Saturday, July 4, 2009

First seal the borders so that Taliban don't enter Pakistan...

US strike in Aghanistan may cause more problems in Pakistan...
US is trying in Afghanistan since 2001. The results are not at all satisfactory. Russia lost and UK never succeeded in ruling them.

Now hopefully they are going with a winning strategy. Whatever you do make sure you do not let Taliban get into Pakistan where already there is a huge problem. Army personnel are dying and more and more IDPs are created. Taliban in Pakistan are not getting caught and we don't know if how many are dying.

Their strategy has always been when in trouble just disperse and disappear just to re-group and take on the army another day. What ever you do please do a good job if you can, otherwise simply leave and do development. Right now they have nothing to loose. Once developed they will know what they will loose if they go back to their old ways.

First secure the borders before you go full blast in Afghanistan.

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Chaneo said...

This American problem will fall on us if they do not do seriously. Before action they should completely seal our borders as Thinker writes. It is a pre-condition. Otherwise wait till you make fool proof arrangements. NO use if they just run away into Pakistan. They will back again. Ife you cannot succeed don't bother just get out. You are not able to catch Osama Binladen any ways. Whether he is dead or alive no one knows. Hope Pakistan army flushed him out if he is in Pakistan area. US has not been able to do it from Afghanistan. I really see no hope. But for God's sake dont create more problems for Pakistan. Is US listenging?