Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Politicians and Media forget people's issues

There is more than just the issue of uniform and politics in Pakistan...
Why don't they talk about the problems we face daily?

Problems are really many. It is the job of the media to have a nose for them and report, comment and build a public opinion for public good. All they have done so far is to choose just a couple of issues that help politicians get to power. They have simply targeted the incumbent aimlessly. They have spoken for democracy without addressing the issues of the obstacles to democracy.

It is hardly debatable that feudalism is the biggest impediment in the way of achieving viable democracy. At best it may be called feudocracy because one way or the other issues of the poor are never considered but of only of the rich.

They never similarly talked about the number of problems people face in all walks of life from morning to evening. They have no idea of what are the macro issues that need to be addressed nor the micro. Who will do this? It is the job of the media to point out and the job of the politicians to addresses the issues in right earnestness.

Ours is classic case of indifferent and irresponsible journalism. What freedom of the press you talk about? Media is free. When I can see Tammy Haq (last week of Nov 07) calling three lawyers to the forum and they keep blasting away to glory ad infinitum The President of a country who is in power, what more freedom do they want? Although this is misuse of the freedom given to them by the same guy who they are targeting.

The lady was so unprepared and so ill informed and so timid that she could not rebut or ask any relevant questions. She was just incapable of handling them. Just putting up an accent is not good enough as you see so many speaking English with twisted tongues in Dawn News. In what hands is our media? The entire exercise is on re-active journalism instead of pro-active.

Private institutions are wasting the children's ages... just to earn more.
She as a journalist did not raise a single people's issue. Now let's try to see what are the issues and take them one by one. One such issue is the age the private institutions waste of our kids so that they can collect fees for two more years. This is most irresponsible and shameful. I would very strongly urge the media - press and electronic to take up this issue and correct the problem. Hundreds of thousands of our kids will benefit and so will the country.

What can be done in 2.5 - 3 years why should it take four. Something that can be done in one year why should it be done in two. Just to collect extra fees? Children's those two years are far more important than the extra fees they collect.

You as a reader I want to you to comment on these articles for or against and bring up issues here and we will see that the media, politicians and the government solve the people's problems.