Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a match? What a chase? What a tie?

England needed to be there. But this is the super charged World Cup 2011. Expect any thing.
The batting was good by India but England were no where behind. Tendulkar ofcourse is Tendulkar. He built the platform for India no wonder. Bresnen five wicket haul ensured India did not pile up further.
The reply was equally sprited. Kevin Pieterson was wonderful and Munaf's catch was doubly superb that ended a class innings. The best caught and bold ever as they said.
Strauss and Bell amazing too. Did not think they could play so good. While cruising at will, Zaheer applied brakes along with Munaf.
But the last guy Shahzad of England's six brought England too close. Yet England's victory was not to be. Although some think technically England won. They lost less wickets and India did not bat the full 50 overs. It batted for 49.5 overs.

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Anonymous said...

True, Tactically Indians have lost on the scale of balls faced and wickets lost, compared to Englishmen, just like points system in FIFA rankings