Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tendulkar's 100 centuries

A century of centuries is no easy task.
The guy is amazing and remained amazing till last year. Now he has done something that is not likely to be emulated in the foreseeable future. Lara retired at peak long back. Ponting with 41 Test Hundreds has stopped playing one days and Jacqued Kallis is there with 42 Test Hundreds. Don't see any getting a break as early as 16 and being consistent enough never to be dropped to have an opportunity to break your record.

Tendulkar's concentration is unbelievable. His habits permanent. He never ever played without the helmet. With all that gear for the guy to focus for so long is amazing. He has taken the flak though that he plays for records but nevertheless he contributes one way or the other. It is another story that sometimes the team loses to accommodate his centuries. Like the team lost to Bangladesh because they slowed down for his century and not add say 30 runs which they could have.

Forget the criticism Sachin. Afterall who remembers the team won or lost so long as you have your century! People remember your centuries not the losses. But for God's sake now retire with grace. Don't wait till you are dropped. All great players retire while they still have some years left in them. Leave people with good memories not memories of your failures.

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