Saturday, March 19, 2011

UK and Allies strike Libya... UK at its mischief again!

If The West is sincere and serious then they should solve decades old problems...
It is most unfortunate - UK again leading in the killing of people in the Arab World. UK never stops. It created Israel right in the heart of Arab Land and we see no solution in sight with Israel's atrocity and continuously defying the world community.
It is Britain that has remained the culprit throughout. It is not international community but UK in disguise. It was Mrs. Thatcher who forced Reagan to act in the first Gulf War. It was Tony Blair who trapped Mr. George Bush. No same thing under one alibi or the other they kill Arabs and Muslims. How many have they killed in Iraq? Where they are suffering they just keep talking and do nothing viz. Israel and India in Kashmir. There they see no oppression and democracy is forgotten.
Remember the Muslim World and The Arab World does not see it with kindness. If the West was sincere it would have done something to restrain Israel in Palestine and restrained India in Kashmir and the rest of the country not to be so ruthless and murderous there. People are dying and democracy goes to the dogs. Cant the West see this? Will of the International Community is just a hogwash for their hidden ambitions.
It is their interests. They are not interested in the people but are driven by the desire to weaken the Arab World so that tomorrow it is no threat to Israel.

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Syed said...

US is again trapped by UK. Britain gets its objectives achieved and USA pays the price - ditto Israel and Iraq. The Muslim world is not stupid. If at all US is interested in the people of The Arab World and The Muslim World then they should address their problems and they have many including the Israeli actions and Indian atrocities in Kashmir. We do nothing on this.

We don't solve their problems and now we go and attack a country - Libya. Destroy it. We have done that in Iraq, killed millions on a false alibi and are now attacking Libya. It is none of our business. No you are alienating the Muslim world from us. This should not happen. Be careful in attacking Muslim countries in the false pretext as if we care for them.

Libya is different. It is not Egypt nor is Muammar Gaddafi a Hosni Mubarak. For God's sake stop this invasion of a country. They are not coming to London and bombarding us or going to Washington and bombarding us. I hope US does not fall in the UK trap as usual.