Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stop conspiracy theories speak the truth now...

Dr. Shahid Masood and his Conspiracy Theories!
Dr. Saheb by adding the pickle of history you made it very interesting. You start very good but when you get down to brass tacks you loose track. Both the gentlemen you brought as guests were pedestrian, the were not prepared, had not done their home work hence took the easy route of blaming others for our failings. They loved to blame anything except ourselves and you concurred mostly. We must see how we are conducting our own affairs nationally and internationally.

The world has its own ways of doing things and views our affairs from their own security needs. There may be anomalies for sure. If you for ever lean on conspiracy theories you will never get to facts. If you want to feel victimized you will never get to the truth of the problem. The fact remains our international PR is pathetic and our media is abysmally unaware of international affairs and how the world is conducting its affairs in the global village.

Our diplomats posted world wide just enjoy their positions and perks and nothing else. Their contribution to image buildingof Pakistan is zero. They are not pro-actve nor re-active. They just let bad press pass by. As a matter of fact they should be stopping negative reporting of Pakistan. There are ways to do it. Before it sees the light of the day it must be stopped. It is their job to do it. That is why professionals are required in such jobs not political appointees.

Electronic media is of recent times. When news used to come on telexes you knew from news agencies what is going to appear the next day. Good Press Attaches were supposed to stop that publishing by strong PR the night before. Pakistan diplomats never did it. As a matter of fact when I told a press attache abroad, "you have a daunting task ahead of you" he replied "there is no work".

And in the same city the Indian Consulate had housed seven Press Attaches fully trained belonging to their elite IFS (Indian Foreign Service) selected on an all India merit basis who were extremely busy promoting India and doing damage contro for killing Muslims in Inda or demolishing mosques. Our diplomats abroad do not do their job, our media castigates 24x7 our own guy just because he was a military man ignoring critical events relating to Pakistan worldwide. The present president who comes with a baggage of corruption cases is not touched at all. You did criticise him in this episode and did a good job.

But our anchor persons including you are constantly harping on conspiracy theories and are hell bent on confusing the audience that we are very good and very innocent, someone else is doing something to us. How long will this game go on Sir? Give our people some truth too. No body stopped a corrupt to the core guy from becoming the President. So much for our democracy. Having given the keys to the thief what are we talking about Sir?

Please for Heavens sake stop blaming others and set our house in order. When we are beaten by illegal weapons weilding Taliban and are not able to defeat them for over two months why should the world believe that we can protect the Nuclear Assets? We are not able to stop petty sardars from blowing up installations in Baluchistan why do you want the world to accept that we can do a good job of maintaining security and safeguarding The Nuclear Assets. This is a very serious issue.

Not only the West but we too must be most concerned. Every now and then we see soft corner for terrorists. Why are not terrorists condemned in no uncertain terms? Look at Imran Khan, Qazi Husain Ahmed, Munawar Hasan, Waheed Hussain of Waqth News (the terrorist channel) how they espouse the cause of terrorists. Any body other than the state toting a gun is a terrorist. We must recognise this. Law and order will never come if people have guns.

You are a guy who must walk on your own feet. Why do you want to take crutches? Conspracy theories are like crutches which you take when you are lame. Similarly when brain stops working and analysis fails they resort to conspiracy theories. But those who are well informed don't do that. Our media does not come out with guns blazing against the fact that these terrorists are in fact cowards who hide behind women and children as a result we had so many IDPs.

Please refrain from conspiracy theories and get down to real facts if you don't do that Allah is going to question you why did you mislead people?

These days he is doing better programs. But the programs he once did about 9/11 were full of conspiracy theories and awful. He muddled the young minds and also of elderly people. Saying that 9/11 they did it themselves without proof was absurdity of the highest order and Dr. Shaid Masood indulged in it. No Sir you should not do this.

I heard him blunder with respect to Qadeer Khan. It was totally unnecessary. Thank God Musharraf saved him otherwise we don’t know what Americans would have done of him. But his deeds must be exposed to save the nation. However big a hero he may be he cannot be above the law.

No body must be above the law. The whole world is quite on NRO. One wonders why? Where has the sense of justice gone? Or is it that Zardari and Nawaz have ganged up: I scratch your back, you scratch mine.


Marsi said...

Yes we are sick and tired of listening to the same trite people all the time. They have run out of ideas. They don't even do their home work right. You are right the conspiracy theories are letting us down. We must stop them and start observing and thinking so that we find the real problems. I wonder when will the anchors and guest learn. Dr. Saheb tho conspiracy theory ke badshah hain bashao.

Ben said...

He is the king of conspiracy theories and master at the art of deception. Dr. Shahed Masood must be kicked out of media. A failed doctor is now a failed journalist. Kahan kahan se kahaniyan bana kar latha hai. When will geo kick him out please. Can't we get some genuine people?

Meher Daultana said...

Actually he is beIman. He knows what is right and what is wrong but wants to please the terrorists one way or the others and the guys like Munawar Hasan and Qazi and that stupid Imran Khan. This urdu medium journalist Hamid Mir also does the same. All useless black mailers. Is se badh kar ek hai Kamran Khan. Don't know from Geo got this guy from. Is he at all fit to be an anchor. He worse than both these. God save geo and God save Pakistan.

Hussain Farooqui said...

Dr. Shahid Masood badly lost his credibility when he arranged a TV interview of a dejected Army General only for an unfair mud slinging over Gen. Musharaff. Everyone could realize that Gen. Gulzar’s views were absolutely groundless. Explicitly, it appeared that the interview was heavily funded by notorious Nawaz Shariff. Nobody can deny that Shariff Bros. are themselves the offspring of Zia’a Martial Law.

Anonymous said...

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