Monday, November 9, 2009

The batsmen must learn from the bowlers...

Hats off to Aamer and Ajmal!
They are in the company of Vivian Richards and Holding...
Bravo well done. Loosing is no problem but the way our batsman caved in is a shame. Now Amer becomes only the second highest in history along with Ajmal to hold a record partnership of 103 for the last wicket just three runs behind Richards and Holding.
A 17 year batting like pro.
These boys showed the earlier batsmen who all gifted away their wickets, how to bat. Believe me it was a sterling performance. What we saw was incredible a 17 year batting like pro. But what went wrong with our batsmen? Barring Salman Butt and Razzakh who were unlucky, all of them gifted their wickets basically chasing wide balls and playing unnecessary pull shots. None of them got out to a good delivery.
Why did the batsmen hurry?
Where was the hurry? The target was small, you guys could have easily cruised along. As a friend said are these guys drugged or what to be so foolishly gifting away wickets? Had they become zombies?
It is not easy to get the National Cap, value it...
Don't they value their cap? Just see millions don't ever get to wear the Pakistan cap and we have our players wasting their opportunities. Who so ever does not perform and gets out to a loose shot by sheer carlessness or bowls erratic must be dropped for the next match however great the player he is, even if he is the captain. They must know it is not easy to don the Pakistan cap. They better value it or be prepared to be unceremoniously kicked out.
PCB could not manage big talent...
With world class bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar, who our PCB had not the talent to manage, Mohammed Asif the line and length bowler la McGrath, if only we had as great batsmen equally committed, there is no team in the world that we cannot consistently beat. They better learn from Amer and Ajmal how to concentrate and bat.
Non Cricketing Shots don't take you far...
Do our batsmen need to be told that they should not play non-cricketing strokes? Is the highly talented Afridi listening? You don't necessarily have to make a non-cricketing stroke to score and in doing so you always get out cheap. For God's sake please value your cap.
1975 World Cup Semi final remembered...
I was hoping and praying they will repeat the performance of DL Murray and Andy Roberts when they defied us victory in the semi final of 1975 World Cup when we had run out of bowling options. The boys today tried hard but sadly could not give the final push like the Pathan brothers once did for India against Srilanka. They are still young and will learn with time. But I loved their spirit.
Partnership list
MA Holding, IVA Richards (WI)10106*9/1669/2721v EnglandManchester31 May 1984investigate this query
Mohammad Aamer, Saeed Ajmal (Pak)101039/10110/2042v New ZealandAbu Dhabi9 Nov 2009investigate this query
Abdul Razzaq, Waqar Younis (Pak)10729/15610/2282v South AfricaDurban3 Apr 1998investigate this query
J Garner, AME Roberts (WI)10719/15710/2282v IndiaManchester9 Jun 1983investigate this query
JA Morkel, M Ntini (SA)1067*9/1199/1861v New ZealandNapier2 Mar 2004investigate this query
JK Kamande, PJ Ongondo (Kenya)10669/12610/1921v West IndiesNairobi (Gym)18 Aug 2001investigate this query
EJ Chatfield, MC Snedden (NZ)10659/11610/1811v Sri LankaDerby18 Jun 1983investigate this query
DL Murray, AME Roberts (WI)1064*9/2039/2672v PakistanBirmingham11 Jun 1975investigate this query
L Balaji, Harbhajan Singh (India)10649/17310/2372v EnglandThe Oval3 Sep 2004investigate this query
AJ Bichel, SR Watson (Aus)10639/20110/2642v Sri LankaSydney9 Jan 2003investigate this query
JAR Blain, GD Drummond (Scot)10639/14310/2062v AfghanistanBenoni19 Apr 2009investigate this query
A Jadeja, J Srinath (India)10629/10210/1641v South AfricaSharjah22 Mar 2000investigate this query
