Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pir Mazhar ul Haq nails Zulfiqar Mirza lies...

Pir Mazhar ul Haq finally speaks up and tells all... exonerates Altaf of the Zulfiqar allegation...
I am surprised not even a fraction of air time of press coverage is given to Pir Mazhar Ul Haq who has finally spoken up and told the truth and categorically told the world what happened when he was present with Zulfiqar Mirza when they met Altaf Hussain.

In no uncertain terms he has said that Altaf never spoke of breaking up Pakistan and he said this in front of God. He also said that Zulfiqar Mirza should ask forgiveness of Allah for lying under oath of the holy book, holding it on his head, although in Sindh it is not considered good and only thieves are required to do so.

Zulfiqar Mirza says he wants to save Pakistan. May one ask from whom and how? How can you possibly be saving Pakistan when he is constantly making noises of creating hatred between citizens. When you divide people you create problems to the extent that it divides. What are you doing Mr. Zulfiqar? Please stop it if you mean what you say. Pakistan bachana, saving Pakistan.

He plays the Sindh card, the Shia card or any card to get even with those who he had differences with of personal nature. Nothing was for substantive issues or any structural reforms or so. He did not do this for better governance or better law and order or better policies for that matter. The law and order was the worst in his tenure. People were robbed and looted at gun points and killed the maximum.

Leaders have people's issues at heart not personal issues. He talks of issuing hundreds of thousands of guns and talks of openly killing people in thousands if given a chance of ministership again. He wants to be the policeman, the judge, the jury and the hangman. See this videos and comment on this blog and these videos below.

Mr. Zulfiqar in his tenure made no reforms to ensure that dacoits were caught or mobile and purse snatechers nabbed all at gunpoint. Every single person in Karachi has been looted at gun point one time or the other. What did he do? Nothing. He did not go after them as he was busy in just putting down some citizens.

Instead of making it difficult for one to acquire a weapon he made it easy and says he will do much more of the same. You did not even make it impossible for any body to buy used, second hand mobiles which would have made snatching mobiles useless. You did nothing. These are people's issues not your seat.

Everyone in the police knows where the ransom guys come from. But you do not take action because you want to pitch them against the people of Karachi. So you took no action. You never chased them and made no plans to stop them. You never took your job seriously. Ransom goes on with gay abandon. As a home minister you were a total failure. What are you trying to achieve by this defamation and vindictive politics sain? For God's sake be positive. I am not talking of blood group.
In Sindh it is not good to take oath on Quran:

Please listen to Manzoor Wassan in Lekin, see how Zulfiqar Mirza blames one and all:

Pir Mazhar ul Haque exposes Zulfiqar Mirza:

Zul Mirza's zahar afshani: Given maximum air time for months on end.

Look how much he cares for the law: See his language. Just because he is kicked out of the ministry now he is taking revenge with the country.

Kamran Khan and Zulfiqar Mirza

Also watch the accomplice Sharjeel Memon's interview:


Jamali said...

Very good thanks. The second link of Pir Mazhar ul Haq was very good. I also wonder why it is not discussed in the media and the world knows of the truth.

Syed said...

Peer although late but has come up with facts and exposed the racist. Good job Peer.

Aftab Baloch said...

This is very good Sir. Thanks.

Imran Khan said...

It is most unfortunate the media swept under the carpet such an important statement of Pir Mazharul that would exonerate someone of a false imaginary accusation. The only thing is the Pir was a bit slow in countering him. In any case the government should punish Zulfiqar Mirza on many counts from nepotism, discrimination, defaming law, perjury, disaffection etc. The list is endless.

Khalid Chandio said...

And some say the bastard speaks the truth. Good Pir Mazharul ul Haque finally spoke up and exposed this racist who is dividing and creating hatred in an otherwise peaceful neighbors. He must immediately be arrested and charged for creating unrest and hatred among compatriots. He could do nothing good as Home minister except making divisive statements. Arrest him, try him and send him behind bars to make him an example for others.

Syed said...

The media has been too one sided. Perhaps they want to divide Pakistan. When you divide people you eventually do that. Nay the media has been biased and irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

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