Saturday, April 2, 2011

India wins the ICC World Cup 2011 ...

When you do not have a comfortably sailing to the final you win it...
Congratulations to India for winning the world cup 2011. In the end they played better and deserved to win despite their lucky escape in the semi against Pakistan. Forget that.
They played like champions today. Despite loosing two early top gun wickets of Sehwag and Tendulkar they played most methodically to reach the target. Hats off to the Gautam Gambir and Virat Kohli partnership. Then Dhoni played a master stroke, he came himself instead of Yuvraj who could have or could not have played, to lead from the front and see how responsibly he played without being bogged down unlike Misbah neither did he play any non-cricketing stroke like Afridi.
There is something to learn from these boys - unity of purpose, planning and commitment.
I hope our team was watching how they planned their batting up to the point they won. No rash non-cricketing strokes, no T20 strokes and no bogging down unlike our boys on the fateful day.
Srilanka made terrible mistakes by not taking some good bowlers like Ajanta Mendis etc. they had no good pace attack and the best spinners were not playing.
Now coming to the main point. Pakistan topped the tabled and is bundled out in 2011. In 1992 they got into the knockout because Australia beat West Indies and Pakistan sneaked in and went on to become the World Champions 1992. Similarly in 2009 Pakistan won the T20 Championship after being humbled earlier and were about to be eliminated. But when it sneaks in with utmost difficulty it wins the final. But when we top the table we never win. This is an observation. Now you ponder over it.
Same with India, they sneaked in with great difficulty after loosing to South Africa and tieing with England and were not exactly comfortable with others. They beat the minnows. Their most difficult match was against Pakistan. Seems like they kept the best for the final and bravo they did the job.

Rest later.


Anonymous said...

Koi baat nahi beta. Hum tumhare dard ko samajh sakte hain.
Par ek baat yaad rakho.....
Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. Aur baki sab bandar.

Rana said...

Indeed jo jeetha wohi Sikander no doubt. Give yourself a name Mr. Anonymous. It is just a game. Full marks to India for winning. They deserved to win. They were already rated as the best team to win. Sometimes they just waver. Planned technical bowling of Zaheer and Munaf did not allow stroke play and the batting of Tendulkar despite his four chances and reprieve with two reviews was great. The better team won the cup.