Saturday, July 18, 2009

Making a mockery of justice is it?

Have you paid back in kind Sir?
Well now the circle is complete. Nawaz struggled for you and you paid back as the public perception goes. One can say you are not "ehsan faramosh"( you always return a favour). Amazing how the judgements are over turned by the top judges like top cops playing with law and order.

Sir you you had raised the bar for judges with your steel mill decision. You saved a big asset of the people of Pakistan. The world applauded. Your reputation went sky high when you stood up to the pressures of Shaukat Aziz Government. But now what have you done Sir? You were my hero. What have you done? Soiled your image in one shot? Let's hope not. One wonders what you will do with NRO.

You should have at least stepped aside for the sake of Pakistan Judiciary and to preserve your name in history and remained a symbol of justice and unity for Pakistan. I am very sad today for you. How could you let go a person who had imperilled the lives of a plane load of human beings also carrying The Chief of The Pakistan Army go scott free and a person who has no objective except revenge against a person who he had a feud with. He is holding the nation to ransom for his personal satisfaction.

Ab tho Pakistan ka waqqai "Khuda Hafiz". Now only God can take care of Pakistan.


Magsi said...

So much for our judiciary. Where are we heading as a nation? It is a total disaster. It is so obvious that the CJ is pandering to the demands of Nawaz Sharif and wants to pay back for getting his job back.

Syed said...

Hero becomes Zero.

Anonymous said...

You got a decision in your favour. Now show greatness a la Saladin. At least now Nawaz Sharif must look forward. Does he have anything to offer to Pakistan or will just be making the big leap backwards?

It is time he leaves his vendetta behind and utilises his energy in doing something far reaching good for this country. Some thing really big like introducing land ceiling and take land away from land lords and give to poor tilling the like it has happened in India and look where they are and we are? Just compare the foreign exchange reserves.

Look forward man. Look forward. Let by gones be by gones. Do something big which you will only when you forgive and forget. Show vision, courage and leadership. Do something big and not petty.

A. Jamali said...

Now there is no hope with the NRO. He will let go the other villain free too. Now Choudhry is the real president of Pakistan. The happy person is Zardari. I hope he scraps NRO to annul the effects of this stupid decision.Who says judiciary is independent? It is all fake and drama going on.

Chandeo said...

The judiciary has obviously taken sides. In front of ample proof they defied it. It was Nawaz Sharif who order alternate landing. In the that case either the plane would have landed in alternate territory or crashed. It was extremely irresponsible of Nawaz Sharif to interfere in air traffic control. He has had tiffs with previous Army Chiefs and both obliged and quit. Army had not liked it and this snub of another unceremonious removal army was not prepared to take. But Nawaz Sharif never learns. The coup was not in the air but on the ground. So any action now on will be against the corp commanders on the ground. Are Nawaz and CJ are on a ten year collision course at the cost of the nation's problems and turmoils not being solved. Stop it both of you lest the country drowns into anarchy.

Hanif Abbasi said...

Great victory for ourleader. Musharraf murdabad.

Nawaz said...

Great victory matti pao qaum aur Pakistan par. Kya bakwas karthe ho. Badle ke siwa kuch aatha asi Shareef ko?