Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why the demonstrations on Kashmir do not become news in international media?

If we continue like this we may be celebrating Kashmir day for ever...
Today is February 5 again it is a Kashmir day in Pakistan. We have been having it for over six decades now. There have been good enough demos in Azad Kashmir. I thought this will be reported in BBC, CNN, ABC or Skynews just to give a few examples.
They did cover the Egyptian demonstrations and even covered a demo on Belgrade. But failed to cover a dispute simmering between the two nuclear armed neighbors. Why is it so? I want reasons other than conspiracy theories and victim psychosis please.
As I see it, the Kashmiris and Pakistan do not make a professional effort in this direction. Their PR is at the lowest ebb. They should ensure through Media, Pressure Groups, Public Relations, Diplomacy and High Profile Statements by Heads of States that News Agencies pick Kashmir events, report and discuss it.
Our reputation is so bad and commitment so low that besides Pakistan internally it is no news even when people die of atrocities by occupying forces. It is barely reported in Pakistan media too. Why? Because no body cares. Dawn did not even report it on 5th Feb. . The News reported barely:
At every forum 24x7 round the year we must talk of a Democratic Solution so Tony Blair used to say. But do the rulers make any statements or have a diplomatic and media thrust to do that. No. Diplomats abroad just enjoy their salaries and perks without doing their jobs. Why? They just do not care. If people are dying let them. Who cares?
Hey guys get your act together if at all you want Kashmir issue resolved. Make news and ensure it is reported world-wide on a daily basis. Without creating world awareness and pressure on a sustained basis the world is not going to move.


Baloch said...

This is a very good point. Wish more people thought on these lines. When will we grow up? Think what you can do for your country and the oppressed people of Kashmir. Do some action as suggested.

Syed said...

Pakistan should learn from Egypt. If they can make the happenings in Egypt lead news stories in the world Kashmir will no longer be with India. For the that we should know what to do? Make the right statements that get noticed and acted upon. The diplomats should do their job. Media should do its job. People are already laying down their lives in Kashmir. Only crying won't help.