Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Anti American feelings, think well before you take sides...

Allah rewards those who think hard, work hard and are committed, not the ignorant and the lazy...
Anti American feeling? These Islamists should think again. Don't they know that Allah is just. He rewards only those who understand the ways of the world and take actions accordingly. We are suffering for the inaction or the misdeeds of The Arab World.

Only after I read The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E.Lawrence and The Desert King by David Howarth did I understand how easily Israel was created. Read and you will know how they acted like pawns in the hands of The British to throw Turks out. Once that was accomplished it was easy to make Israel.

Now Jews are a smart people. They work hard and first they research, think and then plan hard. They have invested hundred years on USA and also UK. They cultivated the minds of five generations and continue to do so.

If these Islamists wanted to do any thing they should first understand how the world works.

It rests on three pillars. The core power to be used as a deterrence, diplomacy most of the time and media 24x7 all the time. Do they do it? No.

Remember none of this terrorism will ever make a policy change. Things will get worse and worse each time. What will work is a long term persuasive effort.

USA had not invaded a single Muslim country untill 9/11. Take a good look at history. Had these terrorists done something to change matters of their own countries things could have been a lot better. They had no brains.

How could they when they were a product of a society that is not allowed to think independently and where there is no culture of learning, debates and difference of opinion. They have closed minds and can never think out of the box.

Please do not assume I am in any way supporting the aggressive actions of the present US regime and the way they totally unnecessarily went into Iraq and destroyed a whole country. For that USA must pay 5 trillion dollars to Iraq and Mr. Bush tried like in the Nurenberg trial. If the world does not do this then they are no different than the same terrorists that are responsible for 9/11.

Yet there is no need to be anti-American, there is a lot of good there and good people, however bad and foolish the present regime is.

For Pakistanis please do not die for these Arabs thinking they are Muslims. These Najadis do not even even consider you as Muslims. Do not die for them please.

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