Thursday, February 16, 2012

No body seems to be serious about Balochistan!

Placate the Baloch and sideline the sardars...
Already late but it is time to take political action and not succumb like Nawaz Sharif in front of Sardars...
Creative thinking is the need of the hour. Love not hate is the need of the hour. Statesmanship and not vendetta is the need of the hour. Our Baloch brothers our co-citizens and our compatriots who have been badly let down. In the desire to please the sardars we completely forgot about the real Baloch, the son of the soil and our co-citizen, our compatriot, our brother. We both got freedom on the same day August 14, 1947. We have to go back to the basics.

We were not freed so that we be the slaves of some one else. I was infuriated the other day when in a forum some one was of the opinion that we must pay sardars money  like the Brits did to buy their loyalty. He was also of the opinion that Balochs were the slaves of Sardars. I took strong objection to it. They are no body's slaves but equal citizens of a proud country called Pakistan. Those who made them slaves should be dispossessed of the their power. Their power comes from land. Take it away from them and give to the poor Baloch who they have tried to crush for over 60 years.

We have paid money for the past 60 years to sardars what do we have on hand? All the money eaten up by the sardars, no development what so ever, arms in every body's hands and total anarchy. No safety, no security, no schooling, no hospitals, no roads, nothing. Whatever the Federation gives Balochistan is consumed by the Sardars. Enough is enough. Pakistan has to talk tough to the Sardars and befriend the Baloch. All policies should be aimed to benefit the common Baloch not Sardars.

Regardless of the threats development of Baluchistan should start right away. We need to give them safety and security. The State shall provide that while every body including the sardars surrender their weapons. Otherwise there will be no safety and security to do any thing. The process of education and hospitals and infrastructure development must start now without any delay.

It is time to get into political negotiations with the Baloch or their elected representatives. A Baloch means a Baloch on the street, the common Pakistani in residing in Balochistan. Do not talk to the Sardars they have failed the people of Baluchistan miserably. If Pakistan talks to the sardars, then it is the death knell to the relationship between the Balochis and Pakistan.

Bring the Baloch in the fold of Pakistani fraternity. They have no problem with us. They are there all over Pakistan. Their rights have been usurped by the Sardars and not Pakistan please understand that.

But alas where is the leadership to lead Pakistan out of this morass with firmness, resolve and a dying wish to do good for the people of Baluchistan and keep the country united. Will some one rise to the occasion please?
I wish I could write in the local Baloch dialect. Will someone translate in the local Baloch dialect please?

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Anonymous said...

The cardinal mistake by Pakistan in not disbanding feudal fiefdoms needs to be corrected. Three military rulers with martial law powers did not avail the opportunities they had in dismantling this inhumane and unjust system.
The feudal lords are well-entrenched in assembles and the senate and "democracy" suits them in protecting the loot of the predecessors who most got their lands for betraying their own land and serving British interests. Perhaps, a popular revolution may help wipe out these leeches.

Syed said...

High time we realised that we need to Placate the Baloch and sideline the sardars as written by Thinker. Sardars have already made a lot of money which was given to them foolishly by Pakistan for development of Balochistan that would help the Baloch. They did nothing instead fomented this insurgency.

They say ziyadathi huvi. Kisne kee? Kya Pakistan ne ya unke sardaron ne? Baloch Sardars have been most unkind to Balochs. Treated them like slaves. Sardars took the money and never did any thing for them. Even now they hinder development of any kind and love to blame Pakistan.

Indeed the Punjabi domination no one likes but then you cannot blame Pakistan for every thing. The solution lies in taking land away from Sardars which is their source of power and distribute among the landless poor. High time that law is promulgated here.

Restrict Rural Land Holding to not more than 60 acres per head. The excess land distributed free among the landless poor. Then introduce micro financing so they till their lands. If it is an irrigated land the ceiling should be much less.

Take all weapons away from Sardars and any body there. The State shall provide all safety. No body should be allowed to carry weapons. Lets make the whole of Pakistan and safe place to live and go about.

Invest in education, schools, hospitals and industry while government creates the infra structure and provides safety and security. Militancy must stop. Balochs should not die for Sardars but if need be for their country that is Pakistan since 1947.

Balochstan was governed by Commissioners and as such was never a princely state.

Omer said...
Watch Baluchistan pictures.

Aftab Baloch said...

The government is still groping in the dark. They are a bunch of nincompoops devoid of any vision what so ever. They just do not know what to do. By ignoring the issue they cannot solve it. Cannot. They have to get their act together. Start working on political front as well as at micro level with the common Baloch.

Khuro said...

Oh my God when are the authorities going to wake up? Time to talk to the people of Baluchistan, time for action. As the Thinker writes talk to the people of Baluchistan and not the Sardars they have already failed the Balochs and want the Balochs to die for the sardars for a pittance.