Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nuclear Reactors and 126 Fighter Jets for India!

Failure of Pakistan Diplomacy...
If Pakistan buys a matchstick India blows its lungs out but Pakistan is mum over US weapons sales to India, why?

The American secretary of state Hillary Clinton waltzed her way into the hearts of Indian and American military-industrial complexes when she signed a series of agreements during her recent visit to India. Apart from 126 fighters worth $10 billion, India would also purchase two nuclear plants worth another $10 billion, plus dozens of millions worth space and other technologies. Such news should warm American hearts yearning for jobs.

No sooner had the ink dried on these documents that Obama’s war-enforcer Richard C. Holbrooke arrived in Pakistan, creating the usual “do-more” din. Also the usual accusations of this or that terrorists being in Pakistan started making their usual rounds; and of course, the endless discussion about how devotedly Pakistan and its military was rendering its assigned task. Pakistan has simply been relegated to the position that was assigned to areas that now constitute that country: the martial belt of the British Empire. Its assigned task is to supply cannon fodder as America and its allies fight their wars. The feudal lords who supplied the bodies were adequately rewarded for, and they carefully nurtured an environment where willing bodies remained in steady supply.

The latest Indo-American agreements mark end of a “balance” in the region, and marks that India is being treated in its own right and not in its regional context. The relegation of Pakistan was coming: Obama had promised to run an “Af-Pak” policy, where Afghanistan and Pakistan were seen as part of the same problem. Pakistan retains its relevance till the American drones eliminate all the fighters that Reagan had introduced into the area who are now the problem.

Unsurprisingly its seems that the Zardari setup has accepted such a designation because no protest has risen about being relegated to a nonentity, where the American refrain was that the U.S. and Pakistan were in for a “long-haul”. Perhaps Pakistan’s purpose to bear the cross and to crucify itself on the alter of American adventurism in Afghanistan.

Interestingly, in the days before Clinton’s visit, the entire Pakistan ruling establishment, and the even the former President Gen. (ret.) Musharraf, had declared that India was not the enemy but the Taliban were the only adversary that concerned the country. And of course, the chattering classes and the dollar-soaked NGOs did their part in this “India is not the enemy” chorus. Is it that the people of Pakistan have bought this lie? And what about the silence of the very vocal and often confrontational media? Why have the talk show hosts failed to gather the experts over this issue?

This is not the first time our leadership and our fourth estate have left us in the dark. We saw no official protest or public discussion when India violated its treaties and dammed rivers to deny us our share of the water.

Is the silence part of the $1.5 billion per year paycheck that the Zardari junta has negotiated for sacrificing its officers and jawans in the service of America?

Is Musharraf the only problem that confronts the nation? Pehaps so, because the former dictator’s future is closely tied to his illicit actions that include the most unjust piece of legislation – the National Reconciliation Ordinance that cleansed Zardari and his henchman’s crimes.

Surprisingly, the only protest over the India-American arms has come from China which is to be least affected by these developments? Why would India fight China? India perceives only Pakistan as its enemy due to the Kashmir dispute. After the Pakistani nuclear tests, India had lost its military advantage, and in a situation where both countries are nuclear-weapons capable, it is the supremacy in conventional weapons that will really matter. The United States has given that edge to India. This will only render Pakistan more dependent on American whims for its survival.

Peoples concerns:
126 US fighter jets for India and no body makes a noise...
more of Nuclear supplies and no body makes a noise...
Is every body sleeping or dead?
What is Pakistan media doing? Just going after Pervez Musharraf I guess?
Washington Post writes:
The other agreements announced Monday were of less import, essentially marking incremental steps toward realizing potentialmilitary and nuclear sales.
India agreed to accept congressionally mandated monitoring of the use of sensitive military equipment, which will allow U.S. companies to compete for the sale of
126 fighter jets worth about $10 billion. India also identified two sites for potential U.S.-made nuclear reactors, also worth $10 billion, though the Indian government must still pass a controversial law limiting liability for U.S. companies before they can compete.

Clinton and Krishna also signed a technology agreement that will permit the use of
U.S. parts on Indian satellite launch vehicles and established a $30 million fund for joint science and technology projects.

If Pakistan buys a stick India blows its lungs out and alerts the world and brings Pakistan a bad name as if something has gone wrong. Now India jacks up their budget each year X 25. No problem. India buy lethal military hardware, no problem. There is little concern any where. If the neighbors are live they will get worried.Except China no body has objected.

The first impact will be on Pakistan and its quite, as if nothing has happened. They are probably busy thinking how to catch Musharraf. Where are the national interests and priorities gone?

Media is dead on this issue while it is its responsibility to make the noise and pressure the government to act which otherwise is in deep slumber any ways when it comes to State matters. Is any body listening?


Yousaf Baloch said...

Thank you Sir there is at least one person it seems who is so concerned of clouds of doom building all around. The bureaucracy is hopeless. The don't work. Politicians don't know what to do any way. What do you expect from the Qureshis and Kaeras? Where is India going and where we are headed. True "Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz".

Pervez said...

There is no mention of this in media. Is this event of any less important than Ifhtekhar Choudry wanting Musharraf in the case of two judges. Media is full of little literate people like Dr.Shahid Masood, Asima Choudhry, Hamid Mir etc. who all have an exe to grind. Such a big event has taken place htat is going to threaten our existence and Pakistanis, The Pakistani Government is all quite. This is what happens when we send rubber stamps into the Parliament and Assemblies.

Hoodbouy said...

We are a nation of dead people. There is no life in it. Any body does any thing to us we are quite. We just don't care.

India may do anything and it will get away with. We have no idea how damaging will be the long term effects of this arming.

The media seems to be a bunch of black mailers. Until they get paid for something they care a hang. They got paid to bark against Musharraf they did. Now who will pay them to speak for Pakistan? No body. So they don't make a noise.

Government is as it is sold. Until their arms were twisted they did not act against the terrorists. In the name of Shariat so called religious made millions suffer in the Northern Areas. Media was quite on that issue too.

This omission is scary.

Bhutto said...

No response yet from the media nor the government. A good opportunity lost of showing the world how power hungry and dangerous India is for its neighbors. We lost the chance of hammering hard what an aggressive country it is. Our guys don't deserve to govern. The Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and The Information Ministers should all be fired in national interest. Today. Now. Is Mr. Zardari litening or is he too busy on his tourism abroad?

S. Rasheed said...

Now even some navy ship very dangerous has been launched just today and there wont be any response again. A dead bloody nation. Who was that Cricket Coach htat died - Woolmer, a Hindu Doctor Seshaiah had wrongly suggested murder. Plain and simple badmashi. But we failed to pin him and quitely became the but of jokes and took infamy in the stride. Rubbish Vaderas, Choudhries, Sardars and all landlords and the same people are in the govt. Media is their salmes. When every body else should be the slave of media.