Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Even a donkey could see we did not send the best team...

Shoaib Akhtar, Asif, Yousuf, Imran Nazir and the best are not playing... What result could you have?
I really pity the great batsman captain Younis Khan. He is heading a team that can never be rated as the best in Pakistan. He should have gone with the best team that Pakistan can have although his captaincy skills are also yet to be honed.

It is distressing to see the kind of selection committee and The Cricket Board we have. They could never manage the big players. They destroyed the world's best fast bowler. What business did  The PCB have of not giving the Central Contract to Shoaib Akhtar from where all the problem started. It is sad that no body talks of the root cause of the problems. If The Management is the best selection is on pure merit there is no way Pakistan will loose.

Our batting was pathetic and so was bowling. Fielding - the less we talk about is better. They could neither field nor throw the ball to the stumps. All the shots were hitting the fence and while we were batting all the shots were landing with the England fielders. That was the difference in field placements too.

Now let's hope Pakistan beat Nederlands with a wide enough margin of 50-60 runs to make it to the super eight. 
We can only pray and wish for miracles to happen.

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Zameer said...

It is a shame the way we lost