Friday, September 11, 2009

It is wrong to say Bugti was murdered...

See how one word changes the meaning
The guy was not murdered but died in military action although he brought it upon himself. When people die as a result of military action it is not called murder.

The way media at the behest of some political forces is using this incident for political mileage is anti-patriotic. It is totally unjustified using that word. Our army does not murder people. Whoever uses such words must be prosecuted.

Hamid Mir, God knows what is his agenda calls it a "baqaeda murder" meaning a full fledged murder as if Musharraf has gone and killed him with a knife or a pistol. One wonders how he can say this and why the ex-President does not sue such anchors for misleading people and building a positive image of criminals.

Who ever fights The State of Pakistan is a traitor and a criminal and The State shall deal with them accordingly. I am amazed at the words used by Hamid Mir. I cannot place him in the category of journalists for sure.

Unable to digest development in Baluchistan for the first time against the wishes of the sardars they have started to stoke separtist feelings. I have interviewed many common working Baluchis who left Baluchistan as there were no chances of employment and have found them all to be in favour of Pakistan. They openly say that these sardars just cannot bear development of Baluchistan as they cannot continue to treat them as slaves for long. This is the crux of the matter. We love the people of Baluchistana and they are with us.

Sardars must join the common man and give up their usurped and British awarded lands for "ghaddari" and voluntarily give to the landless poor in Baluchisthan and join the mainstream. If they do not do this themselves we must introduce land ceiling and take over their excess land and distribute among poor.
These are beautiful pictures of old times. No where are the Sardars seen as Kings or Princes. One wonders how they claim to be princely states like that of Hyderabad, Mysore, Kashmir or even Gwalior, Junagadh etc. Balochistan figures no where as a Princely State. The claim of Sardars does not seem to hold ground historically. See earlier detailed post on this blog.
Some more pictures of the beautiful Balochistan.


Syed Shah said...

It is totally wrong to call Akbar Bugti's death a murder.
He got killed in action, nay by his own mistake of firing a missile from a cave. He did not know that a projectile does not travel in a straight line but takes an elliptical path and the longer the distance the higher up it goes. It was an automatic weapon. He aimed the weapon took the angle and shot the roof of the cave that came down and Bugti died. It is as simple as that.

Pakistan army does not murder any body. People die in action and that is what happened. You don't call it murder. Why don't you call for the neck of Zardari and Obama for the death of Baithullah Mehsud? Media is just playing to the whims of fancy and driven by the hatred of a person just because some want to get even with him. Personal vendetta is involved not national interests. If the journalists were fair and honest they would not use such words.

Tell me which country in the world will treat separatists with compassion. They are dealt with no mercy what so ever. See what had happened in Saudi Arabia in 1979. The villages and towns from where rebels came were wiped out without any exception and mercy.

Same is the case with Akbar Bugti. He was armed to the teeth and chose to fight the mighty Pakistan Army. Yeh tho hona hi tha. (It had to happen). You cannot fight the State of Pakistan and expect to survive. It does not happen. It is folly to call it a murder. It is not.
Shikwa bhi kare koi tho lazim hai shaoor.

Journalists should be prosecuted for misleading people into thinking it was a muder.

Saidu said...

The court has summoned Musharraf and Shaukat Aziz. This seems to be a typical case of Judicial Activism in action. Every minute some body in Karachi and Lahore is being looted at gunpoint why do not the judges take suo moto action and ensure he police gets serious, puts corruption behind and gets into action so that they justify their existence and salaries. Instead of helping in improving law and order in the country's cities and villages the judges are aiding and abetting the separatists and the terrorists by harassing the law enforcement bodies - the police, executive and the army. No this is dangererous.

Ishaq said...

It is not murder. It is nonsense to say so. Army took action the culprit died. Now these fools want to hang Pervez Musharraf. The paid touts of Nawaz Sharif Dr. Shahid Masood, Hamid Mir, Talat Hussain, Javed Choudhries, Habib Shami, Haroon AlRasheed, Irfan Siddiqui and so many self professed journalists who have never seen the portals of a Mass Media School or any school of Journalism all vernacular medium journalists are all not working in national interest but self interest and helping in the vendetta and personal grudge of Nawaz Sharif. They do not know the abcd of journalism. They are neither fair nor balanced like Fox News. We, the people of Pakistan won't let them happen. I promise you that.

BQ said...

All these sardars must be behind bars fr harassing the local population and fighting The State of Pakistan. No mercy or clemency can be shown to terrorists who have taken up arms.

The must be fought with full force while the common Baluchi befriended. They are with us and happy for development. These Sardars are afraid of development as they will not be able to treat them like slaves. Sardari system must go and only PPP can do it and it must. Zardari SAheb act today, now.

Magsi said...

No it is not a murder. He was blowing up all installations. He was already a murderer of thousands of Balochs. The first murder he did when he was only 11 years old. These Sardars are heartless murderers and rapists. They should not be dealt with mercy. Not at all.