Thursday, July 7, 2011

What is happening in Karachi?

Why can't they pin point at the exact problem?
Why is Karachi allowed to be destroyed like this. It is totally unprotected. As seen from three days some people have occupied vantage positions and are firing indiscriminately. Can't the police go there, catch them and bring them to justice? One can clearly see who is killing whom. The political leaders, governor Mr. Nisar Khoro don't seem to have a clue.
The guys like Haji Adeel and Shahi Syed who come from very far don't give a damn about Karachi and openly make racist comments and incite people to violence for their petty political gains. They have made their own area as Ilaqa Ghair - lawless area. And no lawless area can have development. And when you cannot have development you won't have jobs.
So they don't go to nearby Islamabad or Lahore because they are not allowed there but go straight to Karachi where the Karachiites do not stop them. The result is they manifest their lawlessness there. Their leaders say Weapons is their jewellery. Hathyar hamara zevar hai - Shahi Syed.
But the people of Karachi are shy of blaming the Pakhtun racist mindset while Pakhtun ANP leadership does not hesitate in making openly racist comments and allegations. They never talk of co-existence. Even if one family lives in a remote area in Sindh they will have a red flag of ANP hoisted. If they are so racist and do not want to mix with people of Karachi why do they come from so far and make life or Karachiites difficult?
Where are the law enforcement agencies? What are they getting paid for?
Islamabad should stop migration of 25,000 Pakhtoons on a daily basis to Karachi that is taking place since 2007. The city cannot take such an influx. It just doesn't have the water, food, sewage, roads, power and housing to support them. They go and occupy lands creating more problems. Who is going to please stop this lawlessness?
Is there any thing we can do besides praying?


Imran Khan said...

Indeed very well put. Pakhtuns must go back to KPK. After all they celebrated the creation. So go back and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry to see people with such a low caliber thought process stuck in Muhajir, Pukhtoon, Punjabi....

Anonymous said...

My heart cries to see my city red with the blood. We are paying the price of short-sightedness of our elders who in their spirit of Islamic brotherhood and patriotism, braced anyone who came here to settle down, with his traditions and customs. Most of these settlers were good and helped in the development of the city. But unfortunately few of them had different intentions. Likewise, some criminals from the original Karachites ranks also played their part to make the things worse from bad. Now in turn, we are being conquered by all these thugs and criminals. Only Allah can save us from eternal doom as nobody is interested even to rescue us from this madness.

Anonymous said...

If u so concern, first ur language is racist to strait Target pathans for everything u don't look little who had started all this in 80ies. Those who call them selves karachinetens called some other name at that time.the killed every other linguists but their own. Now when they get return back for their deed they scream. Second if it is Pakistan so pathan are part of Pakistan there for they allowed to go anywhere in Pakistan like all the other lingos. If u say,no they not Pakistani then Tell who we are. Because we not traders like their leaders to stay away from country just with the fear of death. And killing innocent people in Karachi. U better shut ur racist lingu and just become Muslim perhaps u not Muslim u just want get some lingual racism against one province people.