Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Secret Pakistan: Documentary implicating Pakistan.

We must see what they say...

Secret Pakistan: Backlash Part 1/6 Backlash

Secret Pakistan: Backlash Part 2/6 Backlash

Secret Pakistan: Backlash Part 3/6 Backlash

Secret Pakistan: Backlash Part 4/6 Double Cross

Secret Pakistan: Double Cross Part 5/6 Double Cross

Secret Pakistan: Backlash Part 6/6 Backlash

We must address the issue to the satisfaction of the people of Pakistan and the world community. If we don't, the people of Pakistan will suffer. Politicians just enjoy their corruption, the Ministers their positions, Diplomats their perks, Government Officers their salaries. Who is going to do something and work and do justice to what they are being paid for. Our problem was Kashmir, not Afghanistan. If we are double crossing, it is not to our advantage. Why are we putting our neck for someone else who are never ever going to be grateful. Note and remember this when Nato leaves.


Zahid Khatak said...

Thank you Thinker. Been looking for it. See how different their outlook is compared to what is dished out from our Taliban fearing electronic media.

Anonymous said...

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