Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Law should be for all not a few... Sanjay Dutt case

Hunt down all the murderers not a few if India is truely democratic and secular...
Thank God Sanjay is free on bail. About a hundred mostly Muslims have been convicted. But what needs to be seen is why the same commitment of hunting down the culprits was not used on the perpetrators of the crimes before and after demolition of The Historic 400 year old Mosque. They are on the celluloid but no action has ever been taken. When all are Indians is it not the responsibility of a secular democratic government to do justice and provide succor to all the sufferers. We are not saying don't convict the culprit who ever it is. But please do not leave the other murderers free. The Government knows whose hands are tainted with blood. It is about time they started hunting down the killers of Muslims in about 9,000 pogroms conducted since 1947 not just running after Salman Khan or Sanjay Dutt.

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Murtaza Moiz said...

Who says India is a secular state? They're just masking themselves under the name of secularism else its a Hindu State and its a reality.