Sunday, July 5, 2009

Criminals are not afraid of law enforcement authorities in Sindh...

What are these guys doing? Providing Law and Order I guess...
With such an impressive number of police officers one would imagine that people in their areas enjoy excellent law and order. One would expect that no body is looted on the way by persons on mobikes or even cars as it happens in Karachi, no mobiles or valuables are snatched and no body comes knocking on the door with weapons nor any body dare kidnap any one for ransom.

One expects the criminals to be scared to death of law and its enforcement. When one is afraid of the consequences one is afraid to do a crime. When no one is scared all hell breaks loose and that is what has happened in Sindh. So what are these guys doing here?

The way they enjoy life for supposedly providing security to the people is enviable. You see police officers going about in luxury Land Cruisers enjoying all the perks that a Government job provides. But are they doing any thing? Are they earning it? Do they deserve it? They can have all that if they are delivering. If not that guy sitting in the middle in this picture, chairing the meeting, must pull them up as a good commander or chief executive.

Their job is to provide law and order of the best kind. They are getting paid for it. Are they providing even the lowest level of security to the man on the street or at home, one wonders. My experience is entirely different in Karachi for instance. I have yet to find a person male or female in Karachi who does not have a story of woe, of theft, dacoity, hold up at gunpoint, being looted on the way, going to mosque or returning from it, going for a walk in the park or just doing any thing any where, going for shopping etc. etc. He or she is at huge risk. In front of a gun anybody is helpless.

No body is safe any where. Who is next no one knows. You just keep praying for safe return home. And any time you could have a knock at the door of men with guns. All the time you hear or read so and so has been kidnapped for ransom and what terrible consequences have befallen them? If you are a resident of Karachi or Sindh you will testify to every single word you are reading here. Is this what these gentlemen in uniform are being paid for? Yes Sir that is what they are giving to the people of Karachi and Sindh whose taxes are paying for their luxuries.

Even a lay man can think what all can be done. Rest later, time permitting.


Jalal Magsi said...

Wonderful. One must keep asking those questions. We must go and catch hold of the Chief Minister and The Home Minister and ask why have they made a mess of law and order? If they cant provide this basic thing they have not right to govern. They cant catch people on motorbikes with weapons? Almost any body in a flowing shalwar kameez hides a weapon. Now shall we ban shalwar kameezs? That is our national dress, we can't do that but the police can catch people un-necessarily moving about with weapons on them. Keeping illegal weapons must be an unbailable crime and it must be. All it takes is to be pro-active catch them and implement the law. Well written Sir as usual.

Rana Jahangir said...

These guys are useless they won't ever do any thing I challenge you.

They just get paid by our taxes and work against us. They will dump us for the vaderas, choudhries, sardars and war lords. I have no faith in them.

What faith can you have on a recommendations filled police officers and policemen. I do not want to talk of their inefficiency and corruption that every one knows.

They must all be sacked and fresh blood injected on pure merit. Pure merit. Only then can we have a quality police force after due training.