Friday, July 31, 2009

You can't be a little bit pregnant...

Ye tho hona hi tha...
Why NRO and Zardari's oath is exempt? You can't be a little bit pregnant...
Had it not turned out to be like this it would have been very surprising. The judges had to strike back and they did. They have been on he receiving end for far too long. Good job Sir.

You should have come clean with no more mess to be cleaned up. Sir you should have also struck down the NRO. Now you are leaving a window for the beneficiaries of NRO to escape. You should have helped the parliamentarians. You know they are incapable of doing any thing on their own. They will make a committee and shelve it. They just do not want to take their responsibility seriously. They do not want to work. Apni thankhwah and perks halal nahi karna chahthe.

These exceptions don't make sense. Hope there is no vendetta involved. The man on the street is quite perplexed, they ask if The Supreme Court has become a political party or an extension of them or are in coalition with PPP and N League. This idea is heavy on their minds. I only hope it is not true.

NRO and Zardari's oath are exempt. If Dogar is illegal, he is illegal all the way. It is just like saying you are a little bit pregnant. You are or you are not. Sir come clean but without personal vendetta to let the judicial history be written in golden words.

I for one am not too impressed with this judgement. The Ex-President had himself said it was not as per the constitution. But the then CJ, dismissed and now restored was making it impossible for the government to function by his judicial activism then, he says. The CJ should show that activism now to bring law and order in the country.

Let this be a warning to the politicians that nature abhors vaccum. If you don't act, someone else will. You could easily have solved the PCO judges problem on your own. You didn't. SC had to do it. Similarly there are many issues of structural reforms particularly land reforms. If you don't do it, someone else will. Then don't blame decomocracy has been derailed an oft repeated refrain of the falied visionless politicians.

I think instead of whipping a dead horse it is about time to tie up your laces and get down to business of "good" governance and provide relief to the people of Pakistan.

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I. Bhutto said...

Where were all these people when Zardari was being cleaned with NRO. There was a mayhem going on. But the media was quite. The politicians were quite, they let every thing happen. Now they are shouting about NRO. They will not be able to nab Zardari it is too late. Shame on our media and politicians they did not act in time. Now they are only after an indefensible guy Musharraf. Feels bad for a guy who did so much for Pakistan unlike others who did nothing but just enjoyed power and perks and looted. Every body makes mistakes. NO body is perfect but he does not have billions of corruption cases as Zardari had. Shame on our media for keeping quite.