Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cograts on Pakistan beating Australia...

Finally a win after 15 years... keep it up!
We made it thank God. Rest later.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Murli The Bolwling Bradman takes 800 Wickets...

The drama was there till the last ball of the innings...
Both friends and foes were on edge and this time both were praying for the success of this little man from Sirlanka called the great Muralitharan who is the first to take 800 wickets in Test Cricket.
He had to see the heart break of one run out, that of Laxman and only one wicket remained between him and the record and a plumb LBW was not allowed. One kept wondering if any bad luck would not intervene between Murli and his record. The infamous Galle weather was also threatening. Besides Murli was telling the captain regardless of his record get Indians out lest the weather intervene and Srilanka not win.
No. He wanted his last test to be a winning test. So you see a lot of drama was going on all the while and continued till the end. It was one seesaw.
People remembered Bradman how he was out for a duck on his farewell test and his average slumped from 100 to 99.94 while every one prayed nothing like this should happen now. Finally he did have luck. Ojah snicked one at second slip to Jayaverdane. Wow! He made it.
Congratulations Murli. Don't forget 8 wickets is a big ask for a guy playing his last test and against a side that is known for its batting with guys like, Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman in the team. On paper India is a formidable foe although not always on the ground. Yet for Murli to make them bite dust is no small achievement. The guy deserves every bit of adulation.
For once it seemed the world had only one team - that of Muttia Muralitharan.
Even his critics and enemies were praying for his success.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hillary floors media persons yet again...

Hillary was prepared while our journalists weren't...
The difference was so obvious. Our guys and galls neither asked the right questions nor countered an argument however poorly replied. This is the second time she has done it. Earlier when she was here she nailed Talat Hussain this time almost all were floored particularly Meher of Dunya TV.
When spoken about water she took out her notes and countered it with most inefficient use of water in Pakistan and our people had not done their home work to tell her madam how efficient we are or not does not allow India to abrogate The Indus River Water Treaty. We just don't talk on right lines.
On Kashmir she was very categorical and adopted the Indian point of view. Our media gurus did not tell her, madam on one side you talk of war on terror and on the other side you ignore the basic issues that become the cause of it. You do not remind her of the atrocities that the army does on innocent unarmed people in Kashmir. Our journalists seemed to have been too enamored by her. They were treating her like a boss.
They did not tell her US and India talk so much of democracy why then a democratic solution is not on the card for the poor Kashmiris. Let them decide their own fate.
On Civil Nuclear Deal we again did not frame our questions right. Only Abbas asked one unrelated to Pakistan but a good question on 9/11 but she gave a very bad reply. She was not countered by saying when you drive people back to the walls for 50 years and when they want a democratic solution you use 7o vetoes to defend the tormentor.
This is in no way defending the accused who has been the cause of so much of misery in the Muslim world.

Rest later, time permitting.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

India, Pakistan and Kashmir... Why talks fail?

