Friday, July 23, 2010

Murli The Bolwling Bradman takes 800 Wickets...

The drama was there till the last ball of the innings...
Both friends and foes were on edge and this time both were praying for the success of this little man from Sirlanka called the great Muralitharan who is the first to take 800 wickets in Test Cricket.
He had to see the heart break of one run out, that of Laxman and only one wicket remained between him and the record and a plumb LBW was not allowed. One kept wondering if any bad luck would not intervene between Murli and his record. The infamous Galle weather was also threatening. Besides Murli was telling the captain regardless of his record get Indians out lest the weather intervene and Srilanka not win.
No. He wanted his last test to be a winning test. So you see a lot of drama was going on all the while and continued till the end. It was one seesaw.
People remembered Bradman how he was out for a duck on his farewell test and his average slumped from 100 to 99.94 while every one prayed nothing like this should happen now. Finally he did have luck. Ojah snicked one at second slip to Jayaverdane. Wow! He made it.
Congratulations Murli. Don't forget 8 wickets is a big ask for a guy playing his last test and against a side that is known for its batting with guys like, Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman in the team. On paper India is a formidable foe although not always on the ground. Yet for Murli to make them bite dust is no small achievement. The guy deserves every bit of adulation.
For once it seemed the world had only one team - that of Muttia Muralitharan.
Even his critics and enemies were praying for his success.

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dirtypoliticsofpakistan said...

This is a lesson for guys in Pakistan cricket as well! To be nationalist, not grouping! He's from a minority in Sri Lanka but still how much he's supporting for his country to win! Are we like that as a nation?