Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why did Pakistan loose the semifinal?

When you make Himalayan Blunders no amount of prayers help...
What are those Himalayan Blunders? Let me be brief.
  1. Not playing the most feared bowler in the world - Shoaib Akhtar. Umar Gul should have been dropped and Shoaib taken. Is there any match between these two bowlers? None. Shoaib is a class apart. He runs through the batting line up and when people avoid getting out to him they give wickets to others. In either case team benefits.
  2. Umar Gul giving away too many runs - 69 runs in 8 overs without any wicket. Afridi gave him many sessions even in the end to have a wicket in his name but he only succeeded in conceding more runs to India. One wonders why Omer Gul is the most favourite with Shahid Khan Afridi at the expense of the team.
  3. Bad field placement and hence leaking runs without a deep third man. Omar Gul was never bowling to the field. Over 20 runs were lost like that.
  4. Very poor fielding at least 30 runs could have been saved.
  5. Four catches were dropped of Tendulkar to the extent he was embarrassed. His luck was such that even after being given out the decisions were reversed thanks to the review.
  6. Such abysmal batting. Hafeez had no business to be out so irresponsibly. Where was the need of a non-cricketing shot? He must be dropped as Kapil Dev was once dropped at his peak by Gavaskar for an irresponsible stroke.
  7. Asad Shafeeq had no business to cut a straight ball from that arrogant Yuvraj.
  8. There was no need to bring upon themselves the pressure which they brought upon themselves. Misbah while trying to save wickets consumed far too many runs.
  9. Mohammed Yousuf was sorely missed in the middle and batting flopped miserably. What was Younis doing if he could not bat? And Afridi and A.Razzak? Why were they taken? I guess to bat.
  10. Kamran Akmal continued to be as bad as possible behind the stumps.
  11. What about power play? It should have been taken when the captain Afridi and vice captain were at the crease.
In short Pakistan could not have had a better chance to make it to the final and possibly the cup. This is too much and it has broken the hearts of millions around the world. Now we have to listen for the next four years that India has never lost to Pakistan in a world cup. Disgusting.


Rana said...

So true. Just Waqar Younus is trying to put down Shoaib Akhtar. Wagar Younus basically is an uneducated person so is Afridi. They have not been honest. They propped up Umar Gul at the expense of national and team interests. Imagine Shoaib on one side and Wahab Riyaz on the other it is a deadly combination. Our batting cannot chase anything above 150 runs. Hehehehe.

Syed said...

Unbearable and heartbroken. So close yet so far. This is not acceptable. But come to think of it when the batting is so bad and has been so most of the time to wish world cup is also too much. This had to happen with such poor batting. If they could not score such a low total what can they achieve. Team selection was yes truely bad. The best are sitting in Pakistan or in the pavilion like Shoaib Akhtar.

Hassan said...

Forget everything and just focus on one thing. Kamran the Cancer. When he drops catches, the body language of bowlers change. Shoaib Akhter was useless with Kamran Akmal behind the wickets. Even Abdur Razzaq refuses to bowl with a new bowl and Umar Gul who had to open with the new ball, is known to be not good with a new ball. Then the body language of fielders change and they say why should I risk getting injured when the wicket keeper whose sole job is to take catches, drops them? Finally when the score is 260, which is too big for Pakistan's batting lineup, they just give up.

This is the same pattern in the match against New Zealand.

The question is, if you can get rid of super star all rounder Shoaib Malik, super star batsman Mohammed Yousuf and superstar bowlers Asif and Amir, and yet be so good, what is the problem in getting rid of the Akmal brothers? Unless the match fixer Mazhar Majeed is true, that these cancer brothers were on his payroll too, and they share the money with higher ups.

asma said...

Well it's Afridi who let the team down or ICC for match fixing... Pakistan should just stop playing cricket. shame on Pakistan cricket team don't they see that there family are praying for them.... Pakistani all around the world was praying for them. That was a slap on Pakistani team from India.