baloch but could be against The Sardars who are arousing anti-Pakistan sentiments for their own narrow ends. In any other country they would be tried under Disaffection Law or even Treason. We cannot have the Sardar and Slave situation in Baluchistan any more. One has thousands of acres of land and the other none. Let there be social justice. Let more people enjoy the resources of the country not a chosen few. High time we brought in land ceiling and limited land ownership to not more than 56 acres per head and 14 acres under canal, as they did in India in 1951. We want all Balochs free like the rest of Pakistanis. Unfortunately some parts of Sindh and Punjab are also suffering from slavery due to landlord-ism and strict land ceiling should be applied there too.
Balochs are not against Pakistan but Sardars are...
People of Baluchistan are not speaking the sardar's language
but their hand picked workers are. Law and good governance demands that they be arrested immediately and things not allowed to get out of hand. Any leniency will make matters worse. Did you not see in Lal Masjid case how delay made matters worse? Nip it in the bud if you want to stop the dismemberment of Pakistan. I have done extensive interviews, believe me the overwhelming majority of common poor Balochi is with Pakistan. Sardars are certainly not with Pakistan. Let them be themselves so long as the majority is with us.

Sardari system days are numbered...
The Sardars know the day land reforms and development comes to Baluchistan their lordship is over. They are making all out efforts to keep Baluchistan backward for as long as they can. They resist development in shape of regionalism. They have succeeded for over 60 years and now fear the time has come to give people their rights so they are conspiring with Israel and inimical neighbors to overturn the apple cart. This is their last ditch effort. They have a shadow cabinet in Jerusalem. Which state in the world is going to tolerate that? Please tell me.
When India could succeed putting down such a big rebellion why can't Pakistan?
See how India
crushed the Khalistan movement totally and effectively? They used the heavy stick against the terrorists and the carrot for the common Sikh. Let one man say he is not an Indian but a Punjabi or something else see what happens. Here they are openly defying Pakistan and the interviewers and anchors are showing soft corner. The media is behaving as if The Baluchis have been wronged. If any thing The Sardars have wronged the Balochs not Pakistan. It was the Sardars that did not allow gas to the residents of Buluchistan, not Pakistan. It was publicised as if Pakistan did not give gas to the Balochs. Sardars stopped them. If the Sardars have a minimum level of honesty let them deny this. People have lost lives, the law should take its course.
What belonged to British then belongs to Pakistan now...As for natural resources of mines etc. they had already surrendered to The Govt. of India then and took money for it. After creation of Pakistan it automatically goes to Paksitan. Read a full article in Dawn. Now what are they claiming?

Placate the Baloch, sideline the sardars!

Reproduced below from history (Encyclopedia Britannica) are some historical facts. Please see. Quoted:

Baluchistan during the British India period contained four princely states and an Omani Port of Gwadar (which later became part of Pakistna on 08 Dec. 1958). Below are details of rulers:

Baluchistan - Province of British India:
  • Gwadar
  • Kalat
  • Kharan
  • Lasbela
  • Makran

19 Jun 1877 British India Baluchistan Province
and Tribal Areas.
1896 Province of British India.
14/15 Aug 1947 Baluchistan becomes a big province of Pakistan.
On June 19, 1877 The British occupy Quetta. Baluchistan becomes British India's Province
on October 1, 1877. From November 1, 1877 it is incorporated into British India.

