Monday, August 29, 2011

Zulfiqar Mirza if he was truthful will not take up the Quran Shareef...

Only liars do this...
I am reminded of an event of Qaed e Azam and Gandhi. Gandhi had once said that he wanted to meet The Qaed in secret and would go to any place to meet him with folded arms and bended legs and head down. To which The Qaed replied we are talking of the destiny of two nations and there can be no secret about this and if you are a straight man come with straight limbs and head up.
If Zulfiqar Mirza believed in himself and if he knew he was a truthful person himself there was no need for him to lift Quran e Shareef on his head. Only liars do it. It is almost impossible to believe his words particularly after his sectarian and racist remarks all through. In any other country he would be behind bars for "Disaffection", "Slander", "Defamation", and a Threat to Public Order and Peace. He played his Sindh card and as if that was not bad enough also played the Shia card. Went to the extent of calling himself "badboodar shia". What the hell is he doing?
I would have put him in jail long ago for saying "Pakistan Naa Khappay" as if he created Pakistan and had the authority to undo it. He is an extremely imbalanced and a temperamental man. Beats me such a person enjoyed so much of power. No wonder he was singularly responsible for the deaths of so many. Widowed so many women and orphened so many children.
On top of it he says he did not recruit a single person Urdu speaking from Karachi out of 10,000 appointments. Prejudice has no limits. Can this person be called fair? You deprive such a large population of employment and food. Make them jobless. Shame on him and the likes of him.
No wonder you don't find any Urdu speaking in the Home Department in any position. From top to bottom they are all Sindies whether they are fit for it or not. Is this justice? Is this good governance? Shouldn't he be tried and taken to task for this and sent to jail for being so unfair with the citizens he is supposed to serve?
First Altaf Hussain could never in his wildest imagination tell Zulfiqar Mirza that he won't stop the Qatl e Aam of Pathans (genocide of Pathans) as if he was doing the Qatl e Aam of Pathans. Who would ever say this even if that was the intent. This is total rubbish and garbage Only a fool and an idiot would buy his statement. Urdus are getting killed in Karachi by Pathans and Aman Committee goons of Zulfiqar Mirza, left right and center and day in and day out and this guy enjoys speaking this utter nonsense which will only draw ireof the Pathans.
He seems to have deliberately said this by design to incite Pathans and start another orgy of bloodshed. Nothing else. He must immediately be arrested, tried and hanged for creating bad blood between two people otherwise living together peacefully. It was totally peaceful until the recent inciting by ANP and its incendiary statements. He seems to be more stupid than he looks.
I hope PPP and Pakistan does not let him go unpunished. He must carry the maximum penalty.

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