Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shoaib Akhtar - The fastest and the best fast bowler the world has produced...

The world's greatest bowler ever born!
Injustice done to the best bowler in the world...
We will miss him. I still hope and pray he does not retire and continues to play. If not the charm of cricket will be gone. If he goes he will be going without realising his full potential. He was extreme talent but we did not have extreme talent in management to match him. Poor management of Cricket in Pakistan has broken hearts of players and spectators alike.
How dare Naseem Ashraf the then PCB head, not give a Central Contract to a player of Shoaib Akhtar stature. Naturally he protested. Which later became cause of bitter controversy.
Talent has to be well taken care of and nurtured as is done every where in the world. So why not in Pakistan. I am not condoning indiscipline. He later was very good after realising his mistakes. We are all human we make mistakes. We must learn to forget and forgive. Now this guy was doing a lot and giving his best. His potential should be fully realised for Pakistan's sake.
Now it seems Waqar Younus and Afridi have haunted him out. It was a sad day for Pakistan when he announced his retirement. We should have a movement to bring him back. President Asif Ali Zardari should ask him to renounce retirement and be available for the national team. He should do what President Gen. Zia did to Imran Khan.
Shoaib Akhtar is the most feared bowler the world has seen. Even a half fit Shoaib Akhtar is more than all bowlers put together as Intikhab Alam had said. He would send a shiver down the spines of the world's best batsmen when he would be on the run up to bowl them.
He was the first to achieve speeds beyond 100 miles per hour and he consistently did that. In trying to play him out we got they gave away wickets to other bowlers. We benefited both ways.
However much the victory against Australia was cherished millions were sad that they did not see Shoaib Akhtar bowl on that day. I hope and pray they do not drop him in the subsequent matches. If they do then we know what is going on in the team.

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Imran Khan said...

No doubt he was the best.I second that he must be asked by the President to come back. And don't forget Mohammed Yousuf. He must also be brought back to strengthen our middle order.