Thursday, April 30, 2009

Develop FATA and NWFP to help Karachi from exploding and bursting at the seams...

Mr. Haider Khan Hoti who failed to govern in NWFP yeilded to the terrorists instead of defeating them and made a deal with the devil, he ought to have resigned but didn't. They must develop their own areas to help Karachi not becoming another Ilaqa Ghair.
Ilaqa Ghair - The ungoverned area
Mass movement of population within the country it stretches resources creating tensions...
The City is bursting at the seams...
See how lawlessness creates problems for people...
When you ignore issues forever that affect people, the issues then confront you when you no longer can solve them. What is happening in Karachi now is the result of decades of ignoring the issues in FATA and NWFP. Government ignored law and order there for decades. It is called "Ilaqa Ghair"!. The result was there was no development in those areas with disastrous consequences for Karachi over a thousand miles away.
When resources are the same how do you cope with the influx of population...
There is joblessness in those ungoverned areas. What do the people do? They move out. Where do they go? Not to Islamabad or Lahore or Punjab nor to Quetta but straight to Karachi. Now if any city takes people at the rate of 10,000 to 100,000 (estimates vary) per day how can it cope with the resources? It is the same water, gas, electricity, sewage, road network, police and above all food. Water, electricity, roads, sewage, police is not increasing to cope with the influx of people from upcountry. The Federal Government and The Provincial Governments have lent a blind eye to this problem.
Infrasturcture does not increase with increase in population...
What happens when the infrastructure is remaining the same while population has exploded at
an alarming rate? The city bursts at the seams. Medical facilities, schools and other
infrastructure remain the same. What remains is canibalisation. There is a limit to the extent a city can take people. Something has to be done. Now.
Where is the extra electricity, water, sewage its...
Imagine how many police can you depute per 50,000 citizens for
law and order say. How do you give law and order? How do you provide for extra water? Already it is tankers that are providing drinking water in Karachi. You already know about the acute electricity problem. How can we cope for the extra electricity when there is already a huge problem. What about the roads? They get clogged that does not bode well from our economy.
Karachi is free for all they say while Punjab is for Punjabis and Sindhi for Sindhis, Baluchistan for Baluchis and NWFP for Pakhtoons...
And if these people come armed to the teeth what will be the feeling of those people already living in that area. Obviously they resent it. I have heard many times that they are not allowed to settle down in Punjab or Baluchistan but when it comes to Karachi it seems it is free for all. I was shocked to hear on TV yesterday that in Punjab there is no problem as all are Punjabis and similarly in Baluchistan and interior Sindh and the same person goes on to say that Karachi is different. It belongs to every one. Now that was very interesting because nobody does anything for Karachi. There was a complete draught of development untill recently.
Islamabad must stop un-necessary movement of population within Pakistan...
When outsiders settle down in any place in such large numbers they create tensions. Talibanisation or no Talibanisation the outsiders who have stormed into Karachi have created problems. Most dangerous is that they are all armed. How can citizens of any area take it when they are swarmed by people not exactly friendly and armed. I think Islamabad must ensure that people do not just swarm into Karachi to save our most important city in the Country unless you want to create one more Ilaqa Ghair. They will bring the same ideas and with arms.
Develop FATA and NWFP so that they go back home...
We are all Pakistanis and want to and must and do live with love and affection with our co-citizens. There are issues but the problems are not unsurmountable. The solution lies in having development plans for FATA, NWFP and all those places from where people are storming into other areas particularly Karachi. Give them industries and employment. For that law and order is the corner stone othewise who will invest? Start with excellent law and order.
Fight the ideology that has made matters so bad...
For law and order it is an ideology that has to be fought. That is the ideology of The Taliban which is again derived from The Wahabi doctrine of Najd. Fight the deology so that it does not muddle minds of our young minds. I see people shirk from recognising this issue and keep beating about the bush.
Government must act when there is mass movement of population from any area... lest it create econmic and social problems...
While Pakistan is for all citizens, it can create economic and social problems when there is mass movement from one area to another. Governements must immediately take notice and recognise why people are moving. The best example is when Taliban enter an area people start moving out as it happened in Swat and Buner. They moved because there was a problem. The moment Taliban move in, people move out. Government must immediately remove the cause of movement whatever it is. If the Government does not act in time it creates problems for future generations.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What is this coca phonus hulla ballo? Who can ever read your (anonymous') such huge mass of material. No one can read it Sir. Please write it ojectively so that we can read it. This way we cant. Please start your own blog.

Asad K said...

There are two kinds of Paktoon. The hard working and innocent and the ones from Hazara dangerous criminals. I think we should not be judged by the actions of few. Just disarm those Pakhtoons that carry weapons and have no respect for law. We must also not be clubbed with Afghans who brought weapons into Sindh.

Hussain said...

Mr Asad has rightly remarked that there are two kinds of Pakhtoons. One kind is of hardworking & innocent people. Another is of criminal and privileged people. The citizens of Karachi have very good working relationship with the hardworking Pakhtoons. They are admired people of the Karachi society. The criminal Pakhtoons are the trouble makers. They misguide the innocent worker class Pakhtoons to become part of the troubles which are designed to safegaurd their criminal activities. By using the shield of Pakhtoons they carry out their criminal activities of narcotics smuggling, arms smuggling, land grabbing ,,etc.

G. Ahmed said...

You must listen to Mr.Syed Shahi see the venom he emits against Urdu speaking people in Karachi. Just search in Youtube as "Pathans in Karachi" and you will find it. No body except a Pakhtoon can open a shop in their areas nor can they buy property there. But these Pakhtoons can go to Karachi and buy any thing, kill any body and lift any person for ransom and send money to Taliban or disappear in Ilaqa Ghair. No wonder they are not allowed in nearby Punjab.

They exploit the open heartedness of the poor Urdu speaking people. We are not against the hard working Pakhtoons but certainly against gun weilding political Pakhtoons. When they do not allow any body to settle in Pakhtoon area and then how come they come and settle down in Karachi. Not only they do that but run land mafia, kidnapping mafia and are involved in all kinds of criminal activities.

They have all the facilities of light and gas and roads etc. and no body pays taxes. And here in Karachi they are the pampered babies of Islamabad. Sad.

On top of it you have police officers who do not see the illegal weapons holding Pakhtoons but accuse Urdu speaking Pakistanis. They must go back to where they came from.

Khatak said...

These Mhahjirs must know we are powerful in Pakistan and it is our right to keep weapons. We control the entire economy of Karachi. We are in every street of Karachi. We can do any thing. You cannot do any thing. Go to India where you came from. We have captured Karachi, soon we will capture Lahore and in Islamabad we are already there.

Anonymous said...

I feel sympathy and have pity on Khatak after reading his views…
People like this Khatak bring about dragging the name of their nation into the mire.
He is thinking of capturing Karachi (lolz). he just can capture ony women of his family in house.

I.Bhutto said...

Ilaqa Ghair is just too much. The fact that we have tolerated such things and sardars who murder and plunder for sixty years what else do you expect. This guy in Baluchistan Akber Bugti did not allow education to its own people. Now he is made into a hero by our media. Why? The military should not stop before they capture or kill all the terrorists in the Ilaqa Ghair.

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I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

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