Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Salman Taseer dead but the religious parties still reluctant to condemn...

Where will all this end?
See what Salman Taseer said:
Absurd interpretations of a person's statements confuses young minds. Taseer did not say that Asia did this or that. He simply pleaded for a pardon which is quite legitimate. People like Sahebzada, Ansar Abbasi, Munawar Hasan, FazlurRahman, Asadullah Bhutto are reluctant to condemn even such blatant murders. Nay some are even justifying by giving excuses.
For God's sake stop it and it won't until the so called Islamic guys make excuses for killings one way or the other. Condemn all killings unequivocally. Sometimes blaming America and sometimes something else and becoming the political spokesmen of the devil will not help. Only Allah save Pakistan and the Muslim world.
See for yourself if he said any thing wrong. All he said was he was forwarding an appeal to the President who has the power to pardon or not. He did not even say if the judgement was wrong. He said it is harsh though. But does it call for his murder? No. Never.
I don't think he was advocating any blasphemy. Even if he was he should have been tried and sentenced by court. This man had no business to take law in his hand. Violence is not acceptable.
We lost a capable guy who are very very few any way in the country. Sad. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. To Allah he belonged and to Allah he returned.
I have been watching the condemnations. The religious crowd has been conspicuous by its absence. It took a full 20 minutes for Hamid Mir to elicit a condemnation from Moulana Fazlurrahman. He was asked if he would condemn repeatedly but he kept beating around the bush giving different excuses and justifications until forced to he sort of conditionally condemned it.
If such people exist and exhort people to take law in their hands what do you expect? The other deviants Munawar Hasan etc. refused to comment. I did not see him on TV but I am told he sided with the killer. Did see though some Piracha of JI sort of condemning conditionally. One Sahebzada some religio not condemning but exulting same with professor Ibrahim of Peshawar. Brainless and pathetic. They have no idea the dangerous signals they are sending for the future generations and weak minds and uneducated so called mullas.
Like this, no one can have a difference of opinion in future. Even a difference of opinion will be seen as bravery. Height of ignorance indeed!
Sorry I know the leanings of JIs and an ex-JIs but couldn't help sharing this anguish. Why are the religious crowd so much anti-law? Fail to understand the machinations and justifications of terrorism. I am frankly disappointed at the religio crowd. I think they are equally culpable for creating this mindset. Can't the law take its course? Who gives the right to an individual to kill someone whatever the provocation supposed or real?
Salman Taseer, if he really said what he did or is it just a misunderstanding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxvlLpSy4BI&NR=1 could have been taken to court tried and if found really guilty punished as per the law. This cold blooded murder. No.


SHAHAB said...

well, remember one thing, ISLAM means PEACE, is complete religion that provides solution to all Demands , Needs and Necessities of Man and woman in this universe and the Universe to come after death.
if some body wanted to be a True Muslim, an ISLAMIST in true sense, he or she has to believe in all the Books, Massages and Allah's Subhana hu 's sent Prophets and Angels and all believe in all about that was passed in Past.
One should be solemnly and blindly believer of Allah and His Holy prophet Syyedena Mohammad, SAW(Sallalah hu Alai Wasalam).
she should enter in ISLAM IN COMPLETE.
And respect His Holy prophet that is only person to be known as" Rauf and Rahim" and Rehmatallal aalamin"
so we should be very careful to say anything about Him, That's all.
Its sufficient to be his believer.
The Europeans and Americans still should studty about Holy Prophet Mohammad and The Holy Book Quran, to understnad ISLAM.
Thanks for time to study my Blogs,
Allah Almighty take care of you all at all odd and even.
Maxod Shahab

Syed said...

The killer has been showered with rose petals. No body denies that the prophet may peace be on him cannot be talked badly about. He commands the utmost respect automatically for his kindness and character. No body is questioning that at all.

What is at stake is the law and order. I am dismayed at some writings in Urdu press particularly and some guests in TV channels who refuse to condemn murder.

Salman Taseer was just doing his job as a Governor of a Province and recommending to the President. Nothing else. The accusation that he said Kala Qanoon I am unable to see if he said any time. Where is it? I have seen so many clips. I did not find.

Please try to understand, even if he said any thing, no body has the right to be the judge, the jewry, the police and the hangman. No. How can you kill any body under whatever pretext.

The killer was an uneducated man who I am sure never even heard what he exactly said but was carried away by the interpretations of the ill-informed uneducated mullas!

Khan said...

Khwamakhwah kharch ho gaya. Shaheed ho gaya. Ghair Zaroori.