Chief Commissioners: (where are the sardars? Sardars are not princes any way).
· Sir Oliver Beauchamp Coventry St. John (1st time).19 Jun 1877 - 11 Dec 1887
· Acting Chief commissioner.
· Sir Robert Groves Sandeman (1st time).............11 Dec 1887 - 03 Apr 1889
· Sir Harry North Dalrymple Prendergast (acting)....03 Apr 1889 - 08 Oct 1889
· Sir Robert Groves Sandeman (2nd time).............08 Oct 1889 - 23 Apr 1891
· Sir Hugh Shakespear Barnes (1st time, acting).....23 Apr 1891 - 08 May 1891
· Sir Oliver Beauchamp Coventry St. John (2nd time).09 May 1891 - 04 Jun 1891
· Sir Hugh Shakespear Barnes (2nd time, acting).....05 Jun 1891 - 09 Jul 1891
· John Biddulph (acting)............................10 Jul 1891 - 16 Nov 1891
· Sir Robert Groves Sandeman (3rd time).............16 Nov 1891 - 29 Jan 1892
· Sir Hugh Shakespear Barnes (3rd time, acting).....29 Jan 1892 - 21 Mar 1892
· Sir James Browne..................................22 Mar 1892 - 13 Jun 1896
· James Adair Crawford (acting).....................14 Jun 1896 - 14 Nov 1896
· Sir Hugh Shakespear Barnes (4th time).............15 Nov 1896 - 12 Apr 1899
· Henry Wylie (acting)..............................12 Apr 1899 - 21 Dec 1899
· Sir Hugh Shakespear Barnes (5th time).............21 Dec 1899 - 20 Nov 1900
· Charles Edward Yate...............................20 Nov 1900 - 04 Nov 1904
· John Ramsay (1st time, acting).............04 Nov 1904 - 23 Jan 1905
· Alexander Lauzun Pendock Tucker (acting)23 Jan 1905 - 02 Apr 1907
· Sir Arthur Henry McMahon (1st time)......02 Apr 1907 - 03 Jun 1909
· Charles Archer (1st time, acting)..........03 Jun 1909 - 06 Sep 1909
· Sir Arthur Henry McMahon (2nd time)......06 Sep 1909 - 25 Apr 1911
· John Ramsay (2nd time)...................25 Apr 1911 - 21 Oct 1912
· Charles Archer (2nd time, acting).......... 21 Oct 1912 - 14 Nov 1912
· John Ramsay (3rd time)...................14 Nov 1912 - 02 Apr 1914
· Charles Archer (3rd time, acting)...........02 Apr 1914 - 23 May 1914
· John Ramsay (4th time)................... 23 May 1914 - 15 Jun 1915
· Charles Archer (4th time, acting)...........15 Jun 1915 - 05 Jul 1915
· John Ramsay (5th time)....................05 Jul 1915 - 05 Dec 1917
· Sir Henry Robert Conway Dobbs.......... 05 Dec 1917 - 01 Sep 1919
· Armine Brereton Dew.................... 01 Sep 1919 - Jun 1922
· Henry Beauchamp St. John (1st time, acting)..Jun 1922 - 15 Sep 1923
· Frederick William Johnston.............15 Sep 1923 - 07 Jul 1926
· Edmond Henry Salt James (1st time, acting)...07 Jul 1926 - 04 Nov 1927
· Henry Beauchamp St. John (2nd time, acting)...04 Nov 1927 - 02 Feb 1929
· Edmond Henry Salt James (2nd time, acting)... 02 Feb 1929 - 01 Oct 1929
· Charles Edward Bruce (acting)............. 01 Oct 1929 - 17 Dec 1931
· Alexander Norman Ley Cater (1st time, acting). 17 Dec 1931 - 10 May 1932
· John Aloysius Brett (acting).................10 May 1932 - 01 Oct 1932
· Alexander Norman Ley Cater (2nd time).........01 Oct 1932 - 01 Apr 1936
· Ronald Evelyn Leslie Wingate (1st time, acting)..01 Apr 1936 - 18 Apr 1936
· Arthur Edward Broadbent Parsons (1sttime,acting)18 Apr 1936 - 20 Jun 1937
· Ronald Evelyn Leslie Wingate (2nd time, acting)..20 Jun 1937 - 28 Nov 1937
· Olaf Kirkpatrick Caroe (acting)...............28 Nov 1937 - 14 Mar 1938
· Arthur Edward Broadbent Parsons (2nd time).....14 Mar 1938 - 11 Aug 1939
· Sir Herbert Aubrey Francis Metcalfe.........11 Aug 1939 - 24 Nov 1943
· William Rupert Hay..........................24 Nov 1943 - 1946
· Henry Mortimer Poulton......................14 May 1946 - 1946
· Sir Geoffrey Prior..........................1946 - 15 Aug 1947
· Continued to be the Chief Commissioner of Pakistan's Province of Baluchistan
· till 03 Oct 1947.
It no where suggests that it was a princely state like Kashmir, Hyderabad, Gwalior etc. There is no Resident throughout which was the requirement of a Princely State. See the British Rulers of Balochistan.
If you can see above there is not a single member of any tribe that actually ruled.
Balochistan today:
Placate the Baloch, sideline the sardars!’s-death/

Balochistan a part of Pakistan as you can see some pictures above. People were freed from the British and the land lords yoke and were poised to write their own destiny. They rejected their destiny to be written either by The British or the vested interests of the region. Muslim League did not wage a struggle so that some land lords came to power and controlled the destiny of the Baloch common man. We are with the people of Balochistan, we want them to be free and wish the best for them.
Some old beautiful pictures of Baluchistan of the British Time.

Dinosaurs of Pakistan. Watch:

Dinosaurs of Balochistan.
King George and Queen Mary visit Balochistan in 1906. Watch and simply enjoy the music.:

How Baluchistan joined Pakistan:
Now there is no question of any more independence. It is already free and the most important of Pakistan.