Friday, March 23, 2012

You have won hearts of the world if not the cup...

Pakistan lifts the Asia cup on the last ball
and a heartbreak for Bangladesh!

Boys you did well taking the match to the last ball. It was any body's game. Don't loose heart. You have won the hearts of the world if not the cup. It was just that it was Pakistan's day. Congratulations Pakistan you have done it for the second time. It is was a rare match. Even the die hard Pakistan fans I know wanted Bangladesh to win. I was surprised. The team showed so much of promise and determination and if one saw how they had beaten India, which was mind boggling, no body thought they would loose after bowling so well and getting Pakistan out on a paltry score. One bad last over conceding 19 runs and the needless pressure the middle order took while batting. 
They should watch the final of the ICC World Cup when Dhoni promoted himself and came early and never lost sight of the score card. He continually took singles and doubles with an occasional four in every other over if not every. I recommend that all aspiring players watch that innings of M.S.Dhoni the Indian skipper. It tells you how a cup is won. Plan your batting. While you don't get out you keep the score moving. Never stagnate. Don't leave it till the last a la Dhoni.

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