JEC Franklin, JS Patel (NZ)10599/14910/2082v Sri LankaKingston24 Apr 2007investigate this query
FH Edwards, JE Taylor (WI)1057*9/2069/2631v South AfricaDurban1 Feb 2008investigate this query
TM Odoyo, HA Varaiya (Kenya)1055*9/2319/2862v IrelandNairobi (Ruaraka)2 Feb 2007investigate this query
Mushtaq Ahmed, Shoaib Malik (Pak)10559/9810/1531v South AfricaColombo (SSC)12 Jul 2000investigate this query
Khaled Mashud, Tapash Baisya (Bang)1054*9/1279/1812v Sri LankaColombo (SSC)31 Aug 2005investigate this query
Saqlain Mushtaq, Shoaib Akhtar (Pak)10549/8010/1342v EnglandCape Town22 Feb 2003investigate this query
ND Hirwani, RJ Shastri (India)10539/15210/2052v West IndiesGwalior22 Jan 1988investigate this query
SE Bond, L Vincent (NZ)1052*9/1479/1991v IndiaAuckland11 Jan 2003investigate this query
PS de Villiers, RP Snell (SA)10519/10310/1542v Sri LankaColombo (RPS)4 Sep 1993investigate this query
RP Arnold, KSC de Silva (SL)10519/16210/2131v ZimbabweBulawayo12 Dec 1999investigate this query
D Gough, SJ Harmison (Eng)1050*9/1599/2092v AustraliaChester-le-Street23 Jun 2005investigate this query
SE Bond, KD Mills (NZ)10509/8210/1322v AustraliaColombo (SSC)15 Sep 2002investigate this query
DJ Nash, C Pringle (NZ)1048*9/1239/1712v West IndiesGuwahati1 Nov 1994investigate this query
RD King, RN Lewis (WI)10479/11210/1592v South AfricaBloemfontein5 Feb 1999investigate this query
DT Hondo, HK Olonga (Zim)10479/18310/2302v PakistanHarare1 Dec 2002investigate this query
JS Patel, DL Vettori (NZ)10479/11810/1651v Sri LankaMumbai (BS)20 Oct 2006investigate this query
HAG Anthony, OD Gibson (WI)10469/17710/2232v Sri LankaSharjah20 Oct 1995investigate this query
CJ Drum, SB Styris (NZ)10469/15610/2022v IndiaHyderabad (Decc)8 Nov 1999investigate this query
GW Flower, DT Hondo (Zim)10469/16410/2101v PakistanHarare30 Nov 2002investigate this query
Mohammad Rafique, Mushfiqur Rahman(Bang)10469/14010/1862v PakistanMultan9 Sep 2003investigate this query
BW Hilfenhaus, JR Hopes (Aus)10469/12210/1681v PakistanDubai22 Apr 2009investigate this query
MG Bevan, AC Dale (Aus)1045*9/1789/2231v South AfricaEast London29 Mar 1997investigate this query
JDP Oram, JS Patel (NZ)1045*9/1679/2121v BangladeshDhaka (SBNS)11 Oct 2008investigate this query
TJ Laughlin, MHN Walker (Aus)10459/14710/1922v EnglandSydney11 Dec 1979investigate this query
H Osinde, SR Welsh (Can)10459/12710/1722v NetherlandsToronto3 Jul 2007investigate this query
CRD Fernando, KMDN Kulasekara (SL)10459/22010/2652v IndiaColombo (RPS)5 Feb 2009investigate this query
RDB Croft, ARC Fraser (Eng)10449/20110/2452v West IndiesPort of Spain8 Apr 1998investigate this query
JS Ababu, JK Kamande (Kenya)10449/16110/2052v West IndiesNairobi15 Aug 2001investigate this query
ARC Fraser, PCR Tufnell (Eng)1043*9/1769/2192v AustraliaMelbourne10 Jan 1991investigate this query
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CRD Fernando, J Mubarak (SL)10439/12610/1692v EnglandDambulla4 Oct 2007investigate this query
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BKV Prasad, J Srinath (India)10409/14010/1802v PakistanToronto16 Sep 1998


Samee said...

Innings of class really. It was just unbelievable the boys could bat so well. Mr. Thinker is right each one of the player should earn his place and dropped for playing carelessly.

Dr. Taqi said...

No doubt they must value their caps. Our players have takne it for granted. They must be kicked out the moment they are found gifting their wickets. Then they will concentrate. See how this little 17 year kid did it. One must learn from him although he is only a bowler. Well done baby you have put the oldies to shame.

Rana said...

You have dramatically improved the looks of the blog.And thanks for the records sheet.

Doctor said...

My God your blog looks really beautiful.

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