Monday, May 23, 2011

PNS Mehran attack... Pakistan defense compromised!

High time at least now realize who is our enemy?
Now what Imran Khan, Hamid Mir, Munawar Hasan, Prof. Ibrahim, Gen. Hameed Gul and the likes of him have to say? Will they still continue to be the political spokesmen of the devils?

Time to think and reflect. What more do you want? Will you wait till Pakistan is blown up? When will we put the finger on the real problems. This is not the first attack on Army and Navy. But Navy is most vulnerable.

Now this reminds me of an event long ago when a member of the JI was exultant at the fact that "hamari zahan ke log bahut bhar gaye hain Navy mein" I was shocked and dismayed.

So now it transpires how well infiltrated this mindset is inside our army, navy and air force. Will someone do something please?

I had written a few days back:
..................................................Please for God’s sake forget what happened with Binladen. He is dead. He is gone although not his ideology. US had repeatedly warned us “either you get him or we will”. We did not and they got them. Period.

Now just ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Now catch hold of Aiman Al Zawahiri before US does and correct our image. They are not going to trust us before action lest we tip off the accused. This is their genuine concern.

And the way media is creating a frenzy and fomenting hatred against US which is our donor and helper in so many different ways is very dangerous. Beggars are no choosers Sir. This hatred will do nothing good for Pakistan and Muslims of the world. Do not pander to the demands of the terrorists in whatever they guise they may appear in.

The Urdu media and the Electronic media is just not doing the right thing by making a hero out of a villain. Terrorism will fetch us nothing. One bit of policy will not change. Palestine is not the issue for Pakistan but Kashmir is.

So let the world know of Kashmir and how they are suffering at the hands of the Occupation Army. Those are our issues. Not Binladen.

Binladen challenged our sovereignty by being here without our consent and US did because quite unawares we were harboring an accused terrorist. Now for God’s sake go and get the other desired foreign nationals – Arabs and Afghanis.
Come clean and let the world know that we do not aid or abet terrorism by silence and inaction. Otherwise be prepared for more Abbottabads ..................................................................................................................

Now today this is the height.
All this is because of siding with the terrorists one way or the other. See what is the result. We cannot defend ourselves. It is an intelligence failure and security failure of untold proportions. The top officers incharge must immediately resign if not kicked out most unceremoniously and given exemplary punishment. Some are even talking of court martial.

We lost the most expensive Navy Air Crafts the Orions that were obtained with great difficulty by Musharraf, that were big deterrents for our enemies. Now they must be rejoicing obviously. We are vulnerable now. If some submarine comes in the Arabian Sea and launches an attack we cannot detect it now. Remember now who is going to pay $280,000,000 or more to buy such equipment and how are you going to get it past the US Congress? Ask Imran Khan, Hameed Gul, Munawar Hasan and the like. Even some are defending these killers listen to the guys like Raheemullah Yousuf Zai who come on TV and sort of defended them. Do they get paid for it or are shit scared and have to speak against their will one wonders.

Read this:

The Pakistani media did the damage through their Urdu Columns and TV anchors. Scared for their lives they pander to the machinations of the terrorists. And the readers and audience are sold to these nincompoop self assumed journalists. They are muddling people's minds with their constant bombardments of baseless conspiracy theories all the time.

Leading the pack is that Hamid Mir who got his credentials from that first interview of Osama bin laden. Then Dr. Shahid Masood is just the same, so is Talat Hussain and almost all with the exception of Najam Sethi and a little moderated Kamran Khan.
All exhort people to somehow empathize with the terrorists and foment US hatred with no benefit to Pakistan in any way. No body talks of the need for Law and Order, Development Plans, Land Reforms long long overdue.
Fed up with PPP, if you look at Nawaz Shareef he is on a one point agenda to punish Musharraf and nothing else. Murghi ki taang ek. Janab ko kuch aur soojhtha hee nahee. He goes to Badeen and foments hatred against people of Karachi and exhorts Sindhis to rise against the people of Karachi. I had happened to listen to this live on Geo. Is this leadership?
A leader unites people not divides them. A leader is all love and affection and forgiveness not hate and revenge. Is this we are taught and are going to teach our children? No. Don't do it.
He again came to Karachi and had a dialogue with those who want to break up Pakistan. They don't talk of the two nation theory that is the basis for Pakistan but talk of regionalism "Ilaqawariath". They talk of Taassub not fair-play and equal opportunity for all. They never ever talk of merit. They don't talk of eliminating the feudal system while themselves being it's worst victims.
You see how mum he is over this terrorism issues too. Is he one with them? I hope not. But he aids and abets them by silence. You rarely see him condemning the terrible blasts and killings all over Pakistan.
Media was freed by Musharraf and he becomes its first casualty. America gives us aid and America is its casualty. Are we a nation of thankless nay "peechay se chura ghonpne walay" people? What are we? please define.
If Pakistan does the job which it should, there is no need for USA to do the job. We have to do it for our own reasons, our own benefit and our own survival and on our own terms. US has all along said "If Pakistan is not able to do it, we will". They did it.
Now at least lets go after the terrorists lest they take over from inside. Don't be afraid of them.
But don't let it happen like the Lal Masjid affair. Media chided the government for inaction and when they did it they changed sidesand sympathised with the gun totting terrorists.
Is not any body other than the state totting a gun a terrorist? Lets face it. You cannot side with anybody fighting the State with arms under any excuse. And who ever talks in the media directly or indirectly criticizing the action done in national interest by the State must be apprehended tried and duly punished.
How else will you stop irresponsible journalism that helps the anti-state elements in the end.
I wonder where are we heading? or is it "Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz"?.

Rest later.

Mr. Arif Khan wrote: Do you know how hard Bush Tried to have these P-3Orions approved by Congress for Musharraf ..He barely made it!!!! at a cost of $279 Million a copy they are loaded with Sophisticated Electronics and can track any Submarine without a 200Sq Mile area ..and the Talibans blew two of them up with Rocket Launchers...This is a SAD day for Pak Navy these indigents only know how to Destroy not Build? They also knocked down the ancient Buddah Statues and 75% of Pakistanis Support my Opinion Pakisatn is FINISHED, it has too many problems and a incompetant govt to deal with them Do you think these Valuable assets will ever be replaced by USA under these Circumstances? Hell NO!! India is laughing so hard that i can hear them all the way here... This is indeed a Sad day!!! $600 Million worth of near new Aircraft destroyed by ANIMALS Arif Khan

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Anonymous said...

My dear it is crystal clear from the attack that the Indian is fully benefited by the attack. TTP may had done this but I don't think that they are doing for ISLAM. They had been hijacked by International Intelligence Agencies including RAW and CIA. And I came to know from my sources that many of the commanders that were killed in clashes with Pakistan Army in tribal areas were found to be Hindus after they were killed.