If Nehru was not a Kashmiri Pandith...
Would the problem have arisen? Probably not!
All the blood that has flown in the valley and every where due to this problem whether the Kashmiris have killed any one or the Indian Army killed so many, the blood is on the hands of Nehru who conquered Kashmir very much against the will of the people. The consequences of this expedition are now for all to see with death and mayhem all over. One wonders if it benefited India at all. It sure hurt the Kashmiris and the Indian forces a lot may be not the politicians.
It was just that Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India could not envisage Kashmir not being part of India because of his Kashmiri origins and sent in the army to capture it. It was purely an emotional decision, as so many of his other decisions have been like outburst and reneging on The Cabinet Mission Plan etc. Taking over Kashmir had nothing to do with Indian national interest what so ever. In an emotional state he never cared for India nor the people's sufferings. The result was while India gained independence a whole nation of Kashmir found itself occupied with split families.
Imagine the cost of suffering of so many millions of people on both sides of the control line and the deaths of hundreds of thousands. Even if Indian soldiers have died they died in vain just to satisfy the whims, fancy and emotions of one man called Nehru. Then he had this party called The Indian National Congress that have ruled for the most time in India after 1947. This party revers Nehru to the extent of worshiping him. So they cannot go against what Nehru did for them good or bad. And now it seems, so long this party is in power nothing concrete will ever come out of any talks with India particularly with respect to Kashmir. Congress will never give it up. It cannot differentiate between Indian interests and personal or party interests.
The best time was to make a deal in BJP's time. BJP according to them is not a party to partition nor a party to Kashmir dispute. It possibly could have come up with a solution when it was in power. At Agra we came close until Mr. Advani overturned the apple cart for his personal gains. However in the past few years just before the toppling of Musharraf that "atoot ang" (Kashmir an inalienable part of India) claim has gone and India has agreed to accept Kashmir as a dispute and a core one for that matter. According to Mani Shankar Aiyar the deal was almost done on Kashmir when Musharraf's luck ran out, with it the aspirations of Kashmiri's evaporated too.
The Bombay incident is just an excuse to delay and disrupt a solution and normalisation process. Congress will keep talking for eternity. It has nothing to loose. Whenever they are under any kind of pressure either from freedom fighters or USA they talk and diffuse. They are staying put with a massive army in Kashmir, killing people at will.
There is no pressure on India as all world pressure is on Pakistan to contain terrorism. How sad. There is not even a mention of Indian State Terrorism in Kashmir and elsewhere neither in the media nor diplomatic circles.
If Pakistan wants a solution to the dispute it either has to get a round table conference with all parties to resolve the issue non-violently or bring to bear enough media pressure and hence diplomatic pressure on India from all sides. Kashmir and the atrocities there must become central headline news in world media 24x7 for at least an year before you can see action. Both are nuclear powers so a military solution is ruled out. If you cannot bring this media and diplomatic pressure to bear on India then just forget any solution.
Wish India realises that it should not leave this problem for the future generations to tackle. It was Nehru's responsibility to solve this problem before he died because it was he who had created this unnecessary problem. But he did not despite all his promises and is making future generations in India, Kashmir and Pakistan to pay and suffer for it. Hope at least the present leadership realises it is time to solve the problem and not leave it to the future generations.
The easiest thing as Tony Blair once told Pranab Roy on an air plane is to look for a democratic solution. A democratic solution is nothing but a plebiscite. Why is the "biggest democracy" not paying heed?

Fake degree holders must be punished for fraud

Just resigning is not enough...
they must be duly punished for fraud.
This is a good opportunity to begin the process to ensure that no body absolutely no body is above the law. The law should be supreme. Those societies that do not uphold law will disintegrate due to lawlessness and anarchy. Let our law makers first follow the law. Now they are trying to prove it is a bad law to insist on a degree. No it is not. I think it is high time we defended this law tooth and nail so that further bad elements did not enter the parliament.

Friday, July 16, 2010

There can't be another easy beat Australia!

Salman Butt the only batsman who applied himself as a test batsman but lost concentration at Ponting's brilliant bowling change and tight defensive field for just a moment and was stumped by Tim Paine it was a pavilion parade then on. The pinnacle being Shahid Afridi's penchant for sixes as if he is playing a t20 match. All the players had to do was to stay at the crease runs would have followed as they had two and a half day to achieve the target. And with the wicket playing so easy the victory was there for the asking. But our guys except the one above did not desire for it I am sure.
When you play Tests like 20x20 what else do you expect...
This a classic case of opportunity squandered. Time to think and bring back the greats of Pakistan Cricket. Send an SOS call to Mohammed Yousuf, Younus Khan, Shoaib Akhtar and Faisal. Now! With Shoaib Akhtar's genuine pace, Asif's nagging length a la McGrath, Mohammed Yousuf and Younis solidity in the middle and with a good captain there is no way we can loose.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Football World Cup