Monday, July 27, 2009

There is a limit to hatred... Don't twist facts please.

Such hatred will only enhance his image in public eyes as it exposes your furstration....
I usually do not comment on these issues but this is too much. The language The Presidential spokesman Mr. Farhatullah Babar used is uncivilised. In sharp contrast I have never heard Musharraf loosing his shirt ever, however bad the circumstances have been. See the report against him in Dawn: . This is not how you write even if he is your enemy. Sorry it is not done.

While Musharraf was stating facts, deal with Benazir, (ask US) Mr. Babar was just spewing venom and without substantial proof. It seemed they were just trying to cover their own embarrasment. It was just a POV (point of view). Using words like disgrace in full public view etc. does not behove of a responsible person to be saying and Dawn had no business to be publishing it like that. The President's team must not forget that the trappings of power they are enjoying are all thanks to Musharraf. Had he not brought in that infamous and despicable NRO no body would be sitting in National and Provincial Assemblies. They would have been in their home countries Dubai or UK (pun intended).

If they think it is so much on their popularity or talent then repudiate the NRO unilaterally and say you do not want to avail NRO and face the courts. There must be a just a bit of little shame to accept the favours of NRO and also disgrace the guy who made it possible for them to return and get all they got. It was Pervez Musharraf's mistake to give freedom of expression to an immature bunch of vernacular pedestrian journalists, the moneyed politicians took full advantage of and just purchased them. This is the irony. Like Salman Thaseer once said, the journalists who could barely afford a mobike were riding Parados.

If their irresponsible behaviour continued the economy will go down and so will their Parados and Toyata FXs and Land Cruisers and Mitsubishis etc. Who do they owe their affluence to? Pervez Musharraf. How many jobs has he creted with this? Thousands. Like it or not. I challenge the journalistic fraternity to deny this. After Musharraf left you are already seeng the way the nation is swinging both politically and economically. If not for foreign aid could we survive? Not a single day the way things are. We are heading to the point when Pervez Musharraf had taken over from Nawaz Sharif.

According to Hamid Mir in his Capital Talk there is excess capacity of 4,000 MW. The outages are not due to any actions of the previous governments but utter mis-management for the last two years. We as a nation had lost focus. That single stupidity of Shaukat Aziz, another blunder of Musharraf, sending the judicial reference without due preparation brought his 67% approval rating tumbling down. Mistakes happen but that does not mean you demean a person like the way we are doing.

The President must note one thing that he is also not directly elected like Musharraf but by the MNAs and MPSs and where is his promise he gave in full open view when he had said "Our Presdent will voluntarily give back "52/8B" as he exactly said. He did not even know it was supposed to be "58/2B". Geo please replay this recording. Watch Zardari Special 1to8.

After becoming the President has he done anything he talked about? He has also talked of "victims of judiciary". He blames establishment for all ills. Listen to him of his awareness of governance. He talks of removing the condition of degree for himself. Dr. Shahid does not have the guts to give a rebuttal. He wanted to sue the judges. He is the biggest beneficiary of NRO. Now he bad mouths the person who gave him all this.

This government must look forward and not backwards like Nawaz Sharif is constantly doing. The president although not highly educated is not all that bad like Nawaz Sharif. More on this, subject time permitting.


Hussain Farooqui said...

Z.A. Bhutto was the first high level political person in the history the subcontinent who introduced non-parliamentary language in a public gathering. There had been a tradition in the society of the subcontinent that the leaders always tried to maintain respectable image in the society. The language used by the leaders was named as parliamentary language. Z.A. Bhutto uttered a very shameful abusive word in a political gathering held at Nishter Park. Soon after uttering that dirty word, he sharply shouted over the TV cameraman to cut that part of the movie. The representative of the TV told Bhutto that it was a live transmission.

That was how the whole nation heard a dirty word from a high level politician for the first time in the history of the subcontinent. Considering the example of Bhutto himself, any kind of non-parliamentary language can be expected from a leader of PPP.

Celina said...

This all getting too routine. Now it seems this guy the ex-President was a far better person, far better General and a far, way better President. t is a tragedy that we have lost him to freedom of expression of idiots and the same persons who abused Perez so much are now scared to death to criticize the new rulers. To please the land lords see how they are apple polishing by publishing such stupid comments and always referring on TV as dictator, Amer etc. etc.

Raja Ashraf said...

Calling Pervez Musharraf a dictator and Amer is not right. He had a parliament in place just like this one. He had a Prime Minister just like Geelani or better. But he didn't make policies and Mr. Syed YOusuf Raza Geelani also doesn't. Now Zardari is in command a man with a tainted image, then Musharraf was in command as President with a clean record. Musharraf behaves with great dignity while his new incubent has no grace at all what so ever. It think the irresponsible media must show some responsibliity.

Rana Naved said...

The blighter is a rascal. I dont want to hear any praise of him. Nothing has happened yet. Wait till Nawaz Sharif comes to power, see what happens. He will be roasted alive I guarantee you that. He is our Ameer Ul Momineen. The rascal had no business to send Nawaz Sharif out of the country for so long.

Musa Khan said...

So punish the nation with his personal revenge is what you are suggesting. No body has used such language. Are you the son of Farhatullah Babar Sirji? Forget and forgive. Let the past be with the past. Dont make the past come in front of you all the time. Then the shadow of past will destroy the future. Don't forget your Ameer ul Momineen is Ameer Ul thieves of Pakskistan too. Don't forget his sutpic action made the army take over on the ground. He landed into the country after the coup had taken place earlier. Nawaz is more to be blamed for playing with the army for a long time. NOw also he seems not to have learnt his lessons. He is brought up in the nursery of Generals (Zia ul Haq) he must know that.

Afridi said...

They still go on trying to catch Musharraf. Have they nothing better to do? I wonder. Guys like Shahid Masood and Hameed Gul and other jealous Generals must be barred from oonfusing peoples minds by their stupid ideas. Let us look in front in the future not backward. Make every body's salary based on performance and they must not get paid if they do not perform. Then I will see how many will waste time for the past. Stop these third rate journalists from wasting our time please.

Syed said...

Nothing is going to happen on opening the Pandora's box except waste of time of the judges, the administarion, media and the people. They would much rather concentrate on thousands of peoples' cases pending in courts.

Mr.Afridi rightly put it. It is a waste of time. True if these people had measurable jobs and paid on performance I will see how many of them can earn their bread. Land lords don't work any ways so they do not know what is hard work and what it takes to earn. That is as they say introduce land ceiling so that these nincompoops are obliged to work and earn and not earn without working.

An empty mind is a devils workshop. That is what they are doing by chasing a mirage. Musharraf is gone. Forget him and look forward man. Do something positive, something big. Chasing him is going back. It is bad for Pakistan.