Monday, June 7, 2010

Helen Thomas speaks the truth and the Jewish media throws her out of the White House...

The head of the Press Corps thrown out for speaking the truth...
It is a sad day today. See what a vicious campaign was launched by The Zionists or Jews or Jewish media whatever you may call it. A carreer spanning 60 years came to an abrupt end. The 89 year old lady Helen Thomas always sat in the front row for all Presidential Briefings and Press Conferences from Kennedy's time. She has many achievements and books to her credit. She is an acclaimed and the most respected journalist of America. She headed the Press corps too. She has retired after an illustrious career spanning six decades because she told Israel to "get the hell of Palestine and go home, it is occupied and go home to where ever they came from, Poland, Germany, US or anywhere".
What wrong did she say? She only stated a fact that none can deny but Israel did not like it as she wants facts of history swept under the carpet. Watch this: Don't miss these: (Have patience the she will talk of the subject, worth watching).
I was watching and writing in her favor the whole day in Washington Post where an intense debate was raging, but she had to retire just because she spoke the truth which is good for USA but not for Israel. You criticise Israel and there you go. Had she told something about USA and eased out, it would have been fine but not for criticizing Israel. American interests are not the same as Israel's. And the way these Jews reacted, my God, it is mind boggling.
I thought it necessary to write on it. The lady was great. A great critic and one who spoke the truth as it is regardless of consequences. The Jews and the neo-cons must be rejoicing that she is no more on the front seat and facing the President.
The watchdog is gone and gone to please Israel not America. Some day sure Americans will realize that they should learn to be their own masters and make policies in American interests and not Israel's. If the comments on Washington Post are any indication then the writing is on the wall. You can't fool all the people all the time. The Americans are getting to realize that Israel has milked them dry with lot of deception and lies about the Middle East. They are realizing that Israel was not a good thing ab-initio. video:
Read comments in Washington Post: Read them.
This was the time for us to participate and register our protest but only very few did. Jewish were very active though and got her out. Hope the Americans realize how they are in the stranglehold of Jews.
Arabs cry in a lot in the world and in US but when it comes to seizing an opportunity they fail miserably. While the entire Jewish community was up in arms against her the Arab World, The Muslim World and The Arab and Muslim Community in US was mum and gave no support what so ever.
Yet Arabs expect solutions from America and the Muslim world blames America for every thing. You are given opportunities to display your views and take advantage of a situation by supporting some one who stood for you. Now she has sacrificed her long illustrious career for you and you do nothing.
I urge The Muslim World to stop constantly blaming some one else for their own lack of imagination and inaction. Please click all the links and read for yourself every thing.
Her Books:


Syed B. said...

Over 500 comments on a Washington Post article. Public opinion seems to be very gradually changing in USA. Although no credit can be given to Arabs but to sense of justice in the common man and woman there. Helen Thomas is great. Now the last stumbling block is removed. What a shame?

Jabeen Khan said...

Just as Jews ganged up against her we should keep writing in various fora expressing our point of view. If we work we may get results otherwise not. Sorry for Helen. Wish her good luck. The school's head Mr. Goodman was not that good after all. He chickened out. He should have stood firm as she did not criticize America but Israel. Disgusting that she has been made to retire.

Lieberman said...

Goodman was not a good man. He should have continued with her as the Chief Speaker at Whitman. He chickened out against the Jewish pressure. People fear for their lives when it comes to speak against any atrocity of Israel.

Helen Thomas is a heroine. She is simply great. Wish she had not apologized, may she hasn't. The media could make it up too. See how our Jewish media dominates. There is something for the Muslim world to learn from.

The only way you do this is to increase more influence in the US. The Arabs do have the money but without any brains. None. How can they ever take on the world with their heads empty?

If you see Washington Post with over 500 comments shows how this issue has put the Jewish lobby in focus.

Lieberman said...

Sorry it is Goodwin not Goodman who is the Principal of Whitman and school near Washington DC.

John Kay said...

The Jewish media has the world by their balls. Wonder when the Americans will stand up to this bullying by the Jews. One wonders if Hitler is repeated? Muslims never mistreated the Jews but Christians have in Europe for centuries. But they took revenge on Muslims for treating them humanely for centuries. How they get together and hound and old lady out.

Bernard said...

This is the power of the media and the media is controlled by the Jews. That is how they have America with the balls. Even if a few voices are raised they are stifled. If Arabs have to fight the Jews who are indeed occupying their land, they must learn to manage the media. I have not seen a single sensible far reaching statement yet from any Arab or Muslim head of state or any personality of stature. They seem to lack imagination as Thinker puts it. True.

Juliet said...

Price for truth. You give up a long career. This is the power of Jews but if comments on Washington Posts on her subject are any indication then the writing is on the wall. Americans are realizing how they have been fleeced by Israel and why should she get a bad name for the actions of a spoilt illegitimate child? US might do Hitler sooner than later. It looks like. Israel better mend its ways now. Go back to 1948 borders and live in peace with its neighbors.

Elija said...

Thanks Thinker your links are most useful. I wish all Arab's Heads of States saw them. We must support truth speaking people in the media. Helen Thomas is a hero. I urge readers not to miss watching the links.