Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pakistan should not entertain any extra-constitutional authority...

Wonder why is there sympathy for extra-constitutional authority?
Beats me for the sympathy for something that has no place in Pakistan polity and constitution. If it is the army, police or ISI or some such official organisation, yes there is constituitional provision.Whether it is Osama Binladen or The Haqqani Network or any other, where is the constitutional sanction for it while such outfits have always harmed the cause of Pakistan and Muslims of the sub-continent right up to Burma/ Myanmar.

So why do we support it? I found something interesting on the net which please read:
Why should we suffer for Afghanistan always. Oh God what has Afghanistan given us? They opposed the creation of Pakistan always and we always sided with them while they love India and want to be their satellite. We keep paying heavy price for Afghanistan.
Russia invades Afghanistan we jump in to save and do the dirty job for USand the West who were trying their best to neutralise USSR. Why didn’t we let them (US & West) fend for themselves? No we are the protector of Islam we had to jump in and open our borders for Afghanis to invade Pakistan with their tribal mindset. Why didn’t they open their doors for Afghans?
Afghans should have atleast been asked to deposit their weapons on the border with Pakistan army and ensured none entered Pakistan without due papers and without arms. We did nothing of the kind. We let in millions of armed men in the country.
One of the government prosecutor once said in court if 29 million armed Afghans are sent back from Karachi there will be peace like before. But we do nothing of the sort. We bury that news. Was shown on Geo just once.
And a personal revenge statement that creates bad blood and hatred among people is drummed about and broadcast 24×7 for months. A denial complete interview is shown just once. Who is pulling the strings in the media one wonders?
Now Afghanistan is not a light issue. I do not think we should take it easy. We have to show toughness in how we deal with them at-home and abroad. Tread with care. Zero tolerance must be shown to terrorism that is if we want to be counted among civilised nations.
Now there is no need for us to show any sympathy to an extra-constitutional body – the Haqqani network!.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

For Nawaz this could be the last nail in the coffin.

Nawaz Sharif should not have started this blame game... now it is going to hurt him like nothing else...
The motives were ulterior. All could see. It has obviously back fired. You did this so that the Cancer Hospital gets hurt. People should not give zakath, fithra and donations in Ramzan. How could you do it  Mr. Nawaz Sharif -twice PM of Pakistan although did not succeed both times. Please keep things political if you want to acquire the leadership of Pakistan again. You are being downright non-political Sir. Now you cannot answer to Imran Khan's 11 questions. You might face the music.
You have left these two to do your job Khaja Asif and Ch. Nisar. Both are people of low intellect and integrity. They have no class either. They are known to make enemies quickly aur aap rappus mein aa rahay hain. Fire them first, if you want to come back to power. This will give some self respect to your other supporters who are otherwise going to desert you en mass if things continue as they are.
A quick apology would be in order and come to terms with reality and please stop hitting under the belt. Play the game fair and square. If you do not pay heed to my advice you are going to suffer Nawaz Sharif Saheb.